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Bitspawn Esports Software Investment Deck

  2. Esports is Booming Worldwide Esports Audience boasts over 500 Million fans With over 275 million esports enthusiasts and 225 million casual consumers Esports Prize Pools are Reaching $40 Million for a Single Event The International 2019 featuring DOTA 2 had a total prize pool of $35 million Global Esports Market to Exceed $1.6 Billion Revenue by 2023 Majority of these revenues come from sponsorships and advertising 2
  3. Bitspawn Improves Esports Only 3% of players are compensated from competing in esports. Bitspawn provides more monetization routes for players than our competitors. Bitspawn connects sponsors & advertisers with a growing audience. Gamers are an untapped source for advertisers. Gamers watch and consume esports at a higher rate than traditional sports fans. Bitspawn is a leader in esports software innovation. Bitspawn provides cutting edge esports tournament curation, player development tools, and analytics. 3
  4. Major Problems in Esports 4 Rights of esports competitors are largely unprotected Distribution of prize pools is largely unregulated and the abuse of players by leagues and organizations is prevalent across the industry. Payment of winnings are refused by Intermediaries Common victims of fraud are due to third parties withholding, refusing, or otherwise delaying payment of winnings. Fraud occurs in the tens of millions of dollars. Talent go undiscovered and are not connected with sponsors Amateur players are an afterthought in the current ecosystem. Many exceptional players are left out of the spotlight and miss opportunities to compete at a higher level.
  5. Bitspawn is the Solution Bitspawn’s Esports Advancement Platform (EAP): ▪ Improves player development pipelines ▪ Reinforcing the gaming economy ▪ Protecting the rights of esports competitors 5 Bitspawn’s digital infrastructure solution improves the esports ecosystem. Bitspawn EAP Features: ▪ Competitive tournaments & challenges ▪ Automated match reporting ▪ Player stats & performance metrics ▪ Automatic prize pool delivery ▪ Brand and sponsorship engagement ▪ Quick and secure withdrawals
  6. How it Works 6 Purchase Spawn Tokens SPWN using our integrated payment system. Create Account Pick from a selection of tournaments by paying the entry fee using SPWN. Enter or Create Tournaments Play your matches. Bitspawn automatically collects match data and processes results. Play Competitions Prize pools are verified and instantly delivered to each winner’s Bitspawn wallet. Instant Payout Make a withdrawal in your preferred currency - USD, BTC, or SPWN
  7. Current Esports Offerings 7 Esports software solutions have been around since 2011, but there has not been much innovation, and no solution has achieved a controlling market share. Bitspawn has room to dominate. FACEIT: $29M USD Raised (Last round 2019) 5-15 million users - 2019 $15-20M USD revenue - 2019 Battlefy: $12.5M USD Raised (Last round 2017) 1-2 million users - 2019 $3-4M USD revenue - 2019 Lack of innovation No money payouts Fighting game focused Lacks automation Slow prize pool payouts Lacks automation No player progression Lacks automation
  8. Importance of Impressions 8 Sponsorships account for 70% of esports enterprise revenues $636.9M in revenue from sponsorships for esports market in 2020. Digital engagement is the fastest growing revenue stream in esports Bitspawn created the perfect platform for sponsors and advertisers to engage and interact with millions of competitive gamers. The value of social media channels Social media channel growth translates into user acquisitions, brand awareness, and value creation for potential sponsors and advertisers on Bitspawn. Bitspawn creates a positive feedback loop for engagement Bitspawn connects gamers directly with brands, sponsors, and organizations; encouraging player participation and corporate engagement.
