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MobileEvent Plus is a branded and scalable mobile solution that gives you everything you need to drive participation and build lasting relationships at your events while reducing your reliance on the traditional program guide.

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Mobile event plus brochure

  1. 1. Inspire, engage and connectwith your audienceMobileEvent Plus is a brandedand scalable mobile solutionthat gives you everything youneed to drive participationand build lasting relationshipsat your events while reducingyour reliance on the traditionalprogram guide.Built by the most trusted eventapp provider in the industry,MobileEvent Plus is transformingmeetings and events around theworld with engaging experiencesand powerful branding that makeyour events shine.
  2. 2. Customize & PersonalizeCreate innovative and unique event experiencesMobileEvent Plus offers comprehensive features that empower attendees to buildtheir own schedules, tag their favorite content, share notes and select privacysettings for networking with other participants.Connect & EngageElevate networking to new levelsAchieve your meeting objectives and give participants new ways to connect,create social networks, contribute original content and win business.Gain InsightTrack results and improve your events DefinitionMobileEvent Plus’ powerful tools and analytics help you monitor and track resultsfrom attendees, sponsors, advertisers and exhibitors in real-time, giving youmeasurable insights that help you adapt on-the-fly and improve your next event.Learn & InnovateCreate an environment of innovation and funMobileEvent Plus helps you create a dynamic, interactive environment at yourevents, giving your audience quick access to event schedules, speaker profiles,blog feeds, surveys, live polls and more.ShowcaseGet the most out of your tradeshowKeep attendees and exhibitors focused and maximize their time on the tradeshowfloor with lead generation tools, exhibitor profiles, downloadable collateral andinteractive tradeshow maps. 1
  3. 3. Features + Options1 Get Started Start by selecting from this list of powerful features. Learn Connect Navigate Personalize Target - Schedule (Tracks) - Attendees - Info Booth - My Profile - Sponsors - What’s On - Messaging - Venues - My Schedule - Advertising - Speakers - Social Networks - Secured Login - Analytics - Documents - Mobile Device - Tell-A-Friend Calendar Update - Push Notifications - Mobile Device Contact Update2 Add Feature Options Choose from a variety of additional feature options to take your event to the next level.3 Launch Your Event Add your brand and launch. 2
  4. 4. MobileEvent Plus Core FeaturesCreate your ideal app by selecting from the customizable features below.Learn Speakers Showcase your keynote speakers and inspire your audience with speaker listings and in-depth speaker profiles. Schedule Generate a listing of scheduled sessions and events sorted by time or tracks with (Tracks) detailed overviews that build excitement and encourage participation. What’s On Instantly view a list of events currently in progress and events commencing within the next two hours. Documents Scroll through a list of general or session-specific documents and view them in a document viewer.Connect Attendees Search or scroll through an attendee list to locate attendee details and contact them via messaging. Messaging Contact other event participants and receive messages by email using the mobile app. Choose between in-app or e-mail implementations. Social Link to event-specific Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages to network with event Networks participants and organizers. Tell-A-Friend Spread the word about an event by sending a pre-scripted email to your friends that lets them know about your event experience.Navigate Info Booth Provide useful information about event operations, services and transportation in a customizable menu of event information. Venues Make it easy for attendees to locate and contact venues by displaying venue addresses, directions and locations on Google Maps. 3
  5. 5. Personalize Login Secure your mobile application or access to specific functions with a login ID and password for event participants. My Profile Allow attendees to customize their own preferences with options to turn messaging on/off and select email and phone privacy settings. My Schedule Customize your own personal event schedule by simply adding a session to your agenda. Mobile Device Add sessions to your native mobile device calendar. Calendar Update Mobile Device Add contacts to your native mobile device contact directory from the Attendee List. Contact UpdateTarget Sponsors Generate revenue with sponsor listings that display sponsor logos, descriptions and contact information in a scrollable list. Analytics Obtain a variety of reports such as downloads, page views and mobile platforms used to access the application. Branding Showcase your organization’s brand with a custom splash page, logo, colors and more. Advertising Generate revenue with a custom splash page and rotating banner ads that link to sponsor pages or directly to sponsor websites. Push Keep attendees up-to-date with broadcast messages from event organizers – plus Notifications generate revenue with sponsored broadcast messages that offer promotions and (iOS & Android only) discounts. 4
  6. 6. MobileEvent Plus Feature OptionsChoose from a variety of additional features to take MobileEvent Plus to the next level.Learn Surveys Survey your audience at an event or session using multiple choice or open text response methods. Live Polling Poll your audience to encourage participation and generate instant feedback – then share the results in real-time. Blog Feed Promote ideas and share your event experiences through a live blog feed to the application. YouTube Access a list of available YouTube videos and play them directly in the mobile device Videos video player. Welcome Embed a welcome video in the mobile application to greet users to the event. Video Session Q&A Allow your audience to submit questions during a session that can then be prioritized and shared by the session organizer.Connect Photo Gallery Take photos of the event and share with others by simply uploading your photos directly to the application. Once your photo is approved by a moderator it will be displayed on the event photo gallery. Live Message Share your thoughts with other event participants by reading and submitting short Board messages on an event microblog feed. Quick Meeting Find an available timeslot and request a meeting with another event participant via messaging. Once the other participant accepts the meeting, the meeting time is reserved in both participants’ calendars in My Schedule. Navigate Universal Perform a quick search for information in any of the main information categories in Search the app. Select 3 out of 5 information category options. City Guide Access a complete destination city guide including restaurants, attractions, nightlife and shopping, plus geo-location, directions and a city guide slideshow. 5
  7. 7. Showcase Exhibitors View a list of exhibitors or perform a basic search to find details on an exhibitor. Interactive Search for exhibitors to view detailed exhibitor information and pinpoint their Trade Show location on a trade show map. MapPersonalize My Notes Take notes on a session and then export your notes to an email client for sharing with others. My Exhibitors Create your own personal list of exhibitors that you want to connect with at the tradeshow. My Briefcase Tag documents as ‘favorites’ for viewing on the mobile app and later downloading to your PC after the event is over.Target Support Request support from the event organizer by sending a pre-scripted email via Request messaging. 6
  8. 8. Get Started NowContact a QuickMobile representative today and we’ll help youswitch to mobile. It’s easier than you think.Tel: 1.604.875.0403Email: 8