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This is the story of a dog, a man and an angel. Perhaps you will be just a fanciful story about a pet, but for me, it was much more than that. As I write these words, the lifeless body of my angel is in the car, waiting for the proper burial that will make tomorrow a hundred kilometers from here. I am immersed in feelings such as gratitude, gratitude, sweet memories and nostalgia. This book can be classified as magical realism, because part of the book is an expression of my feelings and memories and part of the book is sensory, over the years I and the dog talked through thought, telepathically. People are free to believe or not what you want, including the story that I lived with the Doctor. Eva spoke to the serpent, Balaam with the mule and I with a dog. These stories are real. People have impulse to reject what does not. I do not ask you to believe, just read my story.

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  1. 1. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir PURPOSE OF THIS WORK Literary materials author's are not profit oriented, nor does it generate any kind of revenue you. Book prix are only to cover costs of production, transportation, taxes and resellers. Your satisfaction is to contribute to the good of education, a better quality of life for all people and living things, and to glorify the only Almighty God. I hope this book take people to think that when they open their residence to host an animal, they may be hosting an angel who will provide you with the most enjoyable experiences of life. CONTACTS: ersal/ AUTHORIZATION The book may be reproduced and distributed by any means, used by any religious, educational or cultural entity without permission of the author. [ 2 ]
  2. 2. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Angel Teocron / Dog Doctor AUTHOR: One animal, a man and an angel came together to write a fantastic story. Three different classes of beings tell a simple story in which the dog mutt teaches man the spiritual virtues, and an angel is revealed in the figure of a dog, helping man in times of danger. Man is in the middle between these two beings, being influenced during his lifetime. International Data Cataloging in Publication (CIP) [ 3 ] M543 Menezes, Valdemir, 1969, dog Doctor and Teocron The Four-legged Angel / Valdemir Mota de Menezes, Doctor and Teocron. Cubatão/SP,, 2016 206 p. ; 21 cm ISBN-13: 978-1533029096 ISBN-10: 1533029091 1. Cinology 2. Biography 3. Angelology I - Titulo CDD 869.8 CDU 929(100)
  3. 3. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir SUMMARY Introduction I - DOG "DOCTOR" 1 - Hosting Angel 2 - The memories of Regiane 3 - Affection belly 4 - Killing quail, biting slippers 5 - Poisoned 6 - The chickens Galera 7 - Leisa, the Galician 8 - Barking at night 9 - Psychological gestation 10 - Running through the streets of Santos 11 - Waiting for the side of the road 12 - Sun and rain beside the master 13 - Do not mess with me 14 - Pamella cat [ 4 ]
  4. 4. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 15 - Threshold house 16 – Toby 17 - Hunt for lizard 18 - My education 19 - Edson, homeless 20 - Lost in the woods, on the road Itariri 21 - Ducks 22 - Zenilda 23 - Ellen 24 - Esther 25 - Dona Lourdes 26 - Stuck in the police station jail. 27 - Detecting snakes in the bush 28 - Catch-up of play 29 - Collapsing 30 - Attacked by Pitbull Dara 31 - The prophecy of Paul [ 5 ]
  5. 5. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 32 - Sickness 33 – Surgery 34 - Restored to health 35 - The return of cancer 36 - My last day 37 - Death 38 - Burial 39 - Nastasya II - TEOCRON Presentation 1 - The big meeting 2 - Eyes looking at you 3 - Camouflage Art 4 - Do not you see the angels 5 - Family Angels 6 - inexplicable Happiness 7 - Pets drivers of the presence of God [ 6 ]
  6. 6. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 8 - I took a lightning 9 – The demoniac possess 10 - 700 Angels 11 - The angel will go before you III - THEOLOGY ABOUT ANIMALS 1 - Preserving species 2 – End man adjacent to the animals 3 - The animals speak with God 4 - The just treat their animals 5 - Human life is like animal 6 - The unlikely destination of animals 7 - Animals worship God 8 - The animals trust on God 9 - Animals, one of the prides of God 10 - Earth's creatures have intelligence 11 - The four animals from the heavens 12 - Salvation animals [ 7 ]
  7. 7. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 13 - The animals in the new world 14 - Heaven is a corral 15 - Jesus and your pet 16 - The grace reaches man and beast 17 - God's law protects animals 18 - God prevents the destruction of animals 19 - God does not forget the animals 20 - God loves all animals 21 - The divine vengeance for animals 22 - The dogs eat the Lord's banquet IV - THE LAZARUS DOGS Conclusion [ 8 ]
  8. 8. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir INTRODUCTION This is the fantastic story of an angel of fours feet. Continually we are suffering on earth intervention spiritual creatures, good or malignant. The Bible tells us that we should open the door of our house to receive others because by doing so, possibly God sends us angels. "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have not the knowledge, entertained angels." (Hebrews 13: 2). I've had many pets, I won or adopted, hosting it at home as well as millions of people do around the world. Until I realized that one of these animals was extraordinarily special. The dog named Doctor. I have had many cats, which always gave flashy names like: king Josivaldo I and king Josivaldo II, a debauched way of treating the royalties of the Earth and satirize their dynasties. Each death of an animal this caused pain and sadness, as anyone who has suffered feeling to lose your pet. Also had three other special cats: Getulio Vargas president, Juscelino Kubischek president, and Pamella Anderson. As it turns out these are names of famous people: Two presidents of Brazil and an American actress. My first experience with dogs was in 2005, when I was already 36 years old. Imagine I spent childhood and adolescence without the joy of having a dog! But when this dog came into my life I had the most grateful terrestrial experiments and discovered in depth the meaning of many words as: Love, gratitude, loyalty, friendship and fellowship. This book is a tribute to [ 9 ]
  9. 9. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir God for giving me life in animals, pets, and now A FOUR ANGEL FEET. This is the story of a dog, a man and an angel. Perhaps you will be just a fanciful story about a pet, but for me it was much more than that. As I write these words, the lifeless body of my angel is in the car, waiting for the proper burial that will make tomorrow a hundred kilometers from here. I am immersed in feelings such as appreciation, gratitude, sweet memories and melancholy. This book can be classified as magic realism because of the book is an expression of my feelings and memories and part of the book is sensory, over the years I and the dog talked through thought, telepathically. People are free to believe or not what you want, including the story that I lived with the Doctor. 1 - HOSTING THE ANGEL The wonderful things in life usually does not have economic value and not cost him one dollar. Having a mother, a family, to breathe, drink a sip of water when you are thirsty, walking down the street. These things are very important, but unfortunately only we value the things that really matter when we realize that we are losing them, or when they no longer exist. In life we must be careful not to lose the train of happiness. The happiness comes in different ways and often in the form of a four-legged animal. In 2005 I lived in Maria Graziela Street in [ 10 ]
  10. 10. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Casqueiro neighborhood, Cubatao/SP/Brazil. I my house, lived my wife Zenilda, my stepdaughter Livia and a niece named Jessica. One day Jessica came up with a tan pet, a little ball of fluff was Mongrel, usually call crossbreed. She must have been about two months to live. Honestly I have not given much attention. In those days I was living a very large professional havoc, a large roll was going over my life. I was a judiciary police clerk and a lot of confusion and fighting was going on at the police station where I worked, this confusion eventually creating friction with the another Police Sheriff police station near my unit. My mind was racing, I was at the center of a controversy and two police chiefs were accusing me of falsifying documents. I was entirely innocent and had done nothing illegal or criminal, or in bad faith, therefore I was upset, angry and on the verge of making crazy. I had no head to give attention to an animal unpretentious, a puppy mutt. Investigations, administrative and criminal cases were being filed and my name was at the center of these controversies. A dog running back and forth in the house yard does not attract me at all. I woke up and slept just wondering how things were wrapped so that I ended up in the middle of a suspicion which I knew I had no involvement. This was a very turbulent time of my life, and I can not say all [ 11 ]
