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‘Tis The Season To Submit


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‘Tis The Season To Submit Adapted from a Steve Shepherd sermon

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‘Tis The Season To Submit

  1. 1. ‘Tis The Season To Submit Adapted from a Steve Shepherd sermon tributorID=&SermonID=152466
  2. 2. One day a police officer stopped a driver. The police officer said, ―Since you werewearing your seat belt, you win $5000, what are you going to do with the money?‖ The man said, ―I’m going to get me a driver’s license.‖
  3. 3. The lady next to him said, ―Don’t listen tohim officer, he always talks crazy when he’s drunk!‖ The loud talking woke the guy in the back seat. When he saw the police he said, ―I knew we wouldn’t get far with this stolen car!‖
  4. 4. Then the police heard a voice from the trunk and in Spanish, the voice said, ―Are we over the border yet?‖ What about this seat belt business?Do you wear yours? Some people just don’t want to be bothered even though the law requires us to buckle up. ―Click it or ticket.‖
  5. 5. A New Zealander named Ivan Segedin took it to an extreme. The police ticketed him 32 times over five years for failing to use his seat belt. Even though this was costing himbig money, he refused to buckle up. Finally,instead of obeying the law, the man decided to rely on deception.
  6. 6. He made a fake seat belt that would hang over his shoulder and make it appear that he was wearing a seat belt when he was not.His trick worked for a while. Then, he had a head-on collision. He was thrown forward onto the steering wheel and killed.
  7. 7. That man’s disobedience caused his death, but disobedience to God can cause even more trouble and a worse death!The person who lives in sin and for sin does not and will not submit to God and will eventually pay the penalty for that lack of submission.
  8. 8. Romans 8:6 NET For the outlook of theflesh is death, but the outlook of the Spirit islife and peace, 7 because the outlook of theflesh is hostile to God, for it does not submit to the law of God, nor is it able to do so. Romans 6:23 NET For the payoff of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  9. 9. What about Christian people? Must we submit to God in obedience? WELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK?Matthew 7:21 NET "Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter into the kingdom of heaven — only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.
  10. 10. Many people are quick to call Jesus ―The Lord,‖ but they don’t want to do anything His Word tells them to do. Jesus is clearthat accepting Him as Lord means that we must be obedient and do God’s will.Luke 6:46 NET "Why do you call me Lord, Lord, and dont do what I tell you?
  11. 11. Obeying the Lord Jesus is probably one ofthe hardest things we will learn to do in life, if indeed, we ever learn this lesson. Why is obedience hard to learn? Becauseour natural tendency is to do our own thing.It’s called our sin nature, our dark side. We don’t like to think about it, talk about it orown up to it, but it’s true and we all have it!
  12. 12. Luke 11:28 NET But he replied, "Blessedrather are those who hear the word of God and obey it!" John 14:15 NET "If you love me, you will obey my commandments.
  13. 13. John 14:23 NET Jesus replied, "If anyone loves me, he will obey my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and take up residence with him.Do we want Jesus to be at home with us? Do we want Him to dwell in us always orjust at certain times, like when we pray or when we go to church?
  14. 14. Thomas a Kempis wrote:Instant obedience is the only kind of obedience there is;delayed obedience is disobedience. Whoever strives to withdraw from obedience, withdraws from Grace. POWERFUL!
  15. 15. Since this is the time of the year when more people are thinking about God, Christ, eternal life, etc. I think we all need to be reminded that God is management and we are in sales and wemust do as He says! Sometimes Christians get the idea that God is simply our greatGiver and that He is only here to please us!
  16. 16. We can play, have fun, go our merry way, do anything we want but we don’t have todo what the Bible says. God is here only for our good, not us for His good or His glory! NOT SO! Since God is God and He gives us everygood gift and the ultimate promise of eternal life, He still requires that we submit to Him, that we obey Him! ‘Tis the season to submit to God!
  17. 17. Ephesians 5:24 NET But as the churchsubmits to Christ, so also wives shouldsubmit to their husbands in everything.As the church submits to Christ. THAT’S YOU AND ME! Are we submissive to Christ? If so, how so?
  18. 18. Let’s see how important it is to submit to God and what happens when we do. Submission to God brings life Submission to God gives victory
  19. 19. Submission To God Brings Life Hebrews 12:9 NET Besides, we have experienced discipline from our earthlyfathers and we respected them; shall we not submit ourselves all the more to the Father of spirits and receive life?
