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Robot Framework Introduction & Sauce Labs Integration

If you’re responsible for creating diverse, scalable automated tests but don’t have the time, budget, or a skilled-enough team to create yet another custom test automation framework, then you need to know about Robot Framework!

In this webinar, Bryan Lamb (Founder, and Chris Broesamle (Solutions Engineer, Sauce Labs) will reveal how you can use this powerful, free, open source, generic framework to create continuous automated regression tests for web, batch, API, or database testing. With the simplicity of Robot Framework, in conjunction with Sauce Labs, you can improve your test coverage and time to delivery of your applications.

Robot Framework Introduction & Sauce Labs Integration

  1. 1. Presenters: Bryan Lamb- Chris Broesamle- Tool Introduction & Integration
  2. 2. Agenda ž  About me ž  Demo! ž  What is a Test Automation “Framework”? ž  Robot Framework Origin & History ž  Features & Capabilities (Demo) ž  Robot Framework vs. Selenium ž  How to Install ž  Simple Web Script (Demo) ž  Layered/Page Objects Web Script (Demo) ž Example (Demo) ž  Jenkins/Parallel Execution (Acceleration Demo) ž  Where to Find Out More ž  Q&A
  3. 3. About Me ž  20 Years QA/Development/Leadership ž  Apple, Macromedia, Yahoo, Experian ž  Founder of
  4. 4. Robot Framework Demo ž  Run the tests —  API —  File Sytem —  Website —  DB (SQL Server & MySql) —  XML ž  Examine the Amazing Results File
  5. 5. What is a Test Automation Framework ž  Language ž  Scripts ž  Reusable page/entity objects ž  Supporting libraries (web, API, DB, mobile) ž  Abstraction layer for increased readability ž  Test runner with selective run capabilities (tags) ž  Suite/test setup & teardown (recovery) ž  Reports —  results summary/aggregation —  timestamps —  drill downs —  search —  embedded screenshots ž  Scheduler/CI Integration ž  Parallel Execution ž  Conventions
  6. 6. Origin & History ž  2005 —  Developed in Finland —  Ideas shaped in Pekka Klärck's masters thesis —  1.0 developed at Nokia Siemens Networks ž  2008 —  Version 2.0 released as open source software ž  Current Version: 2.8.7 Pekka Klärck
  7. 7. Features & Capabilities ž  Cross-Platform (Win, Mac, Linux) ž  Keyword-Driven (w/ Data-driven capabilities) —  Natural Language/Business Domain —  Libraries (Demo of RF Website): Built-In External (pip install xxxxx) OperatingSystem Process Dialogs String XML Collections DateTime Screen Shot Selenium2 Appium FTP SSH Database Diff Swing Archive
  8. 8. Robot Framework “vs.” Selenium Built-In Libraries External Libraries (pip install xxxxx) OperatingSystem Process Dialogs String XML Collections DateTime Screen Shot Robot Framework Script (.robot) Selenium2 Appium FTP SSH Database Diff Swing Archive Hint: It “is” Selenium
  9. 9. Robot Framework vs. Selenium Typical C# Selenium- Steeper learning curve for QA
  10. 10. Robot Framework vs. Selenium Robot Framework Keywords- Not as intimidating for QA
  11. 11. Robot Framework vs. Cucumber (Gherkin) Robot Framework can do Gherkin too!
  12. 12. How to Install ž  Cross-platform (Win, Mac, Linux) ž  Installation is small, light, and fast ž  Requires some command line basics ž  Steps —  Install Python & PIP (add to your PATH) ○  Use PIP to install Robot Framework ○  Use PIP to install Selenium2 Library ○  Use PIP to install DB & API Libraries —  Select & install desired browser versions —  Install Selenium Webdrivers for each browser —  Install the Pycharm IDE & Intellibot plugin ž  Full details at
  13. 13. Simple Web Script (Demo from Scratch) Robot Framework Selenium Webdriver Selenium2 Library Script (.robot)
  14. 14. Layered/Page Objects Example (Demos) Test Cases (.robot) User-Defined Keywords (.robot) Page Object 1 Page Object 2 Selenium Webdrivers Selenium2Library
  15. 15. Example Robot Framework Optional -  Sauce Connect -  Multiple Jenkins Slaves
  16. 16. Example (Demo) ž  2 Steps* 1.  Add remote_url and desired_capabilities to your Open Browser keyword (variables) 2.  Create a custom library which uses API call to report test results back to Saucelabs ž  Override the desired capabilities variable from the command line to switch platforms —  * Course available at
  17. 17. Jenkins/Parallel Execution (Demo) ž  *Jenkins can be used as a web GUI wrapper around the Windows command line —  “1 Click” script execution —  Enables scheduling, etc. ž  “Build Flow” plugin enables parallel execution ž  Jenkins Robot Framework plugin keeps results history, graphs, etc. ž  * Course available at
  18. 18. Where to Find Out More ž has docs & examples ž training videos ž  Groups/Forums —  Linkedin —  Google —  Facebook —  StackOverflow
  19. 19. Q&A ž  How is development time vs. a Selenium fwk? ž  CSS or XPath for locators? ž  Will it work for AngularJS? ž  Does it support Windows controls/apps? ž  Can it be used for testing Flash? ž  Can it be used for testing mobile apps? ž  How does it compare to Page Object Model? ž  Can it iterate over datasets/key:value pairs? ž  How to run pabot on Jenkins & Sauce?