  11. 11. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir that I know about what happened in those days, several police officers have become enemies of each other, each accused the other of various swindles, suspicions of corruption, drug trafficking , forging evidence, anonymous and declared accusations, caused scandals such that the local press of the time, such as newspapers, radios and TVs divulged that this police unit was the target of several investigations of Internal Affairs and Police Sectional Santos. The situation has reached the point that the superior official determined the removal of all officers of that unit must all be transferred to other cities, the Police should change your locks so that none of those police officers could enter in the night and commit sabotage, or planting evidence against each other. My life was upside down in the midst of turmoil, very serious things, things I can not speak for many reasons, including not revive old quarrels have eased after a decade, although a lot of things were left without answers of the various crimes that occurred involving several police officers. Were involved in the confusion police chiefs, investigators, police officers, police clerks, "geese" false civilian witnesses, unscrupulous dealers, murderers, and even murder victim. So you can get an idea, were opened about ten investigative procedures in 6th Internal Affairs Police Auxiliary Saints. I was heard as a witness in some of the following, but was indicted on two criminal cases, one by [ 12 ]
  12. 12. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Falsifying Public Document and another by Falsehood Ideological, in addition to their administrative proceedings that could culminate in my expulsion from the police in the interests of public service. In this climate of uncertainty, hatreds and enmities between police I never would head to look at a stray dog. Jessica niece who had won that little dog asked me what name I suggested to give that little dog. Filled with rage and spewing hatred of pores with a certain delegate of Police had filed a police report against me, plowing one BO and forwarding the Internal Affairs Division, I talked to Jessica call it DOCTOR... Jessica without malice at heart, a teenager of 15 years, said he liked the suggestion and gave the name of the dog just the name of such a delegate of Police. I was full of hate, which I wanted to make a great evil that Chief of Police, but satisfied me to hear Jessica calling the dog by the name of a person I had an enemy. The little bitch who now answered by name DOCTOR.... materialized my hatred. But in a few years I would soon discover that she came to my house with a special mission and materialized hatred would turn into love. The Doctor was now an ordinary dog, sometimes an unusual angel. [ 13 ]
  13. 13. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Insensitive people who have never had an intimate relationship of communion with an animal will have a hard time grasping my story with the Doctor, because there are things that are known and understood by the heart and not by the rational mind. 2 - THE MEMORIES OF REGIANE Only after the death of Doctor is that I was behind the origin of the Doctor. My wife knew where she could find the person who donated the bitch, and she went on to mediate between me and Regiane. I was delighted to learn that Regiane and her husband Junior also had a transcendental experience with her mother's Doctor, Chiquita. There are some similarities in Junior's relationship with Chiquita and me and the Doctor. I was truly glad that Regiane had Doctor childhood photos and sent me to be part of this book collection. Regiane recorded some audio answering my questions about the origin of the Doctor and his past. Following these transcribe audio, with the literal words of Regiane: [ 14 ]
  14. 14. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Chiquita (audio 6 and 7, 9). I can not say for sure where it came from Chiquita, mother of Doctor. I do not know if it was dropped, or if it simply got lost. There are many dogs who run away from their homes because they are frightened, often by fireworks noise and then fail to return to their homes; so many dogs end up getting lost in the street; I can not say that this was the case of Chiquita. She appeared in Pamus (Health Center) beyond the Villa San José, in April 2005, she was very frightened because I had some kids beating her, my mother intervened and began to give food to Chiquita. [ 15 ]
  15. 15. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Chiquita, mother of Doctor. was attached to Junior, as Doctor. clung to Valdemir. Dogs seem choose to people who to create a spiritual connection. [ 16 ]
  16. 16. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Regiane with Chiquita. No matter the breed, dogs have the ability to love without restrictions, without objection, without exceptions. Vitor, childhood friend of the Doctor. One day, me and Junior went there on my mother's house, and she was putting food for Chiquita, we play with Chiquita, Junior ran his hand over her head, and after that, whenever Chiquita saw us, she came in direction of Junior, and she began to follow the truck that Junior used to work at the time, so every time he passed on Avenue 9 April, in front of the house of my mother, Chiquita saw the Junior and out running desperately across the Avenue and [ 17 ]
  17. 17. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir get off running after the truck, ran, ran until tired. One day Junior came very upset and worried, saying that one day she would be run over because it quit running on the street, clueless, behind the car. As we have lived in St. Louis Park in a house with a yard, I told Junior bring her home because she has chosen you and loves you and can not see you go running back, behind her home. The next day he went to the roadway and just opened the truck door and she entered. She sat on the bench came home. When I got the job, she was here already interacting with the other two dogs: the Titi and Vitor, Chiquita was already super adapted. A super quiet dog, it seems that was born here in the yard, something touching, exciting LOVE SHE HAD BY MY HUSBAND. One day I was in the room and we were running a hand in it and then I saw her abdominal move. So I said to Junior, "Did you see that?" And he said yes. We were stirring in her belly and moved again, so I said, "My God this dog is pregnant!" I kept picking on her belly and began to feel the puppies. So we decided to wait for the end of pregnancy and when it was on May 21, 2005, she gave birth to eight puppies. The father of Doctor (audio 8). The father of these puppies I really do not know who it was, because she has appeared there in Pamos (Health Center) the Villa St. Joseph, only after we have adopted is [ 18 ]
  18. 18. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir that we realized that she was pregnant. I can not say where she got pregnant, it was probably on the street, I can not say how long she was in the street. She probably did not have much time was on the street, because she was not poor because when the dog is long in the street it is thin, it is with the ugly, with scabies, she was still chubby. Thus, you can not know who was the father of the litter, the important thing is that came eight puppies, one different from the other, were three girls: The Doctor, the Mille and one that unfortunately I can not remember the name anymore, and five brothers playful. The Doctor and his brothers (Audio 1). What I remember the Doctor puppy, man, it was the best time of my life. I saw eight puppies running in my backyard. I'll never forget about that. The Doctor was very quarrelsome, and was furious (laughs). She did not like the little brothers stay skipping it, but others liked to jump on each other, but the Doctor was a bit stressed and was angry with them. She was one of the first I've seen barking (imitating the sound of dog), it was very funny. The face her... UNTIL TODAY WHEN I close my eyes, I SEE A guy HER. Puppy chipmunks. Donations Brothers (Audio 2). [ 19 ]
