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Robot Framework with actual robot


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Does Robot Framework work on hardware too? Well yes indeed! Here are Sakari's slides from DevOps Finland meetup on November 2nd, 2015.

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Robot Framework with actual robot

  1. 1. Robot Framework with actual robot Sakari Pesonen 2.11.2015
  2. 2. Problem? • Development of embedded system software requires testing also at the hardware level, i.e. running on actual device. • Manual testing slows down the development process. • How to automate the testing of the final product? • Example using payment terminal.
  3. 3. Solution • Let’s do exactly what human user would do, press the buttons and look at the screen, but with a robot • Integrate robot and computer vision to Robot Framework —> easily readable and writable test cases and reports • Let’s make testing efficient and integrate the testing robot to CI environment
  4. 4. The Robot • Shapeoko 2, 3-axis CNC-milling machine • Equipped with a pushing tool, turns in to a portal robot • Controlled by an Arduino parsing g-code sent over serial bus • Working area can be populated with multiple devices • Robot Framework library was created for machine control
  5. 5. Computer Vision • Characters are recognised from the screen using Tesseract OCR engine developed by HP labs and Google • Recognises characters from the image and represents found features in verbal format • Images are captured by using Raspberry Pi camera • Efficient enough that OCR, test case execution and machine control can be all run using just one Raspberry Pi 2 • Created Robot Framework library for taking picture, processing the image and doing OCR
  6. 6. Demo Blog post:
  7. 7. Sakari Pesonen, Consultant +358 (0)40 753 0283 THANK YOU!