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Love in the key of life.mag.sept


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Ever wonder why people are always speaking to us as if there is a magical formula to life? Well there is'nt. Our life has purpose and that purpose is all in JESUS; HE is our key to a fulfilling life. JESUS is the only formula any of us will ever need.

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Love in the key of life.mag.sept

  1. 1. Throughout my years of listening and studying the Word of GOD; these words have always come across my sights or my hearing. Keys, secret keys, steps to the keys, keys to do this and keys to do that; reach up and grab some keys; stoop down and pick up your keys. However, in all these keys people are speaking of; I’ve never been able to see any other key but JESUS. JESUS is the master key which unlocks every lock; no matter the circumstance JESUS will unlock that lock and set us free. And just as JESUS is the key used to unlock us HE is also the key to lock us up in HIS safety, security, promises, healing, deliverance, assurance and more. So I don’t know if you are anything like I was in my early growth years and spent money on books by well intended brothers and sisters of faith who focused on keys of work. However, what I like to share is JESUS who is the Key to and of Life.
  2. 2. What will love cause us to do?
  3. 3. Gen. 22:2 Devotion and Trust will cause you to sacrifice. In this scripture we read how The LORD GOD tested the heart of Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son on the altar. If you remember; Abraham not only had to wait a long time for a son. He fathered his first born son with the wrong woman which is a symbol of enslavement to self effort. And then he had to wait again; not as long this time for Sarah to bring forth his promised son given to him not done by self effort. The only effort Abraham and Sarah gave was the will, trust and exercise to carry out the mission to conceive. The ability of nature was none existent, remember? So the entire effort was The LORD GOD. The LORD GOD had to open up the womb of Sarah and make her fertile to carry the seed of Abraham. Abraham had to become potent to not only pleasure but to plant into Sarah’s womb. So when The LORD GOD asked Abraham to sacrifice his son; I'm certain that there had to be a moment of reservation; after all, don’t you think that would be natural? Don’t you think that Abraham had to wonder if this was GOD or the devil speaking to him? How many times have we wondered if we are hearing The LORD’s voice, our voice or the devil’s voice when we hear some crazy things pop into our heads? However, Abraham took a chance; he said in his heart that he will trust his GOD to deliver his son and provide a sacrifice. And because he trusted GOD; GOD showed Abraham just how far he had come in his trust of HIM. We too have made some sacrifices in our walk with The LORD GOD; no, it may not be as severe as Abraham’s; however, to us the sacrifice was severe to us. And there maybe other sacrifices that we will need to make so that The LORD GOD will be able to reveal to us just how much we trust in HIM.
  4. 4. Gen. 29:18 Work for the woman you desire
  5. 5. Jacob grew in-love with Rachel and wanted to marry her and told his uncle that he would work for her a total of seven years. After completing this debt; Jacob was bamboozled; much like he had done to his brother and father. And he had to work another seven years to get Rachel; so in essence Jacob worked a total of fourteen years just to wed one woman but ended up with two. When a man or a woman is in-love; it does not matter what he or she has to do to be next to that person; just so they accomplish their goal of having that person in their life. Another point I recognized when I read about Jacob when he worked for the hand of Rachel those first seven years is that the seven years passed by to him like a few days. This tells me; that he took no notice of anything other than what life would be like once he and Rachel would be husband and wife. He had one mind; he was focused; he had tunnel vision; it was all about the love of his life. This is wonderful and husbands and wives should have this very same mindset as Jacob had towards Rachel; however, we should also have this very same and greater desire towards The LORD GOD. HE should be our greatest desire above anyone or anything. Nothing else should really matter when we focus our attention on JESUS; we should not be overly stressed out; depressed; unemployed; homeless; hungry; living below the poverty line. We love JESUS and most of all JESUS loves us and when and where there is love; there is no lack.
  6. 6. Lev.19:18 Be compassionate towards our neighbors as wells as ourselves.