  19. 19. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir On a Saturday we went to Place Princess Isabel, I had made a cardboard poster where I put the inscription: "Giving puppies." We were sitting there with the little cage, stayed there in the afternoon and we donate two cubs and more two gats. When Chiquita had the puppies, at the same time I found two kittens on the street, two black gats, and I ended up accepting, and on this day I got a home for these two gats. On this day I donated the total three male puppies, and in my home was the Doctor, the Mille and another male. Adoption of Brothers (Audio 4). The adoption process of the Doctor was an adventure, because in 2005 there was protective of animals NGOs, here in Cubatao and did not even know [ 20 ]
  20. 20. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir people who worked with animal cause. There was no one in the orient dynamically to marketing of adoption, so we had the idea to create a poster with pictures, and we went out distributing these posters; put in shops near my mother's house in Villa Saint Joseph, asked to put on Pamus (medical center district), and leaves us asking pet shops to paste posters, as well as bus stop. The internet was still rare, there was, facebook, put paid advertisement in the newspaper First Hand. When I went to Avenue 9 April in the pet shop Animal World, they in ceded a large cage and the head of the shop gave us the idea of making a fair donation of puppies. [ 21 ]
  21. 21. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Donations (Audio 5, 12). We hope they turn three months, we hope they kick the milk, and begin to eat food, that's when we started to take photos and make the posters and distribute, and here in Casqueiro the neighborhood in the pet shop Pixoxó, on Avenue Brazil, the owner of the kindly gave the front of the store and we take some puppies, we in the afternoon on a Saturday, and there was given a little sister of the Doctor, who went to Fisherman's Village, and another brother of it, was a day very hard in my life, I cried a lot, I gave the dogs in tears. It was very difficult indeed, were looking after three months, we gave a bottle, there were many puppies and Chiquita could not manage to breastfeed at all. My husband Junior was helping me to make the line separating those who had already sucked, anyway, some entered the queue again and suckled twice, because they were very similar. The last three who were here at home, one of the pups was donated to a person of Praia Grande, he saw one of the posters on a bus, because my father was a driver of bus and I had asked him to put a sign in the collective bus. This guy took a male and was only Doctor and Mille. [ 22 ]
  22. 22. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir How much glory in a box !!!!! Singleton pregnancy Chiquita (audio 3). This was the only birth of Chiquita, we hope she to have puppies and after it the nurtured, we allow her breastfeed, and they breastfed her how much wanted, and only after three months, they were already all chubby and was about start the adoption process, we began to enter the wet food in the diet of young. So we find better castrate Chiquita because we had two male dogs in the yard and did not want to risk her getting pregnant again. This was the only mother's pregnancy the Doctor. [ 23 ]
  23. 23. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir The Jessica saw the poster in Ciça, because at the time I pasted a poster there with photos of puppies. I remember the Jessica call me, and we arranged to meet, she came here at home and met and fell in love with Doctor and said he wanted the Doctor. The Jessica asked me not to give the Doctor that she would find a way to embrace it. It took a while for her to return, about a month, but it all worked out, and ended up taking the Doctor to the house of Valdemir and Zenilda who, at the time Jessica lived. Mille (Audio 11). The last was the Mille, she underwent two adoption attempts, but returned because they did not adapt to their new owners. The Mille is alive to this day, this one little lady. Now on February 22, 2015 died Chiquita, brooding mother due to complications in the kidneys. At the same time the Mille almost died, I thought we'd lost her, but she made a comeback and managed to recover and is here with us. The other brothers of the Doctor, I lost the contact unfortunately do not know what happened to them. I think they all had good lives, because all the people who crossed our path were good people, until proven otherwise, were very good people. The Doctor and his two sisters were castrated. Doctor was castrated five or six months, we took her to castrate her, and also her two sisters were castrated. Her brothers were not neutered at [ 24 ]
  24. 24. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir that time was too expensive. We find it important to castrate the females. Donation of Doctor (Audio 10). Little Prince (Audio 14). The one who received name and was donated was the Little Prince, because at the time, my niece who is now 18, was a child, and this niece used to come to my house every Sunday, she woke up early and went to take care of puppies, this was her ride Sunday, she waited all week to come here, that was the fun of my niece, and this little dog was the darling of her, she used to walk up and down with [ 25 ]
  25. 25. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir it in her lap. I thought I'd better not name to any of them, because when we name, just holding on. Whether or not it was very difficult donates them, and would be much more painful if I'd given name. If name, kind of part of the family, and so end up joining the family. Sought to call these puppies to cuddly, polka dots, but name, name, no. I left so that each owner chose the name to be given to their puppies. Still, it was hard to donate them, I cried a lot. I ended up getting very grateful to God and the universe, because thank the seven people who appeared on my way were good people. I'm sure as the Mille, and the Doctor, the other also had good homes. Childhood Doctor (Audio 12). Doctor and Mille were smart and liked to jump the queue to take a bottle of milk, they often took two rounds [ 26 ]
  26. 26. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir of milk were the most greedy. All eight puppies were very healthy. They ran a lot in the yard, and learned things with the other two adult dogs living in the backyard. It was very funny they barking and running. One day, I and Junior went out to walk, and our neighbor called us desperate saying that the Doctor and other brothers were beating a more soft spot. This was called the Little Prince, I think I was the last to be born. He was the little one. Others beat him, it made punching bag. The son of a neighbor put a ladder on the wall, jumped into my yard and threw water on them to separate the fight. It was a run in the neighborhood. Then we laughed a lot, because they had not even old enough. They had not even two months, it was a very funny scene, a person departing fight cubs. NGO (Audio 13). [ 27 ]
  27. 27. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir The best experience with Chiquita and her cubs is that it spurred me to open an NGO to take care of so many "chiquitas" that there are in the streets. This adventure took me to wonderful friendships. With others we reopened an NGO and organize fairs for adoption of animals. After just moving away from the NGO for administrative disagreements but never stopped fighting for the cause of animals, I have a facebook page and a blog to promote adoption of dogs, paid ads to sponsor adoptions, and have achieved many homes for many animals. Mourning for stories like Chiquita have a happy ending. 3 - CARING IN THE BELLY Much of the book are Doctor Bitch memories, now the word is hers: Doctor: Like me, all dogs and all the creatures of God like affection. I loved when my owner ran his hand on my forehead, or in my coat, but the place I like to feel your hand pass was in the belly. I was always waiting for the best time to approach and catch your eye, when I saw that I could hook you I turned to belly up and opened the rear members suggesting what passed his hand on my belly. I often think he was too lazy to bend down and so spent his feet on my belly. Not really care if he ran a hand or foot, wore slippers, sneakers or boots. All I wanted was to feel [ 28 ]
