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Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer by Eternity


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Why Should I Hire An Interior Designer by Eternity

  1. 1. Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer ? S E E -| — H E Hiring an Interior Designer is not at all costly. .. in fact this is ONE GOOD DEED that can save you much more in terms of hassles, energy, time and effort. The Interior Designer is a well-qualified and we| |—connected individual with the expertise of handling all P l U R E the activities. While you may have the capacity to gather all the information required, the real decision makingis crucial. During the design process, a lot of factors are considered, including but not limited to — footfalls, area usage pattern, movement pattern, weather and climatic conditions, building position, natural elements and above all the tastes and preferences ofthe individuals who are/ would be usingthe space. A good designer would not only consider factors like these but coordinate all you thoughts, likes and dislikes to create your own special masterpiece — fully customized to your requirements. Yes, this is true! !! No two families or companies have the same set of requirements or the budgets. .. so no two projects can be same. They have to different and hence the images you see on the internet may not really suit your space. At the best they can beagood reference for yourthinking. So, INVEST in an interior designer and reap many more benefits! !! INTERIOR REDESIGN
  2. 2. s/2 ETERNITY DESIGNING TIMELESS SPACES Vaneesh Mittal Eternity Designers Interior Designer G_59,/ ardhman Ma”? "“+91'9818484744 . Sector 19, Faridabad - 121001 e : vaneesh@eternltydeslgners. com www. eternitydesigners. com