  7. 7. A neighbor is not just anyone who lives adjacent to our house or apartment building; in the next unit of the apartment building we reside in; in the same block, street or neighborhood. Neither is a neighbor anyone who lives within the same community where we reside; the state, county, rural area or country. Nope, A neighbor is everyone we come in contact with; a neighbor is a stranger; someone we have never seen before; someone we do not know; someone we know on sight; someone we know very well; someone who does live adjacent to our house or apartment building. Within the next unit of the apartment building where we reside; in the same block, street, neighborhood, community, state, country, state, county and rural area. A neighbor can even live in another country. Our cultures vary; however, what we all have in common is humanity. Nothing that another person deals with in life is different because of the color of the skin or the nationality or gender of a person. During the 1980’s Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie did a record breaking song called “We are the world.” I remember when on a particular day everyone on the planet was to link hands at a particular time of the day as this song played on every radio in every country. It was phenomenal how America and other countries participated in this effort and it showed me that people do care. Compassion should not be something that must be done for a spotlight effort; compassion should be away of life.
  8. 8. Instead of tearing each other down and destroying each other we should encourage each other; we should help soothe the pain of others. There are far too many people hooked on alcohol, dope, sex and other addictions only to mask the pain they are feeling. JESUS is compassionate and we who follow CHRIST JESUS must at all times exhibit true compassion towards others as we would ourselves and as we would want others to be towards us. Compassion does not mean that we are to lie or cover up the truth of what is really going on; no, we must be honest. Because if we are not; we will begin to harbor harmful feelings towards our neighbors and begin to say things about them that should not be said; do things that should not be done. So to keep love alive and compassion in our hearts keep true to yourself and to your neighbor. They may not like what you have to say at that moment but in the long run your character and integrity will win.
  9. 9. Deut. 6:5 To love the LORD your GOD with all your heart, soul and might.
  10. 10. How big is your heart? Only GOD knows and I believe it’s bigger than we can imagine. Why do I believe this? Because our GOD is a BIG GOD and if we are to love our GOD with all our heart we are in need of a big heart. We think of our heart as that muscle sitting in the middle of our chest beating but I challenge you to go beyond the thought of that muscle. If we relied on the size of that muscle to hold the love of all we love as well as the love of GOD; I don’t think it could manage. After all; don’t people have heart attacks because plaque builds up along the arteries and heart and choke the muscle. Get my point? See in our lifetime we are able to love many family members; friends; foods; objects and places. So much so we worship them. Then when we come to JESUS a heart cleaning takes place and it’s not always an all at once cleaning out. We have to give JESUS access to certain areas of our heart for HIM to clean, fumigate, disinfect, deodorize and reside in. Then there is our soul which actually is our mind where our emotions reside. Most of us are all over the place when it comes to our emotions and though we may have a tendency to laugh when we speak about it; it’s really not funny. Some people have a Jekyll and Hyde emotion meaning we don’t know who we are going to get from one moment to another because one moment that person can be just as kind, giving and wonderful this minute and destructive the next. Then you have the Weeping Willow who will cry when no other person is nearby and can’t explain why they are having these outbursts of tears. The Tasmanian devil who is always angry; no one and nothing can soothe this person for very long; it’s either their way or no way. The Jolly Rancher, it’s always smiles and laughs with this person and it seems outwardly that nothing can get this individual off kilter. But in most cases the Jolly Rancher hides a secret; they are often depressed and put up a good front. I’ve lived this for many years. And I'm sure there are other emotions that I’ve not touched on but I think you understand.
  11. 11. Every day we are to make a choice to live for JESUS; to talk for JESUS; to think like JESUS. What does this mean to us that we choose not to use profanity or abuse another with harsh words from our mouth. Our mouth was created to praise our LORD GOD, to eat, swallow, drink and speak encouragement to others. Our thoughts can be a bit difficult to bring under submission but that does not mean that it can’t be done. All we have to do is think on the things that Philippians 4:8 suggest because we can’t always keep our eyes glued on the scriptures and we may work in an environment where listening to the scriptures may not be possible. So when you recognize that your thoughts are not thoughts that JESUS would have you have reign them back in with what is true, noble, righteous, pure, lovable, admirable, virtuous and praiseworthy. The LORD GOD through JESUS fits in very well here when we remember how HE is in these areas that we choose to think of HIM in.