  28. 28. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir the touch of my owner, and if it was not him, human affection always went well. In the world there are many people who are so proud, who are so superior that not look at us, or when they look, they see us with contempt. These people are not worth it we approach, they react with disgust and anger. But even so, we dogs are patient and have ability to analyze human that with persistence may be conquered. With my owner was so long, he did not care for me, but I came into the world to conquer it, and this would require time. When I finally conquered, he rarely passed me without making an affection on the head or belly. Besides him, I conquered many other people, people who loved me really like Ms. Lourdes, Zenilda, [ 29 ]
  29. 29. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Edson, who lived with me and Leisa under the awning of Rangel Pestana Street and Ze, Lookout Solimene (workshop car). Could not fail to mention Esther, Ellen, Livia and Jessica, did not have much contact with them, but when he was with love. I could see by the way of them speak, by his expression. I could never understand all the words that humans speak, but some I understand, and always tried to associate the words with gestures to not incur error and do something that was contrary. My friend Leisa did not understand as well as I, but I said to her, do what I do and you'll get along, from time to time she was stubborn and led to worse. Over time Leisa was learning to live with humans, knowing who could choose to approach and who should walk away. Our survival in the world depends on our relationship with humans, because since mankind was expelled from paradise, our ancestors have chosen to risk and live closer to humans, rendering small services for them in exchange for accommodation and food. Many of our species have suffered a lot and had even violent death at the hands of the evil humans, but even so this choice paid off, because most human welcomed us. Us, dogs, and cats, we made the choice to live with humans, giving it warmth and love, so we were excluded from the food chain of humans. I know these things not because I read in a book, no, we dogs know not read or write but God has written in our [ 30 ]
  30. 30. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir DNA, and our instinct tells us what we have to do, generation after generation. I think it should be interesting what my owner is writing, I trust him, surely he should is expressing as best as possible the things we talked. In the universe there is a universal language, who remain tuned to the same frequency can speak to the whole universe, even with those creatures that are not understood as living beings by traditional biology. That's right, when we are in tune with God and his creation, we talk to each other, men, animals, plants, rivers, forests, winds, the stars of the cosmos etc. 4 – KILLING QUAILS AND BITING SLIPPERS Doctor: I was still a puppy, and like all babies and children of any kind, have a need to play and have fun at the same time as we develop the natural instincts of our species, which includes the desire to hunt to survive. At home, at Strett Maria Graziela, there was a nursery with quail, small birds that used to lay eggs almost every day. When I saw those birds, I was mad with desire to capture them, and how some quail could leave the nursery getting the yard of the house, this was my opportunity to develop my gifts and canine abilities of predator and hunter that was in my DNA . Who created the quail was Valdemir, he's always had that farmer mania and wanted to make the home a farm. I got home by Jessica and Zenilda then had more [ 31 ]
  31. 31. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir affinity with them in those days. While Valdemir go out to work, I resolved to run after the quail and when bite one, kill them. Zenilda, when she saw what despaired because he thought the Valdemir would get very angry and would want to get rid of me. I did not understand things well, after all it was a child, and Zenilda helped hide my mischief, getting rid of dead quails. Valdemir suspected that the number of quails decreased, but Zenilda convinced them that they fled, until Valdemir caught me with a quail in the mouth, playing and running around the yard, I even ran up to him to show how I was leaving me and hunting but he was furious with me ... In short history of quail is that, little by little quails were "running away" and that farmed quail turned out to be my doghouse. [ 32 ]
  32. 32. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Doctor: My life wonderfully followed, affection head and food in the bowl was all good. When Valdemir came home from work, the front of house was very large and the gate to the interior of the house was about fifteen meters, giving plenty of time for me to bite the hem of your pants, jump in your legs, often making stumble it. But he was always with an expression of concern and paid no attention to me, and when I gave, was trying to keep me quiet. But it was not very still time, I recognize that I had a lot of energy, ran back and forth endlessly. As people came inside the house barefoot, they put the slippers, sandals and shoes outside, near the door. Seeing that, I regaled me chewing all the shoes I saw ahead, it was a delight to my gums because the teeth were at that stage of the dentition, besides, child is child likes for everything see in the mouth. What I did not count does not Valdemir was not happy when I broke the straps of her slippers. Every now and then he gave me a good kick and growled angrily at me. I was not that stupid or anything, lowered ears and get away from with their tails between their legs, I knew he did not like me... 5 - POISONED When Valdemir went to the outside area of the house, I was the biggest party, run away quickly the area of the house with joy, giving back in Valdemir, barking and doing everything to get your attention. From time to time I [ 33 ]
  33. 33. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir felt he was balanced. I was the warmth of the sun that melted the ice of his heart, but there were days he was not well and was showing an expression that did not want me to approach, at first I had trouble understanding it, but over time I learned to respect their moments of irritability. During the ten years that we live, Valdemir had the times we did not want me to approach and eventually learned to realize that with the slightest changes in their tone of voice, or their hand gestures, sometimes calling me, sometimes repelling me. But never, I never hurt him, for I came to this world to help him and would not be any possible bad mood attacks that would stop me. However, there was a time I almost had to abort my mission to love it, not because I was disgusted with him, no, not this, it is that it poisoned me... Valdemir taught me that love conquers hate, and the game began to turn in our relationship and in your life, when he spread rat poison around the house, on the roof, in the basement of the house and facilitated me to have access to the terrible poison called "pellet". Valdemir put food as bait for rats and amid the food was "pellet", I completely unaware of the poison, which does not let out any odor that could give me disgust to food, so I ate the bait. Before long, I was writhing in pain ground, foaming at the mouth. [ 34 ]
  34. 34. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Zenilda came running and screaming was desperate not knowing what to do, Valdemir also appeared at the time and saw me writhing in pain, zenilda already blamed for putting the poison deliberately in places that I would have access. Valdemir wanted to get rid of me because he did not like a lot of things to me like: kill the quail, bite and destroy slippers, barking as much as he wanted to focus and be reflective in thought and finally, my name was the name of someone I hated. Kill me was a way to avenge the evil that this person had done to him. But our God did not leave me to die, because we would still live the most beautiful story of love and companionship of our lives. The Teocron angel appeared to me and ran his hand on my stomach and I was preserved without any sequel. In the ten years that followed, the three of us were going to find us several times. Countless times Valdemir was filled with awe and reverence when fixed his eyes on mine and saw the angel Teocron. The poison killed many rats in the basement, and even many pigeons and birds that ate the poison on the roof. But I was touched by Teocron angel and suffered no harm. Valdemir came to understand that I was not an animal any, a pet. I was an angel, A FOUR FEET ANGEL, one "sent" by God. Like me, throughout history, our Creator sent millions of angels who along with dogs, cats, sheep, cattle, horses, parakeets, parrots and animals of [ 35 ]