  20. 20. Submitting to God who is the Father of ourhuman spirit brings life. He gives us life and a better life when we submit to Him! Did your daddy discipline you? Did you respect him for his discipline? When you submitted to him didn’t life go better for you?
  21. 21. You perhaps steered clear of many thingsin life because you were taught better and disciplined when you went in the wrong direction.
  22. 22. Ephesians 6:1 NET Children, obey yourparents in the Lord for this is right. 2 “Honoryour father and mother," which is the firstcommandment accompanied by a promise, namely, 3 "that it may go well with you and that you will live a long time on the earth." (Deu 5:16)
  23. 23. There it is! When children submit to theirparents and obey them things may go well with them and they will live a long timeon the earth. Whereas if kids disobey mom and dad they are asking for trouble!Think about the worst punishment you got for disobedience?
  24. 24. The same principle applies to our Heavenly Father. When we obey Him and submit to Him, life is going to be better for us! But if we don’t, watch out!
  25. 25. Hebrews 12:5 NET And have you forgottenthe exhortation addressed to you as sons? "My son, do not scorn the Lords discipline or give up when he correctsyou. 6 “For the Lord disciplines the one he loves and chastises every son he accepts." (Pro 3:11-12)
  26. 26. Have you ever been disciplined by God for your disobedience to Him? Chances are,you have, even though you may not be able to pinpoint that discipline. It could have been anything; a lost job, acatastrophe at home or at work, a series of financial losses, health problems, the lists could go on & on.
  27. 27. It could be any number of things or perhaps a combination of bad things. I think sometimes God disciplines us by allowing bad things to happen to us. He doesn’t necessarily cause them, however.
  28. 28. A preacher was having a conversation with an older preacher friend at a conventionsome years ago. The younger preacher toldthe older how he used to enjoy running and was doing so well and then suddenly hehad to stop running completely because hisdoctor said he had almost completely worn out his hip joint.
  29. 29. The older preacher friend laughed andsaid, ―Ah ha, God got you, didn’t he?‖ Didhe mean that God caused the hip to wearout because he was doing something heshouldn’t have been doing or was he not obeying God in life like he should? That may have been what the older preacher was thinking but that was not what the younger preacher was thinking.
  30. 30. He was trying to do the will of God in his life and ministry. He thought the hip wore outsimply because he ran too much! He wasn’t particularly doing anything wrong and wasn’t neglecting his ministry.
  31. 31. But there are times when God disciplines us because He knows that we’re going down the wrong path. He disciplines us for our good. He’s not trying to hurt us, but rather help us by trying to get us to wake up and look up! God is trying to bless us with the abundant life here on earth & the next life!And to do this, there are times when He has to shake us to wake us!
  32. 32. At a meeting of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Bobby Richardson, former NewYork Yankee second baseman (1955-1966), offered the Catholic Churchs St. Ignatius(1491– July 31, 1556) prayer that is a classic in brevity: ―Dear God, Your will, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else. Amen.‖
  33. 33. Someone wrote:The best way to know God’s will is to say ―I will‖ to God.Saying ―I will‖ to God is the best thing any of us can do.Saying ―I will‖ or ―I submit‖ brings life to our lives!
  34. 34. Submission To God Gives Victory James 4:7 NET So submit to God. But resist the devil and he will flee from you.Guess what happens if we don’t submit toGod? If we don’t submit to God we’ll submit to someone else and perhaps without knowing it!
  35. 35. I’m sure you’ve seen a cartoon that showed an angel on the shoulder of a person and on the other shoulder was the devil? Each one kept whispering in the ear of the person, bidding them to come their way.
  36. 36. WELL, THERE MAY BE SOME TRUTH TO THIS IDEA! I do believe that the devil is constantly tempting us to do evil although he may not verbally whisper in our ears! The evil one is the tempter, not God. Don’t ever blame God for evil.James 1:13 NET Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am tempted by God," for God cannot be tempted by evil, and he himself tempts no one.
  37. 37. The devil is evil and He is the one who is behind all evil in this world.We see plainly who the tempter is when Jesus is tempted.
  38. 38. Matthew 4:3 NET The tempter came and said to him, “If you are the Son of God, command these stones to become bread.”…5 Then the devil took him to theholy city, had him stand on the highest pointof the temple,…10 Then Jesus said to him,“Go away, Satan! For it is written: „You areto worship the Lord your God and serve only him.‟” (Deu_6:13) THE DEVIL, SATAN IS THE TEMPTER!