  12. 12. Ps. 119:97 Remembers; thinks; meditates.
  13. 13. The brain it’s an incredible creation the most magnificent; most untapped; most misunderstood organ we humans have. We have been told time and time again that we only use 10% of the 100% ability of the brain. We willing destroy I don’t know how much of the brain through self abuse. The brain can never be shut down or off; it’s constantly working. Even though we may struggle recalling something it does not mean that the data is not there because it is. The brain remembers all; no man will ever make a computer that will ever outdo what GOD has done with the human brain. This is why we are to think on GOD’s Word so that we can recall who HE is and who we are in HIM. What our capabilities are in HIM. We are limitless through HIM but without JESUS we are limited. Filling our minds up with JESUS in the Word is wonderful.
  14. 14. And what will the love of JESUS do?
  15. 15. Ex.15:13 Led to redemption. Deut. 7:13 JESUS loves us so much that HE blesses our families. JESUS love for us is HIS spinach and just as Popeye eats his spinach and gains strength; JESUS love for us is HIS strength in which HE guides us into HIS holy dwelling place. It is here where we are sheltered from the harm of the enemy and the full force of life’s attack on our lives. It is here where we are cared for and find our comfort; where we are provided for. All our needs are met right here in this dwelling place. As our family continue to increase; our finances increase; our food and beverages are supplied; we have a livelihood and a home. The LORD GOD made a covenant with us that is still applicable right at this very moment. It is to be taken very seriously because it’s not enough that we know HIM as GOD or the LORD GOD but as The LORD GOD our GOD who is a promise keeper and full of mercy towards us.
  16. 16. Here are our promises:  To love us  To bless us  To increase our family numbers (descendents)  To bless our children  To bless whatever we sow and plant  We are blessed more than others (none believers)  None of us will not be able to produce  All illness and diseases will be removed from us and laid on none believers. Now here is the explanation to the city folk in regards to the sowing and planting thing. Sowing and planting is not in all defined by farming or gardening in the dirt. This is an example of sowing from GOD’s perspective; trusting in JESUS, speaking the truth over your life daily. This is planting from GOD’s perspective; the truth is going deeper and deeper into our hearts and minds; it’s becoming our very life. This is harvest; we see what we have sowed and planted come through. What we put out we will reap in harvest.
  17. 17. Deut. 30:5 JESUS comes and gets us. It has to be understood that the LORD GOD is full of mercy towards mankind. HE does not desire to see us afar off from HIM. HE does not desire to see us left to our own devices and picked clean by our enemy the devil. However, HE will allow us to remain lost and devoured if this is the life we so chose. The LORD GOD has sent HIS SON JESUS to come look for each and everyone of us and bring us back to The FATHER. Our exile from HIM can be reversed and will be reversed immediately once we trust in JESUS. It does not matter how far we have strayed; JESUS will come to where ever we are and meet us right there. No place is off limits to JESUS after all; HE did boldly walk down into the pit of hell for us and gathered those who believed in HIM and brought them out. That part of hell was called Abraham’s bosom and is still empty to this day. No believer dies an earthly death and goes to that place now; that was pre-crucifixion and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS will see to it that you will prosper right where you are in HIM.
  18. 18. Is. 43:4 Regard; value and honor. Just think of this; the LORD GOD thinks highly of us; HE takes us into account; we are HIS esteemed; HE is concerned with us; HE watches over us with loving care; through HIS SON JESUS, HE can relate to us. To the LORD GOD we are HIS importance; we are worth something to HIM. At all times our LORD GOD is fair with us; we don’t understand and we don’t have to understand. However, know that none of us are measured better or worse than another; to HIM we are all equal; we all have our special distinction and we are all highly favored.
  19. 19. Jer. 31:3 Everlasting. Hos. 14:4 Freely. JESUS love for us is eternal which means it’s never ending. HIS love draws us closer and closer to The FATHER daily and our trust in HIM grows deeper and deeper day by day. When JESUS heals us; HE heals us entirely from within and it’s revealed outwardly. HIS love for us is done out in the open and is freely given without any shame or disapproval of us.