  35. 35. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir numerous species allied not only to observe humans, but to help- them. People looking for alien signals and paranormal powers observing outer space and practicing strange rituals, and most do not realize that heavenly angels are very close to them, freeing them from evils, protecting them and comforting them. The power and strength of God are often close to you in the form so simple that people believe cost. God wanted the dogs by their filthy nature, their despicable habits were appointed by the Creator to approach human and give them the most vigorous lessons of love. My name is Doctor, yes, Doctor in the art of love... 6 - CHICKENS OF “GALERA” [ 36 ]
  36. 36. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Doctor: I came home from Valdemir in July 2005, and in the confusion that kept him out of the Bureau of Police that worked, and the same transferred to Santos, then a few years later my owner began to celebrate my birthday on the 15th July as a symbolic date, since no one knew when I actually was born. In February 2006 my owner bought a small plot of land in Itariri to take care of garden and plant fruit trees, seeking peace for his troubled soul. The first few times he did not take me, but it did not take more than a month and he proceeded to bring me in the car. Valdemir went to the site every fortnight where he spent the weekend. I was on Saturday morning and returning on Sunday night. The problem is that I had grown a little more and had not yet seized control my hunting instincts and when we went to the land of my owner, there was not still a home, then the lord called Galera lent a house for my owner it happens that when I saw chickens, I running after them trying to handle them, and my owner quit running after me to keep me, and I not damage to kill chickens Galera, luckily, those chickens ran hard and jumped with flights that got rid of my claws, and it was enough time my owner give me a scolding and arrest me in the house, then we would drive to his land which was not far from the site of Galera and then I got the will, running alone behind the birds. Often I took some. But oh my owner did not feel [ 37 ]
  37. 37. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir bad. Over time I learned that I should not get the chickens Galera. So we learned to live with each other. I was learning to respect the limits he imposed on me, and I gaining their trust over and over. 7 – LEISA,THE GALICIAN In 2006 Jessica who had introduced me in the house of Valdemir now had found in Independence Square, right there in the neighborhood, a little puppy a few days of life, she was in a box, and Jessica was delighted with that little [ 38 ]
  38. 38. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir dog of white and brown hair, and light eyes. Jessica came home saying – look, Zenilda aunt, beautiful little dog, found in the square, is not cute? At first Zenilda thought I could not keep another dog, I had two at home. Me and Toby. Toby is a poodle that does not leave the house, until he wants to leave, but is very fragile and therefore lives indoors. My master always played with Toby calling him a dog furniture, because often the Zenilda put him on top of a bookcase and he remained there for hours, sleeping, because that was his specialty. Leisa was led by Jessica and Zenilda to the house of Cacilda, she was the sister of Zenilda, and it was she who gave the name of Leisa. When Jessica arrived home from his Cacilda aunt, with Leisa hands, Cacilda realized that her niece was happy with that dog so called Jessica and Zenilda to go to a Pet shop where Cacilda bought various paraphernalia and objects to Leisa, such as bed, perfume, shampoo, food, etc. Leisa would become my inseparable friend. We live much of our lives, close to each other, distant by two or three meters. Too loved Leisa, but was always jealous to the extreme. At the beginning until I annoyed me with Leisa, just wanted to be licking everyone, especially me. It was a very poor creature wanted us to give attention to it anyway. It was a face that looked poor [ 39 ]
  39. 39. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir penalty. But it was his weapon to attract the attention of others. Leisa was growing and learning with me, what could and could not do. Not slippers, into the house no. Notify you when someone get home, rather jump in the legs of Valdemir and Zenilda no, no, no, no... It did not help much, Leisa always reckless and wanting to draw attention, if not immediately reprimanded, immediately jumped on the legs of the owners and soiled clothes with the marks of his paws. How many times Leisa was called stupid and dumb... it was not for lack of warning... I can say that Leisa created as a child, despite his young age difference between us. I just was castrated when I reached the age of six months, and in the wake Leisa was also castrated. We never had children. This was no problem for Leisa, I never even had a maternal instinct. As for me, I felt a desire to have puppies, but I count it in another chapter. By the way, the name was given by Leisa Cacilda, but will not tell why this name. When Jessica told about the name of the new puppy, Valdemir said, well now the pair is formed, if one is the Doctor, the other is a grant writer. Often Valdemir joked: "Look there my police station, the Doctor is a sheriff, the Leisa is a grant writer, kkkkk." When we live in the house of Mrs. Lourdes, mother of Valdemir, she was confused with the names and decided in call by nicknames. I was the "Shorty" and Leisa was "Galician". Galician means "blond", Galician realm of people. The [ 40 ]
  40. 40. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir northeastern backlands of so often call the blond. As Valdemir family is the northeastern wild, he and his mother had peculiar language of that region. My life has always been very simple, after all I'm a bitch mutt, sleep anywhere, to anywhere. I am endowed with resistance above the average of other breeds of dogs. Leisa is also a mutt, but the size of it is different from mine. I'm short and brown coat with short legs and body plump. Leisa has long legs, muzzle met, two-color coat, clear eyes and slender. 8 – NIGHT BARKING Human beings are the most intelligent and most powerful beings that God has placed on earth, but must [ 41 ]
  41. 41. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir remember that the Creator placed them to rule over us and not to bully other creatures of the earth. So it is that men naturally talk in their languages with each other, as are more sophisticated, speak many words and many languages. We, inferior creatures, much admired humans, all of Earth's creatures recognize its sovereignty, even in the world of chaos, there is conflict between humans and other animals. It turns out that even with more limited capacity, we, dogs, talked with us, and at night, with low noise levels, we can talk with other dogs that are further away, often many kilometers away. Throughout life, many neighbors of my grumbled owner feeling annoyed with me and Leisa because barked night, more night communication was frequent, more had [ 42 ]
  42. 42. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir night we had fun a dog with others, also discussed with each other, the distance we could tell each insults for bullies, kkkkk. I can not deny that I often say, "biting their own tails," kkkkk. We, the dogs have a better sense of humor than you can imagine. When my owner moved to Avenue of the Americas, me and Leisa were close to other dogs that did not hear the old address as well, so we moved, we started to talk quite a night, because day, the noise of the city and cars, decreases the distance of bick-up by hearing other dogs. This created more problems for our coexistence. Besides, the old address had a huge backyard for we run, and now, we only had a narrow service area, which even caught sunlight. Because of lack of space and the night barking and the neighbor's window, our owner and Zenilda saw fit to transfer to the home of his mother, on Rangel Pestana Street in Santos. The street was very busy, God forbid, the noise ... The upside is that had more room to live, and every day Ms. Lourdes opened the gate for we run. I and Leisa we fired the sidewalk. Tired of seeing unsuspecting pedestrians who did not live in the neighborhood and did not know us take the scare to see us both running at high speed. But we never crossed the street, because the risk of running over was too great. [ 43 ]
