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Vivacious Life Product Proposal Emmerentia Myburgh; Doret BRitz; Janine Labuchagne

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  2. 2. Vivacious LifeWe’re a 3rd year team from Lisof; specialisingin fashion but always up for a challenge. We are creative; vibrant and fun Doret Britz Emmerentia Myburgh Janine Labuchane
  3. 3.  The body shop is everyone’s one stop shop for beautiful skin. We believe that the benefits achieved trough the use of body shop products should be boosted and that a body shop product should have a sustained effect on the skin. We aim to introduce a product line extension that will enhance the benefits of existing Body shop products, and will have a critical role in every daily beauty routine.
  4. 4. A tattoo like skin patch A trendy and colourful patch with healing benefits. The patch looks like a temporary tattoo available in different fashion forward designs that changes on a seasonal bases to correspond with current trends. The patch will be a healing accessory that enhances your natural style. Enhance making your skin beautiful - naturally
  5. 5. The transdermal skin patch
  6. 6.  Trough using Nano technology and dermal patch innovation we propose a skin patch made out of hemp fibres that contain essential oils with specific nutritional ingredients. By using a dermal patch the body can absorb the essential oils easily trough the blood stream and then use the minerals to nourish the body and skin internally; which will in turn better the skin’s external appearance. These patches will be used in conjunction with a body shop skin care or face care range. The ‘patch’ can be applied anywhere on the skin although for brand recognition we would like to encourage the patch being visible, wearing it on the arm; behind the ear; on the neck; or on the palm. The patch should not only be nourishing it should also be aesthetically pleasing. We decided to launch it in various designs and colours something for each age group, these designs will be seasonal and will be aligned with current fashion trends.
  7. 7. Product ranges The patch will coincide with certain existing product ranges within the body shop. They will be marketed as part of these ranges and displayed in store next to the existing ranges. The range include: tea tree; aloe; hemp; nutrulift; seaweed; vitamin c; vitamin e.
  8. 8.  Tea tree is commonly used for acne treatment and prevention. Using a Transdermal patch enhanced with Tea Tree will aid in prolonged acne prevention and might even help with some bacterial infections due to its natural antimicrobial properties. Using a Tea Tree patch accompanied by the body shop facial products will cleanse the skin not only on the surface but also from within.
  9. 9.  Aloe is used for its soothing qualities. It will help the skin appear beautiful and eliminate dark or red spots. By applying a patch enhanced with aloe extract, the aloe would penetrate the skin and solve the cause of dry skin from the inside out.
  10. 10.  Hemp is used by the body shop to prevent dry flaky skin. Ideal for colder temperatures or during winter months. A hemp infused skin patch will nourish the body thoroughly and prevent dry spots and flaking. Perhaps added benefits of hemp can be experienced by using the skin patch such as, Alzheimer prevention and apatite suppression. Definitely an ingredient that will be enhanced by the patches.
  11. 11.  The use of pomegranate extract as an anti wrinkle cream is a new addition to the Body Shop range. Consumers want a product that helps them age beautifully so why not have a pomegranate extract infused patch? These patches will encourage the body’s absorption of the pomegranates anti aging properties, and aid the body in aging gracefully.
  12. 12. Known for its nourishing qualities seaweed is great touse for dry skin but can also improve impurities andskin tone.Seaweed has various healing qualities and byintroducing it as a patch will improve the skins feeland appearance.
  13. 13. Vitamin c helps the body with the healing and detoxification. Italso combats stress with its soothing agents.Adding vitamin c to the skin patch range will help the bodywith self healing providing extra support for the body togenerate new cells and improving its appearance.The skin patch can aid in the body’s natural detoxification thatwill prevent any skin impurities.The patch can also provide an additional stress relievingbenefit to its wearer.
  14. 14.  Vitamin E is an antioxidant with anti aging properties. Using the patch it can help combat early signs of aging and might even prolong the aging process. The patch can help restore broken or damaged skin sells from deep within the skin helping the body during its natural healing process.
  15. 15. Promotional initiatives Have a worldwide flaunt my patch website that capture the body shop consumer in their everyday life wearing their body shop patch. (could also be used for awareness; promotions and competitions) Do an editorial spread with a body or body parts covered entirely in patch designs i.e. giving the appearance of a heavily tattooed person. Getting various designers associated with an eco lifestyle to design limited edition patch designs. Launching patches that promote existing body shop causes by printing only a name or a slogan as a patch.
  16. 16. packagingThe patches would be packaged in a wooden box.This will not only be an eco friendly alternative toplastic, but the wood would ensure that the patch isstored at a desired cool temperature at all times. Notto mention that they are absolutely beautiful.
  17. 17. The wooden box• This box can be reused after the patches are finished. Selling the patches in a refill packet will ensure that the box is reused.• Body Shop can then use this wooden box as part of their environmentally friendly campaign. Launching an initiative where for each box purchased they will plant a tree in a rural area in Africa.• Because of the box’s simple design underprivileged communities within Africa can be used to manufacture the box. It will not only boost community up-liftment and the body shop’s corporate responsibility but will create an income for many poor families.
  18. 18. Store displays
  19. 19. Poster ideaRelease your inner beauty with the new innovative product range frombody shop. Each product is specifically formulated to target yourspecific needs. It’s natures way to beauty.
  20. 20. Corporate social responsibility Support a village initiative for the packaging, the upliftment of rural communities. Planting a tree for each box sold initiative; the body shop creating a better tomorrow. Portion of the proceeds can go to The Girl Effect fund. The Girl Effect is a movement. It’s about the unique and indisputable potential of adolescent girls to end poverty for themselves and the world. But its about you using your voice, your talents, and your community to help girls help themselves—and, as a result, everybody else. It’s about giving you the tools and the network you need to spread the word about what girls can do and, with a little elbow grease, change the world.
  21. 21. Helpingimpoverished girlsin ruralcommunitiesBuild betteropportunities.Giving them thetools to helpthemselves