  20. 20. Mic. 6:8 Act justly and walk in purity; grace and justification. So what does it mean to us to act justly or better yet; what does it mean to be justly? To be just is to be guided by truth and what better truth is there than the FATHER’s truth? Once we know the truth of the FATHER through JESUS than we can begin to walk in purity and what does purity mean to us. Simply put, it means to be uncontaminated by anything unpleasing to the FATHER. Now I'm willing as always to keep it real with you; walking in purity will not happen instantaneously, overnight, in the next week, next month or within a twelve month time frame. To walk in purity takes time on our part and to trust in JESUS. First we must know that we don’t have to think a certain way; we don’t have to watch certain things; we don’t have to listen to certain stuff; we don’t have to talk like most folks; we don’t have to act and live like most people do. To walk in purity means to make up our minds to leave the world of being an odd ball abnormality and become normal in JESUS. There will be things about us that will just be taken away without our even noticing and then there will be things that we will have to ask JESUS to take away because we don’t want to have this in our lives any longer because it’s a pollutant and HE will. The same grace that the FATHER gives to us is the same favor that we are to lavish onto others. We are to be just as benevolent, gentle, kind and loving as GOD is to us. Even when we don’t feel like it we must still be this way; when people give us no reason to be this way we are to be this way.
  21. 21. We have to remember, just because we belong to JESUS and we know that we are loved and we love the FATHER and JESUS and the FATHER and JESUS loves us does not mean that we don’t act out of sorts from time to time. We all have bad days; none of us but JESUS is perfect. We all with the exception of JESUS have a tendency to be tempted to sin and return to sin. However, know this JESUS knew that and this is why it was all taken care of when you accepted and repented the once. All we have to do is acknowledge to ourselves that we messed up yet again; pick ourselves up; standup on our feet and walk straight ahead into the Word of GOD. There is no reason for any of us to walk around feeling condemned or guilty about anything after we have come to JESUS. JESUS has justified us in HIM completely; we stand before HIM and the FATHER innocent of all charges and we must not allow any person to hold our past choices and mistakes in front of us as a constant reminder. Your past sinful life is to be viewed in this way; the better way is to eulogize and bury never to be dug up again. I mean that is what one does with a corpse is it not? The second is to understand that you have been acquitted of all charges never to be charged again for the same crime; that’s called double jeopardy. You have no criminal record.
  22. 22. Zeph. 3:17 Always present; rejoiceful; quiet and loud. I am so secure in my knowledge in knowing that my DAD is always present with me; I have read and I have heard HIM speak into my spirit that HE will never leave me and HE will never forsake me. Many of you have been abandoned by parents and I can’t imagine what that must be like. But I'm certain that because of this you have major trust issues; you may not believe that JESUS will not abandon you also. However, JESUS is more certain not to leave us than we placing our trust in our next pay check; sitting in a chair that we hope will not break; waiting on the next bus; thinking the sun will shine and it rains. You see all these mishaps may happen; yet JESUS is the constant; when HE tells us that HE will always remain with us; it’s factual. Can anyone imagine the FATHER and JESUS up in heaven along with the angels rejoicing over us? Well it’s true! You my friend are worth rejoicing over and so am I. You see love makes one rejoice over another; it can’t be helped. Love makes us rejoice over the goofiest things. Ever watched your dear little children do their very best and maybe at that very moment all you saw was perfection? Then many years later in your mind’s eye or on film you see what really went on and you laugh at how goofy your child was. See how love makes us rejoice; well the FATHER and JESUS is rejoicing over us as goofy as we are also. And don’t think that you are not goofy because I'm sure that some of you have some goofy stories that you can share with others.
  23. 23. For instance I have a story that was shared with me; I will with hold who told me this for their sake. However, she with her dear heart took the Word of GOD so very seriously that when she came to the scripture of eating the bread which is the body of CHRIST JESUS she got a pocket bible and began to eat the pages. Now tell me; don’t you think that caused some rejoicing up in heaven? Because when I was told that I sure rejoiced down here in the earth with tears and a shaking of my head. I’m snickering now as I think of her testimony I’m sharing with you.