  43. 43. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir This house of Rangel Pestana Street there was a doctor nearby, which was that "knowledgeable of their rights" guy, was very polite, but said everything he thought, and was not afraid to become unpleasant. He sometimes came to claim us for Ms. Lourdes and Valdemir, saying that we were adult dogs and we would hardly get used to the new address, and we'd always barking at night. Well, he were wrong, we decrease the barking at night, and then he moved, never had trouble because of our nocturnal barking. 9 - PREGNANCY PSYCHOLOGICAL I always had psychological problems with imaginary pregnancy. Interestingly, Leisa was also castrated, but never had false pregnancy. From time to time I felt strange and certain objects were for me, my puppies. It was a very crazy thing because I never crossed with another dog, because I was too early castrated, still in my lifetime, several times I was fixed by some objects and spent considers it my puppy. This caused me pain, because I often took a sandal, or other objects that were used by people and they ended up taking them from me. My owner Valdemir tired of taking your slippers from me which I hugged her and slept with them under my body, when he tried to pick up I growled [ 44 ]
  44. 44. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir asking him to stay away, I never had the courage to attack it, just growled. As he trusted me, he was not afraid to take your slippers back. I was frustrated with these incidents, but Valdemir amused and sometimes gave me affection trying to compensate for the fact he had to take back your slippers, shoes, boots. I often won stuffed animals and other toys to replace other people's shoes. 10 - RUNNING BY SANTOS STREETS [ 45 ]
  45. 45. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir When my owner took me to live in Santos, at the home of Mrs. Lourdes, I and Leisa thought he had taken us there to pay a visit, but in fact, our destiny was taking a new direction after handing in his mother, Valdemir introduced us to the new residence, but we do not understand what he was saying, so when Valdemir entered the car, one GM/Kadett, and we were outside the house with Lourdes owner watching him, we thought it was a joke, and when traffic in the street fell, I ran with Leisa at full speed, when Valdemir looked in the rearview back, saw us watching the car, and the worst, there were dozens of cars behind us, the vehicle flow and lack of shoulder, made Valdemir decided to increase the speed, so that we gave up following him. As the Kadett was lost on the horizon, and Valdemir followed at full speed toward the tunnel from the city center, I and Leisa gave up chasing the car, while we could still return to the house Ms. Lourdes. Luck is that we are still near the house, we had turned the corner of Valdemar Leon Avenue, but saw Ms. Lourdes at the gate, lost not knowing what to do. We had to go through carefully across the street and had to rely on the collaboration of some drivers who understood we were lost trying to cross the other side of the street. Ms. Lourdes has called us and we entered into our new home, and Lourdes closed the gate. Ms. Lourdes always spoke with us as if speaking to human beings, and [ 46 ]
  46. 46. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir she said, "You are crazy running around, his father already was!" It was not long, Valdemir returned by car to see if me and Leisa had managed to return home, because due the flow of vehicles he had no way to stop the car, so followed the avenue and returned to see what had happened. When we saw, we were happy, but we knew we'd now live with Ms. Lourdes, and this time they took the precaution of closing the gate before the Valdemir out with the car in front of the house. Over time, we have become accustomed to dwell there, and when Valdemir would visit us, he took leave of us right there in the driveway, with me and Leisa loose, because, as we were aware that we should not follow it. I was very happy to see him. When he heard the noise of the GM/Kadett, the coach or his motorcycle, I ran to the gate and barked with all his might and with all the joy of the world, it was so exciting. All who saw my declarations of love for him were amazed, because no matter how many times he appeared, even if I spent there two or three times on the same day, the celebration and euphoria that I did was to shake the neighborhood. This is one of the greatest memories we carry this life. Valdemir told me a hundred times with his eyes that this was the greatest manifestation of love that anyone [ 47 ]
  47. 47. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir could show for it. The joy of seeing a friend, the way he shows joy to review the person, this is one of the greatest attributes of dogs, and maybe one of the most beautiful things of this world. I thank God for having been created to love, loved many people, the Valdemir family, passers- hearted passing and made a fondness in my head, it happened a lot in Rangel Pestana Street. But I too loved the homeless, Edson, and my Valdemir owner. The story of Edson I tell in another chapter. 11 - WAITING FOR THE SHORES OF WAY I'm not sure what year it was, it was in 2007 or 2008, but the events occurred like this: Every 15 days, my owner was Cubatao for the site Itariri spend the weekend, there were times that went on Friday night and there were times it was on Saturday morning early, but when we came back to Sunday night. The trips to the site always relied on my Valdemir owner and me possibly the Zenilda would, sometimes Mrs. Lourdes also went. But Esther and Ellen, Valdemir daughters, were constant figures in these trips to the site. Between 2005-2008 the site had no electricity, and the nights were lit with candles, lamps or gas lamp, indoors, because on the outside, only the moon and stars brightened the sky. [ 48 ]
  48. 48. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir My owner liked the climate and rustic conditions, it reminded him of his childhood on the farm of his grandfather José Tavares da Mota. During the first years of travel to the farm we were going to the GM / Kadett. On one such trip the car gave a power outage and has not worked, it was Sunday afternoon, missing two hours to darken. That weekend had only gone to the site I, Valdemir and Esther, do not know why Ellen was not because the two girls were almost always together. My owner to see that the car did not work sought help from other ranchers nearby, having spoken to Zelão and Zelão indicated Aloisio who lived in Long Beach and at that moment would be leaving the site. Aloisio went to the Kadett and saw that it was a problem that only an car electrician could fix my owner and offered a ride to the town of Itariri where it could take a bus to return to Santos. My owner had to work the next day and did not have much time to think, so he closed the site house door and as I could not travel on intercity bus Itariri to Santos, he took my nose with both hands, down, and he told me not to leave near the house and the car and not to try to follow him, which I expected in two days he would come back to get me. But when he got into the car, I still tried to follow him, but soon gave up and returned to the house, I waited all [ 49 ]
  49. 49. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir night in the area of the house in the morning I went to the car and stayed a while there, then went back to the house, and so I was going back and forth all the time on Monday, and none of my master appear; in some leaves fallen banana I found water to drink and to eat I licked a viscous substance that was in dead banana in site soil. We dogs, we have no commitments and no watches as humans, then we are more patient when conditions require that we stay just waiting. He went up the night of Monday and reached the light of day on Tuesday. On the afternoon of Tuesday decided to lie down in the road between the house and the car, a headquarters was the other about one hundred and fifty meters. When the sun was about to set, I heard a car noise, and I was apprehensive waiting to see who would come. I did not recognize the sound of that car, so I was lying by the roadside. And suddenly there came my owner and Zenilda screaming my name: Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. Valdemir said: "The Saving Private Ryan" and hugged me. Valdemir came to the site with an car electrician that in half an hour solved the car problem. Then I returned the Kadett with my owner and Zenilda, and the electrician back in his car. I was so glad to see them, and saw that they were very happy to see me, were more concerned with me than with the car. It made me very happy, because I realized [ 50 ]