  39. 39. Ephesians 2:1 NET And although you were dead in your transgressions and sins, 2 in which you formerly lived according to thisworlds present path, according to the ruler of the kingdom of the air, the ruler of the spirit that is now energizing the sons of disobedience,
  40. 40. 3 among whom all of us also formerly lived out our lives in the cravings of our flesh, indulging the desires of the flesh and themind, and were by nature children of wrath even as the rest… Who is behind all this? SATAN!
  41. 41. Many people are duped by the devil andthey don’t even know it. They are following him and have no idea they are doing it. Ofcourse, many folks don’t believe in Satan in the first place. They think he is figment of someone’s imagination. WRONG!
  42. 42. A Christian slave in America was overheard by his master. The black man wasgroaning, weeping and praying to the Lord for deliverance from the devil. His master said, ―You seem to have a good deal oftrouble with the devil and he never bothers me at all. And yet you are a good, praying Christian and I am not a Christian. Why doesn’t he bother me?‖
  43. 43. The black man replied, ―Master, I will explain this. When you are out shootingducks, which do you send the dog after first, the ones that fall dead or the ones that wounded and are trying to get away?‖ The man replied, ―Well, of course, I send the dog after the wounded ones. The dead ones we are sure of and can pick them up later.‖
  44. 44. The black man said, ―And so it is with Satan. He already has those who are not born again, fast and sure. But those thatknow the Lord are the ones that he sets his dogs after. He knows he can pick up the others later.‖
  45. 45. If someone doesn’t know the Lord then, in asense, Satan already has them in his grasp and he doesn’t have to work too hard to keep them there. But Satan wants to deceive everybody and if someone isalready a Christian then he has to work very hard to trip them up! But believe me, He is working on us! He is a tireless worker who never lets up!
  46. 46. It is said that even though we have days off and holidays off, the devil never takes a holiday!―There is no neutral ground in the universe; every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counter-claimed by Satan.‖ (C. S. Lewis )
  47. 47. Look at the broken heroes in the Bible.Adam and Eve were tempted and sinned.Cain killed Abel in a jealous rage. Moses killed the Egyptian. Abraham lied about Sarah being his wife. King Saul was destroyed by pride. David committed adultery and murder. King Herod was brought down by jealousy and fear.
  48. 48. Ananias and Sapphira was devoured by greed. Judas was destroyed by materialism. Why did these things happen? It wasbecause of failing to submit to God. When we fail to submit to God we will not experience victory in life. We experience defeat, failure, misery, etc.
  49. 49. But if we submit to God’s will and do whatwe know He wants, we will be blessed withvictory over Satan and a certain amount of success in life!
  50. 50. George Ferdinand Müller (September 27, 1805 – March 10, 1898), a Christianevangelist and Director of the Ashley Down orphanage in Bristol, England, cared for 10,024 orphans in his life. He also established 117 schools which offered Christian education to over 120,000 children, many of them being orphans.
  51. 51. Müller had only two shillings to his name when he began the orphanage work, but over the next sixty years God sent morethan $7,500,000 to supply their needs. Newbuildings were built or purchased, staff was hired, and the hundreds of children never missed a meal. Many times prayers were said over empty plates only to have food arrive at the last moment.
  52. 52. Müller prayed about everything and expected each prayer to be answered. What was the secret to George Müller’s success in the Christian life? To one who asked him the secret of hisservice, George Müller said: ―There was a day when I died, utterly died;‖ —―died toGeorge Müller, his opinions, preferences, tastes, and will—
  53. 53. died to the world, its approval or censure— died to the approval or blame even of mybrethren and friends—and since then I have studied only to show myself approved unto God.‖ Submission to God brings victory in life.Victory over sin, victory over life’s problems and victory over Satan.
  54. 54. Next to the person who does not pay his bill, the doctor’s most annoying patient isthe one who refuses to follow orders. It has been estimated that up to 90 percent of allpatients leave half-empty pill bottles, cheaton diets, continue to smoke, or never return for checkups despite careful prescriptions and cautious advice.
  55. 55. Failing to follow your doctor’s advice could get a person into trouble or cause them to lose their health or worse, but failing tolisten to the Great Physician and obey Him will bring on worse problems! I say, ‘Tis the season to submit to God.