  24. 24. Ps. 116:1 Hears. Ruth 4:15 Restores & Dan. 10:19 Strengthen. We don’t have a GOD and or FATHER who is deaf. HE has excellent hearing so much so that before we can get the words out of our mouth HE has already heard the words coming from our hearts. This is why having our motives in check is so very important. Some of us wonder why our prayers were not answered as we expected; it’s because of our motives. We say one thing when all along we mean another. JESUS brings us back to where we belong. We were never intended to be outcast and without. So when JESUS comes and gets us; HE returns us back to our rightful place with the FATHER. In GOD’s truth we find our strength through JESUS.
  25. 25. What do we do in the love of JESUS?
  26. 26. Matt. 3:17 Proclaims You (your name here) just joined MY family! I (your name here) belong to JESUS!
  27. 27. When we are accepted and loved we are openly and without shame announced to others. We have no problem letting others know who another is to us; what a person means to us and who they are to us. This gives others a clear and precise without questionable understanding of who another is in the eyes, heart, mouth and conscience of the person making the claim. It began with the LORD GOD and if has been funneled down to every human. So when a human tells me that they love JESUS and or worships HIM quietly or don’t speak of HIM except in church or certain what they believe to be appropriate settings; I get perplexed. Every day and all day is an appropriate time for me to speak of JESUS. The thing is that humans will only speak about what matters to them. And if JESUS love for you and your love for JESUS is not worth speaking of maybe it’s because you are unaware of HIS great love for you and you can’t reciprocate that love.
  28. 28. Matt. 5:43-47 Guides Our heavenly FATHER guides us to love not only ourselves and those that are easy to love. HE guides us to love those who are not so easy to love. Why? Because GOD is a loving GOD and HE blesses even those who don’t deserve to be blessed all day every day also. Not only that; we too were once unloving and we still have very unloving tendencies within us that are still very much alive and active. Oh we may want to make people think that we have it all together but the only people we are fooling are ourselves. We must be guided by our DAD all day every day. Without HIS guidance it is all too easy for us to return back to our basic natural fleshy sinful nature. And as HE guides us we should help guide others back into the right direction without being condemning or judgmental but caring, forgiving, loving, kind, and merciful.
  29. 29. Mt. 16:19 Allows or stops. We have to make up in our minds what we will allow and what we will no longer allow to have control of us any longer. This goes for people and situations that affect us all negatively as well as positively. We have to determine in which direction we desire to go for peace in every area of our lives. And to gain peace can sometimes be a painful adventure because it may involve the removal of people and things we really admire. Their hang ups should not be visited on us and vice versa. For instance; because I kept so closed mouth for the majority of my life my body has taken a great toll health wise and now I'm suffering in my flesh. However, in my suffering in the flesh I continue to do what I’ve been called to do for JESUS and at times because of my love for people and because I know that I have a sarcastic tongue; I don’t speak out much when others hurt me and when I suffer emotionally in silence the stress is added and I suffer greatly. We all have to take charge in love however of our course and seek guidance from JESUS how to maneuver through this harsh life with various people. And yet remain loving in HIM. Well today as I write this my darling FATHER through the Holy Spirit showed me a scripture that I’ve seen for years and have known for years; however, I’ve not seen it or known it for as many years as I’ve read it. So today I wrote down what I will no longer allow to have control in my life in huge letters and daily I will say this until it manifest. I suggest that you do the same; this is how things become real to us; this is just one of the ways we can apply GOD’s Word in our life. So if you want change, you’ve got to go after the change.