  50. 50. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir that for Valdemir I had more value than material possessions. Later Valdemir told me that on Sunday he left when he arrived at the bus station in Santos and Zenilda was caught it, they even fought because the Zenilda rebuked him for Valdemir have abandoned me on the site, and he replied saying there was nothing to do, because I needed to go back to work the next day, and could not take me on the bus, because it is forbidden to transport animals. That our meeting by the road was very exciting because he saw that I was waiting for him anxious and I also realized that his joy was not to see the car, but meet me. Countless times I traveled to Itariri the Kadett. How many times I was in the car the trunk! [ 51 ]
  51. 51. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir If our history turned a movie, the soundtrack of this stretch would be Roberto Carlos, Sitting on the roadside: I can no longer keep on here waiting For a day in which you will suddenly come back to me I see trucks and cars rushing in front of me I'm sitting by a road that has no longer an end My look is lost in the dirt in this sad road Where I'm still sad and I still miss you This sun that burns on my face a trace of hope Of at least seeing from closer your look that I keep in my mind I need to get this over with I need to remember that I'm real Here comes the rain, it wets my face and I cry so much My tears and and the raindrops Mix together with my wailing I look at my self, try and find myself but there's nothing to be found I'm a poor hint of hope on the roadside I need to get this over with [ 52 ]
  52. 52. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir I need to remember that I'm real Cars, trucks, dust, road, everything, everything Mix together before me My shadow goes with me And sees that I'm slowly dying Only you don't see that I can't be here on my own anymore Waiting my whole life for you, sitting on the roadside I need to get this over with I need to remember that I'm real 12 - SUN AND RAIN NEXT TO OWNER During my life I have lived in four cities, Cubatão, Santos, Praia Grande and finally in Itariri. Undoubtedly was Itariri I liked best, first because there I spent more time with my owner, there were times we spent the whole alone week when he was on vacation from his job, he went straight to the site, and the first who was willing to stay with him was me. Other people also went regularly to the site as Esther and Ellen, Mrs. Lourdes, Zenilda and Valmiral without regard to Leisa, of course. But it was his main company over a decade, so he told me he would make a book to record our memories. I know for sure how much he liked me, as if I were a member of his family. I [ 53 ]
  53. 53. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir felt that I was not only an animal that was in the house, as it was in the beginning, later I became his pet. But now, it was YOUR ANGEL. I was his partner in place for nine years. I am going to the front to protect him from danger. If there was a trap or a snake, I'd die for you friend! When Valdemir went to the site, he never got a single day lying down, or resting in the house, he was hooked by the earth, he had to be working with the hoe, with the knife, with the digging stick, or any other tool, planting , clearing weeds, harvesting, building or repairing and invariably I was always close to him. When he walked in the woods or working in any part of the site, I chose a spot where he could be watching him, usually about 10 to [ 54 ]
  54. 54. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 20 meters away from him and there she lay, it was hot I was with her tongue out but always tried to stay under a foot of banana at the point you made shade. Dove bourgeois. Valdemir created snake. [ 55 ]
  55. 55. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Rabbit site. Donald and Daisy. [ 56 ]
  56. 56. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Guinea pig born that day. When my owner stopped a bit to rest, I got up and approached him, and then he drank water in a plastic bottle and sat down, it was at this time that I approached and begins to rub on it, and it was potatoes, he spent his hand in my hair, was lovingly on my stomach and again and again put me on his lap and was speaking kind words to me. Of course being the Leisa together, she was dying of jealousy and inconveniently put paws on us and demanded to be caressed. Valdemir soon had to vacate a hand to caress the Leisa, otherwise she would not let us alone. Leisa was so jealous that got mad at me if she knew I was getting more affection than she, so Valdemir [ 57 ]
  57. 57. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir also placed Leisa in her lap so she would not feel neglected. The temperature range at the site ranged from 8 in the harsh winter to 40 degrees in the summer peak, but I never left my owner walk the mountains alone, except when the girls, Zenilda or Mrs. Lourdes were at home in these conditions I and Leisa, we alternated with this Valdemir, sometimes, or with visits that were in the house. Be in place to Valdemir was not staying in the small pool of cement, or lounging in the hammock or sofa, place for him was to take care of land and other animals of the site. The site always had other animals like chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, fish, birds and my [ 58 ]
  58. 58. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir owner was surrounded in each bring food for these animals, and I was always close to him. Often it rained a lot and my owner did not come home, still working, and I was drenched in so much water, but not the move away standing near him. Often it rained a lot and my owner did not come home, but I would not go away, but I confess I was very uncomfortable. I just could not stand it when falling beam. God forbid! but the rumble of thunder is extremely disturbing to our species, and then I was sent running home, or run to close the Valdemir, meaning, now comes! let's go! because any time a ray of this will fall on you, and Valdemir, very stubborn, often was working in the bush amid rain and lightning, even Ms. Lourdes and Zenilda complaining, he paid no attention, until lightning struck, but this story I tell in another chapter. 13 - DO NOT DISTURB ME The most powerful force in the world is love, it is useless to try to prevent a mother defending her child, if she sees him in danger. When a person loves, it does not attack the beloved, but she's willing to die for the beloved. Leave all the chicks with their mother around. I myself have been attacked by chickens just because I smell her chickens. I swear I had no intention... [ 59 ]
  59. 59. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir But my owner also liked me like a hen cares for her chicks. Once, I was still living at Avenue Americas, when some boys when they went to school and saw me at the gate began to bark to annoy me and were disturb me and shaking the gate, I retaliated with barking showing that he was not afraid of him. But one day one of the boys got fired, my owner was washing the car outside and was down cleaning the car when the annoying boy went and stood barking and shaking the gate to annoy me, my owner when she saw it, lost the head, and intemperate as always ran stealthily as a cat and when he came nigh gave a violent slap the boy's back, I thought the poor man's lungs had burst. The stench came out crouching not breathing right, and hands behind his back, turned around wide-eyed, do not know whether to fear or the recoil force that my owner has on his back. Valdemir still snapped horrible things. Just know that the boy never went through that street, do not know if dropped out of school, or moved your route to go to school. 14 – THE CAT PAMELA Think of a boring cat, boo, barely seen, moody, displays and other things. My owner that I'm sorry, because Valdemir also enjoyed too much of Pamela, but I [ 60 ]
  60. 60. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir did not like her and go! Not that I was jealous, but she thought the owner of the piece just because it was indoors and slept in bed with Valdemir. But Pamela was chipped when Zenilda went to the site because it was my friend Zenilda not tolerate Pamela, problems of the type nature: dogs do not like cats, cats do not like rats, Zenilda not like cats. Dogs and Zenilda if we pulled the cats to run to reach the North Pole... Pamella sleeping in bed. Because of this blatant many times I scolded the Valdemir, it was common Valdemir sit on the couch outside the house, and the bandit Pamela lie on the sofa back near the head of my love and me left only lie in the feet him. When Valdemir was near the tail was all confident, walked across the floor, passed near me and [ 61 ]