  9. Since May 2020 Twitter Followers 3K Beta Traction 9 Since April 2020 Unique Sessions 51,227 249,785 Views since April 2020 Instagram Followers 54K Bitspawn Beta Users - Monthly Signups (Cumulative 2020) Since May 2020 Facebook Followers 10K
  10. Projected User Growth 10 Target for end of 2021 Key metric for sponsorship engagements Monthly Impressions 2,000,000 280,000 user target for Q4 2021 – based on $1M CAD Marketing Budget Yearly Growth (Cumulative) - at $2-4 Average User Acquisition Cost
  11. Investment Opportunity 11 Bitspawn is currently expanding its business opportunity in esports by issuing private equity. Bitspawn intends to use the net proceeds from the offering for working capital. Funds raised will be used for: Bitspawn is looking to raise $2M within 6-12 months 1. $200,000 at $5.5 million* = 0.50 Share Price 2. $300,000 at $7 million* (Milestone: revenue) 3. $500,000 at $10 million* ( MIlestone: major activation with large brand) 4. $1 million at $13 million* (Milestone: TBD) *Valuations are pre-money 10% Admin & Legal 40% Development & Operations Research and Development Servers & IT Technology Integrations Salaries 50% Marketing Advertising Partnerships User Acquisition
  12. Revenue Sources 12 10% Transaction fee when withdrawing funds 10% Commissions on tournaments averaging $100 50% Commissions on challenges averaging $200 At 100,000 users we expect to achieve five $50,000 brand sponsorship engagements with fortune 500 companies. $10,000 - $50,000 per integration; $1000 - $5000 monthly management fee. At 100,000 users we anticipate a 5% engagement rate or 5000 subscribers at $5 per month. Transaction Fees & Commissions Transaction fees as part payments processing. Commissions from tournament and challenge prize pools. Advertisements & Sponsorships Engagements can be purchased across the platform to connect with Bitspawn’s global community. We work directly with brands on unique marketing campaigns. Monthly Subscriptions Users can pay to upgrade to premium tiers on the platform to enhance their user experience and improve competition. Licensing & White labelling Bitspawn’s technology can be integrated into 3rd party esports enterprises.
  13. Projected Revenue 13 Per year Average Revenue per user starting 2021 $4 USD $600,000 USD revenue target for Q4 2021 - based on $2M CAD Capital Injection Chart Shows Yearly Revenue Projections (values are in USD)
  14. Growth Strategy 14 Multi-layered Esports Platform Bitspawn has been developed target two demographics; the hardcore ‘esports enthusiasts’ with competitive tournaments and team management tools; and the wider esports audience with game challenges, gamification and social progression. 1 Supporting 6 popular esports titles at launch Bitspawn supports the wider esports community with the most popular esports titles at launch: DOTA 2, CS:GO, Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends and PUBG. Bitspawn will then expand support dozens of games by Q1 2021. 2 Partnerships with esports organizations and influencers Bitspawn is maximizing community growth and onboarding new users, collaborating with new partners on marketing campaigns, and constantly growing our user base.3 Promoted events and engagements Bitspawn utilizes proven online event models, sponsored giveaways and focusing on our engagements across social media for maximized growth and retention.4
  15. Bitspawn has forged strong partnerships to ensure all the required resources, relationships and technical solutions are integrated for maximum success. Strategic Alliances 15 Esports Companies Talent Agencies Technology Platforms From esports organizations to event organizers. From influencer agencies to supporting law firms. From payment processors to cryptocurrency exchanges.
  16. 16 Our team houses experts in integrated payment solutions, artificial intelligence, and data processing. The Bitspawn team is passionate about video games and has been for over 20 years. Internet entrepreneur and SEO expert for over a decade. Rhys is also a CS:GO competitive player. Social media expert and avid gamer. Worked with TikTok to deliver millions of monthly impressions. Former Amazon Engineer and expert in big data. Helped grow DOTA community in China. Seasoned serial entrepreneur in fintech, real estate, and cannabis. Director on multiple Boards. Eric Godwin Founder & CEO Howard Goldman, MBA Executive Director Alex Lan CTO Lukas Kamandulis Growth Director Rhys Boulanger Marketing Director Competitive gamer and Industry expert. Eric has 6 years experience working with disruptive technologies. Bitspawn Leadership
  17. Advisors 17 Bitspawn’s strategic advisors are leaders in; corporate law, blockchain; esports; and enterprise implementation. Alex Gramatzki Advisor Evan Kubes Advisor Jonathan Ip Advisor Adam Cole Jacobs Advisor ” “The esports industry remains flush with horror stories of 'cut-&-paste' contracts, regulatory mishaps, and even tournament organizers failing to pay out staff or dispense prize money. Evan Kubes
  18. Outcomes 18 Bitspawn intends to be the esports platform leader with $100M+ in yearly revenue by achieving significant market share for esports and gaming solutions. Potential Outcomes: IPO / RTO Acquisition / Merger Remain Private / Realize Profits
  19. ” “ Contact Information 19 A lot of players have experienced being ripped off by event organizers, dealing with tedious game result submissions, and slow payouts. The vision behind Bitspawn is to help the millions of players out there competing in esports that are getting burned by the platforms that they use. Eric Godwin Founder & CEO Main Office 240-55 St. Clair Ave W. Toronto, ON Email Links Visit our website: Find us @Bitspawngg across social media.
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  21. Forward-Looking Statements 21