  30. 30. Luke 6:32 Does what is not natural. In previous pages I wrote that we must become the normal because the world is abnormal. I remember when one of my brothers and I were talking in our baby stages of our christian walk and he shared with me how he was struggling with doing what he does not want to do. In my innocence I replied; “before you do something that is wrong you have a feeling that something is off; if you get that feeling don’t do it”. What has kept me out of a lot of critical trouble is this thought: How would my parents feel if they saw me doing this? Keep that thought in your mind; maybe it will help you also. As I became a mother and wife I continued to live by that thought. How would my husband, children and parents feel if they saw me doing this? My thought as a child was to never do anything that would make my grandmother and parents sad. As a wife and mother my thoughts turned to never wanting my husband, children, grandmother and parents ashamed of me. So I stayed clear of anything that would become critical to my life. Understand me; I never made the claim that I never did anything wrong; I just steered clear of most traps that caught most people because they did not have the eyesight to see; the ears to listen and the ability to say no and the heart to mean no. The thing is this though my motive of thought helped me in life; I could have done better had I thought about the fact that a real and living GOD was seeing everything and listening to everything from me. I never once considered HIS feelings of my actions. However, in the midst of it all; JESUS does what is natural to HIM and kept me out of harms way.
  31. 31. Jo. 3:16 Gives freely, unselfishly, without regret.
  32. 32. . What are the motives we as humans operate under before we are willing to go forth unselfishly? A person must prove themselves worthy in eyesight; they must have a nice personality; good credit; the ability to repay and most of all you must either like or love them. How overjoyed I am that the LORD GOD does not operate in those same motives. If HIS motives were as ours; none of us would get to know HIM through HIS grace, love and mercy. None of us would know salvation, healing and deliverance. We would all be victims instead of being victorious. We would all be overcome by evil instead of being Overcomers through CHRIST JESUS. We would all spend eternity in hell, in the lake of fire with satan and his demons. However, instead the LORD GOD gave to humanity HIS SON freely to take on the full punishment of sin so that we would not have to. The LORD GOD unselfishly gave everything that HE has to JESUS and JESUS gave everything to us who love the LORD GOD and have trusted in the LORD JESUS. And though we trust and love JESUS and live our lives to please the FATHER through JESUS we still make sinful mistakes. Yet there are no regrets for anything that has been done for us. We have JESUS, we have the Holy Spirit, we have the Word of GOD and because of this we lack nothing unselfishly and we have everything in abundance freely without regret.
  33. 33. Jo. 10:17 Obedient To be obedient brings with it such a great reward. Everyone desires to be rewarded; the thing is we don’t consider that obedience can be negative and positive. When a person obey in the negative the reward is addiction, death, disease, fear, injury, jail and sickness. However when a person obey in the positive the reward is assurance, life and love abundantly; every promise given provided. JESUS told us that HIS FATHER loves HIM because HE gives HIS life up so that HE can take it up again. See JESUS already knew the promise and HE trusted HIS FATHER to not leave HIM dead and in hell. JESUS had no reason not to trust in HIS DADDY whatever plans HIS DAD had for HIM; HE was willing to follow through.  What reason do we have not to trust in JESUS?  Are we willing to follow whatever plans the FATHER and JESUS have for our life?  Whose agenda is more important and realistic; ours or JESUS?  What reward comes from being disobedient and are you willing to gamble with ducking and dodging the consequences?  What reward comes from being obedient and are you willing to rake in what has been earmarked just for you?
  34. 34. Jo. 13:1 Is not wishy washy; it remains constant. Sometimes I shake my head because I'm often in conversations with people of faith that one day their faith (trust) is high and the next it’s in the middle and the next its low. For instance either you are going to believe that the Word of GOD is for our edification to help us grow and be stretched in our faith as we learn of our FATHER, JESUS and the Holy Spirit as well as who we are or not. We can’t figure an all knowing and all present GOD out with the exception that HE loves us and that HE forgives and is a rewarder to those who love HIM. HE looks for and is moved by our trust alone in HIS SON JESUS. We spend far too much time on putting JESUS in a box of how HE would do this or that and what is permittable and what is not. We have the Word of GOD for this and in the New Testament we are told in a plain language what is permittable and what is not. We are so wishy washy but JESUS is not; HE is the constant and we need to be thankful that HE is. JESUS already knew; HE was not caught off guard; HE was not shocked or caught by surprise that Judas Iscariot was listening to the devil and obeying him. Yet, JESUS washed his feet just like HE washed the feet of the other eleven. JESUS still revealed HIS love, HIS grace and HIS mercy for him toward him. We get so caught up in things that really don’t matter because we want to control situations instead of really giving them over to the FATHER and letting HIM deal with them in HIS own and perfect way. Our concern is to be obedient to the will of the FATHER and to completely trust in JESUS; to do what we know to do according to HIS Word and not the word of you or others.
