Teaser trailer analysis powerpoint


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Teaser trailer analysis powerpoint

  1. 1. Teaser trailer analysis…War Horse and Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol
  2. 2. Shots/Framing Editing Sound Mise-en-scene Size: War Horse Speed: Voice-over: Lighting:-Close-up of old man -Slow -Voice-over of old -Starts light-Visual effects man -Dim-Reflection of eye -Appears natural -Sunset -Mostly night -Explosions Narrative: Transitions: Dialogue: Characters:-Old French man telling -Fades -Shouting etc. -Horsea story -Young boy-Horse travels without -Old manrider -Young girl Sound effects: Setting: -Explosions -Battlefield -Artillery -Countryside -Canons -Village Theme/soundtrack: Props/Costume -Orchestral -Uniform -Slow
  3. 3. The overall use of the four key areas in War Horse help to create emotion and a sense of drama throughout the trailer, and respectively helps the viewer to feel emotion. The soundtrack in particular reflects the emotion of the film, and the slow editing suggests that the film will not be particularly fast-paced. This suggests that the target audience forthe film is women, due to the fact that, traditionally, men tend to be less open about their emotions and are therefore not moved by things as easily; women on the other hand, tend to, traditionally, be more open about their emotions, and are therefore more drawn towards emotive films such as this one.
  4. 4. Shots/Framing Editing Sound- Mise-en-scene Size: Speed: Voice-over: Lighting:-Establishing shot of a -Starts slow -Man in car talking -Explosionscityscape -Build up of speed -Other characters -Dim at some points,-Tracking shot -Fast-paced at end talking bright at others-Extreme close-up ofgun cocking-Visual effects Narrative: Transitions: Dialogue: Characters:-Man talks about -Extremely fast -Talking in car -Man in carmission fades -Characters -Good-looking-See men carrying out -Some fast cuts discussing mission peoplemission Sound effects: Setting: -Gun cocking -Cityscape -Explosions -Moscow -Technology Theme/soundtrack Props/costume: -Upbeat -Suits -Modern -Guns -Rap -Expensive-looking cars
  5. 5. The use of the four key areas in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol helps to create asense of action and speed. The extremely fast editing transitions suggest that the film is going to be fast-paced and action-packed; the mise-en-scène in particular demonstrates the action genre of the film to the viewer, such as the guns and the suits that the vast majority of the people onscreen are wearing (and which have become associated with action films). The modern, upbeat soundtrack featuring rapmusic also has connotations of a more upbeat, action-related film, and contrasts with the orchestral soundtrack of War Horse, which has more of an emotional theme and therefore has a soundtrack which reflects this. The four key areas used in this trailer also help to suggest the target audience of the film to the viewer; the impressiongiven by this teaser trailer is that the film’s target audience is young males, due to the fact that it is this audience which is most commonly associated with action films. An older woman, for example, would probably not appreciate the rap soundtrack, nor the presence of guns. Furthermore, the fact that good-looking young women are featured in the trailer is archetypal of James Bond-esque films (whose target audience is also young males) and appeals to a male target audience rather than a female one, as women would probably not appreciate being portrayed as sexual objects.