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HOME LEARNING TERM ONE SPECIAL PROJECT - ME BOX!                                                          Our Blog    Use ...
Learning is creation, not                               consumption. Knowledge is not                               someth...
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Mtt 2013 leaflet pdf


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Mtt 2013 leaflet pdf

  1. 1. HOME LEARNING TERM ONE SPECIAL PROJECT - ME BOX! Our Blog Use a box, decorate it and inside put How to write a comment on your photographs, drawings or objects that represent: child’s blog post: 1. Click on the title of the post A person you admire 2. Scroll down Your hobby (choose your favourite one) 3. Write you comment in the box  Something you want to do in the future 4. Click on select a profile Your favourite book 5. Choose ‘anonymous’ Your favourite song 6. Click publish Your favourite place 7. Type the security code A time you have BOUNCED BACK! 8. Click publish Bounce BackStudents will present their boxes to the class EXPLAINING WHY they have added each item. Please practice presenting at home. How to make an academic comment 2013 WELCOME TO on your child’s blog post:We will start presenting the ‘ME BOXES’ in Week 8 Term 1. 1. Acknowledge the author of the post - say hello! 2. Explain why you like the post 3. Ask the author a question about the post ROOM 4 4. Write your name at the end of the comment We look forward to sharing our learning with you on our class blog!
  2. 2. Learning is creation, not consumption. Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs, HOME LEARNING but something a learner creates. We will practice working in our ‘Home Learning Journals’ before they are sent home. Home learning will start in Week 4 of Term 1. MONDAYS " Maths - We use ‘Minute Maths’ to practice our basic facts everyday at school . We stick these into our home learning journals. On Monday’s your child will bring home one ‘Minute Maths’ for home learning. ‘Minute Maths’ not finished in class are to be completed at home. TUESDAYS " Room 4’s Spelling - ‘Tic-Tac-Toe Spelling’ activities are given on Tuesdays. Your child chooses three activities to complete in their home learning journals each week. Vision Your child will choose 5 words from their essential words lists to learn each week. MONDAY - SUNDAY " In room 4 we will use our voices, Reading - We encourage your child to read for 10 - 15 minutes EVERY DAY. This canLearning is an active our creativity, our community, be by themselves, with an adult or to a sibling. Readingprocess, we learn by our books, our classroom and to your child is alsodoing, only knowledge recommended. Your child our virtual classroom (the blog!) also has a ‘Reader’s Journal’.that is used sticks in For home learning in Room 4 students are asked to makeyour mind. to become confident, active, two comments per week in their ‘Reader’s Journal’. We will learn how to do this in class. Dale Carnegie creative, literate and numerate EXTRA HOME LEARNING " Occasionally special home learning projects linked to thinkers. our school theme ‘Bounce Back’ will be sent home.