  35. 35. Jo. 15:13 Lies down own life for another. Yes, the greatest love we can show a friend is to surrender our life for theirs. However, there are other ways we can lay our life down for a friend that we can consider as well. Instead of allowing a friend to take the punishment for a fault that we know and they know we know belongs to them; we will take the full punishment for them. We set aside our agenda that we consider important to step in when called to fulfill an obligation that the friend may not be able to engage in at that time. And I'm certain that you can think of other ways in which you can show your friend how much you love.
  36. 36. Jo. 19:26 Cares for mother. How do you care for your mother? I really could stop right here and let your conscience deal with you. JESUS cared and loved HIS mother right up to the very end of HIS earthly evacuation. HE did not leave until HE saw that HIS mother was well taken care of. And HE did not just hand her off to just any one. JESUS gave his mother over to John a disciple who remained right beside HIM up to the bitter end. JESUS had brothers who were HIS disciples who were the sons of Mary HIS mother but they like the rest of them were not there out of fear. JESUS knew that HE could depend on John to take care of HIS mother lovingly so much so that HE told HIS mother that John is now her son. It’s not that JESUS was giving HIS mother a replacement son because no child can be replaced by another. What JESUS was giving to HIS mother was the same care that she was accustomed to receiving from her own Son while HE was here in human form. It’s not the order for a mother and or father to outlive their children; well really it’s not the order for us to die at all. However, when a parent has more than one child you would think that those children would be there to comfort their parent/s not off taking care of their own selfish desires. We are to care for our mother with the same care as JESUS cared for HIS own mother right up to the very end.
  37. 37. Jo. 21:15-17 Feed young immature in the faith; find and guide the lost; feed the lost the Good News. What are your, these? I’ll tell you, I have no idea who or what JESUS was referring to when HE asked Peter if he loved HIM more than these. I know that Peter was a skilled fisherman and that he loved to fish. I also know that Peter was a disciple and that he loved his fellow disciples. But I don’t know who or what JESUS was referring to. However, it does not matter; what does matter is who or what do you love more than JESUS. Hopefully your answer will be a truthful nothing. We can take our craft, gift, knowledge, passion and skill and put it to good use for JESUS. You see Peter being a fisherman can catch fish and with those fish he can feed humans. Also being skilled in being a fisherman, Peter understands what it takes to attract fish to the bait or the net. Now JESUS said to Peter that he wanted Peter to feed HIS lambs. What is a lamb but a baby sheep; young and immature. This is who we are when we are coming into the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS; we are babes, immature and young and we must be feed the nutritious milk of the Good News of JESUS. Not only that but as we grow up in the Good News of JESUS; we still have a tendency to stray from JESUS.
  38. 38. We are no longer lambs but have grown into sheep and what is the characteristic of a sheep? Sheep tend to be easily led away; they are unimaginative and meek. This is why sheep require a shepherd; this is why humans require a pastor who follows the teachings of JESUS and is an under shepherd understanding that JESUS is our Shepherd. A good under shepherd understands and will feed sheep meat and vegetables as a balanced meal. A shepherd will not keep his flock on a milk diet. Sheep can’t remain strong on just milk even as humans we grow from a milk diet being babes and introduced to solid food; it’s a requirement. Without the Good News of JESUS or a watered down gospel we are stunted from the nutrition we need to be healthy strong individuals. Sheep when they wonder off will be sought after by their shepherd. A good shepherd would never stand by and knowingly have a sheep missing in action; the shepherd will go searching for that lost sheep and bring it back to the fold. Tending to all its wounds. JESUS does the very same thing; HE is looking for so many lost sheep and when HE finds them HE brings them back to the fold and HE tends to all of our wounds.
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