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Flick it-on! leaflet 2013


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Flick it-on! leaflet 2013

  1. 1. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:FLICK-IT-ON! 2013Flick-It-On! is an annual film event where studentscollaboratively and creatively produce a digital storyacross different schools. The project starts in Week 1of Term 3.Each class is teamed up with 3 other classes fromaround New Zealand to collaboratively create a movie in4 rotations (see below for details of each rotation). Bythe end of the project each class will have collaboratedon 4 different movies to be celebrated at a onlinepremiere.Themeto beannouncedsoon!What isflick-it-on!
  2. 2. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:Individual teachers are responsible for ensuring the nextteacher in their rotation has the project by 4pm on theThursday in the last week of each rotation.Flick-It-On! uses Dropbox to pass on each rotation( You will need a Dropbox account toflick-on your movie.At the end of each rotation you will add any credits youwish to be added to the movie in rotation 4 to a groupGoogle Doc. You will need a Gmail (Google Apps/GoogleDocs) account to access this document.At the end of the final rotation you will pass thecompleted movies to your group leader who will collatethe movies and add to Vimeo.How toflick-it-on!Themeto beannouncedsoon!FLICK-IT-ON! 2013
  3. 3. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:FLICK-IT-ON! 2013The Flick-It-On! Team will organise the classes youwill be working with. Please complete theapplication form to help us organise who you will beworking with.One teacher in each group will be the co-ordinator.Their role is to help you trouble shoot and collatethe movies at the end of the project on Vimeo( A member from the Flick-It-On!Team will support the co-ordinators of each group.Themeto beannouncedsoon!Who will myclass beworking with?
  4. 4. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:At the end of each rotation you will need to:1. Dropbox the movie to the next class/teacherin your rotation2. Add the credits you wish to be added inrotation 4 to your groups’ Google Doc (studentnames, individual contributors names, music, film footage, stills,artwork or written materials)3. Send the release forms for the movie to yourgroup’s co-ordinator4. Co-ordinators check and then forward releaseforms to their designated Flick-It-On! TeamLeaderThemeto beannouncedsoon!What do I needto flick-on?FLICK-IT-ON! 2013
  5. 5. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:FLICK-IT-ON! 2013Rotation 1:Week 1, 2, 3 & 4 - Create a storyboard and film a silent movie(1-2 minutes long) portraying the theme (to be confirmed).Transitions are added at this point.Rotation 2:Week 5 & 6 - Interpret the silent movie. Add sound effects(foley) and voice.Rotation 3:Week 7 & 8 - Interpet movie. Add music to show mood andemotion.Rotation 4:Week 9 & 10 - Final edit, add titles, credits and effects.How therotationsworkThemeto beannouncedsoon!
  6. 6. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:FLICK-IT-ON! 2013Release forms must be completed for:1. An individual contribution on your film e.g. aninterview or a performance (acting or musical).2. Any material which you have not created yourself,such as music, film footage, stills, artwork orwritten materials e.g. commentary or dialoguescript.3. Any recording of a piece of music, such as musicfrom a CD or a video or audio recording which youor someone else has made.Release forms can be found on the Kids Can Filmwebsite: www.kidzcanfilm.wikispaces.comAt end of eachrotation email yourrelease forms toyour team’sco-ordinator.Creativecommons andlicencing
  7. 7. KIDS CAN FILMPRESENTS:FLICK-IT-ON! 2013How doesthe premierework?More to followabout celebratingyour studentsfilms!Themeto beannouncedsoon!