  61. 61. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Leisa and even bucked his tail and went on our nose. Around the area of the house, I and Leisa did not attack Pamela, but she was to the bush and Valdemir not around... We fired at full speed against Pamela, and with all aggression, the witch was terrified and ran like lightning to the nearest tree. After me and Leisa we were delighting us down, telling Pamela down, and disgusting fagot was standing in the banana bunch. Kkkkkk. There were times I and Leisa until we lay ourselves under the banana tree to only give a weariness in Pamela. Of course, these wrongs I and Leisa, we committed was time or another caught by Darling who was furious with us. Imagine the scene, the cat running in that wondrous place and we both ran like torpedoes, raising dust, come on, I and Leisa, we felt lionesses hunting deer cub in African savannas. But Pamela was rejoiced when Valdemir was close, there were times that our owner was working near the house and the cat was following us and Valdemir. Of course she did not lay us, was about 10 meters away from us, also seeing Valdemir work. He had an affection for us and then went to the So-and made her affection. Of course the "Great-thin" did not follow Valdemir the days it rained the site, imagine if she could parade with hairstyle dismantled by rain ... I have nothing against people who like cats, but I will speak the truth, if we mutts [ 62 ]
  62. 62. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir did not have a strong smell and we were smaller, the cats would be extinct ... Because people prefer to only have dogs instead of cats! For God's sake, I'm not here to talk about any kind created by God, but dogs are the most faithful creatures there is on this planet, who wants to be pet drunks, beggars and gangsters? - We, the dogs. Cats are lazy, just get out of bed when you are hungry! For a time, the site had two cats: the Vargas and Juscelino, they were the coolest, we never put them to run, this is a proof that we are not as enemies of cats. The two came even to kiss smelling our noses. They were so quiet that were not afraid to play, with me and Leisa, pieces of meat thrown by Valdemir. The two cats were not castrated and from time to time they disappeared and only appeared after weeks. First vanished Juscelino it was all [ 63 ]
  63. 63. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir White color, and a year later it was gone the Vargas of gray color. I believe they have died by being attacked by snakes. The site is located in the Serra do Mar mountain, range to 382 meters above sea level, in forest area full of snakes. I and Leisa had always careful with them, avoiding risk and approach snakes. But Vargas and Juscelino were brave too, several times we saw the two playing with snakes, angering them and when they gave the boat, they jumped sideways, backwards, doing stunts. In the woods it was hard to face another kind to cats. 15 - BOTTOM OF THE HOUSE [ 64 ]
  64. 64. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir I love being on the threshold of the house. One of my duties is to be family guard and so it is in my nature to be in a strategic point of the house. Almost all my canines relatives act like. Because God has written in our DNA that information. I fulfill my mission with love. 16 - TOBY [ 65 ]
  65. 65. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir This is Toby, or as my master used to call, "Antonio Tobias". Toby is a poodle with more than one decade of life. Unfortunately it is a dog created indoors, fragile, can not run in the woods, up and down the mountains like me and Leisa do. Toby does not walk on earth, do not eat the same food that I and Leisa. He always bathing in pet shop. I never showered in pet shop. My Valdemir and Ms. Lourdes owner gave me cold water bucket shower. I never envy the life of Toby, each must live up to their nature and not wanting to take the life of another. 17 - HUNT THE LIZARD My dear father, remember this picture of yourself with the lizard? It's not an alligator, lizard is a right! I and Leisa were in the area of the house site, as you, Dona Lourdes, [ 66 ]
  66. 66. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir girls Esther and Ellen were preparing for lunch. It was a beautiful day, blue sky. When suddenly Leisa with its long snout and pointed nose detect odors lizard in the henhouse. She came walking alongside the fence of chicken until the smell was getting stronger and then she viewed the lizard getting ready to eat some more chicken eggs. Leisa raised the alarm barking loudly and surrounding the lizard, not letting him get away. I was in the area of the house and also barked calling you to see what Leisa had found. The bark of Leisa was very intense, I confess that I was afraid you down and waited. You already descended toward Leisa with a gun in his hand and I went back was when we take the fright with that huge lizard. [ 67 ]
  67. 67. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir You shot the thief eggs. There was who went me and Leisa because we do not support gun noises or fireworks. You came to the door of the house with the lizard on hand, and the girls photographed the lizard. The Arnou treated lizard and Ms. Lourdes cooked the animal. Until I ate lizard and gnawed bones. But do not criticize my father, ecologists friends, he never hunted wild animals, does not allow not even like those who kill wild animals. These ten years only killed this lizard. And I can say with certainty that these lizards are not at risk of extinction. In the warm months almost every day we see going back and forth. By the way, there on the site has it all. Snakes, many snakes, of every type and size, deer, agoutis, squirrels, foxes, bush dogs, armadillos, multicolored birds. Thank God for my eyes contemplate so much glory! 18 - MY EDUCATION When I stopped being a girl and became an adult bitch, I had already modeled all my conduct, the higher standards that humans expect of a dog. I did not take trainer, not my owner took great effort to make me understand the rules of coexistence in a family of humans. Dogs, cats and any other pet that does not strive to learn the rules of a house, runs the risk of being abandoned. [ 68 ]
  68. 68. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir This is a danger that should be considered by all animals who want to live among the humans. Place to do their physiological needs is the first problem that must be solved. No human like walking through the house and suddenly feel your feet wet by pee, or worse, stepping in poop. So if you have a sandbox, this is great, if not, look for a corner away from the house, if you have a land area as well, otherwise, make the farthest needs of the house. Nother thing that humans hate, are unsuitable animals when they saw the owner eating bark, jump in the legs of people, make a drama, leaving the angry people, leaving not eat at ease. Have dogs that need to be locked in rooms to stop bother the owners when they eat. Not wanting to speak ill of cats... have a lot so... I and Leisa never barking at lunchtime. But Toby... is to shame... Zenilda education did not yield to that poodle, but no longer is hopeless, it is very old, as my master says: Toby is Ramses II as old... Another thing that I could gave etiquette class for dogs: For God's sake mutts, do not get in and out of the house, if only among guests. Animal thieves, that's the last straw! You can not see meat on the table or in the kitchen sink leaping, grabbing the meat and run off to eat, thinking that people do not deprive you. Cat burglar opens [ 69 ]
  69. 69. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir pressure and punch lock pan. Dogs thieves open refrigerator that leave digital. Mercy!!! Licking people - it is true that licking is one of the greatest expressions of affection that a dog and a cat can give. But do this with their young, or with each other. Most humans feel disgust with this demonstration of affection. Even when I wanted someone to make me care, just pushing your hand with his nose. I'm tired of seeing Leisa take slap in the head of my Valdemir owner because he does not like to lick. This "blonde" of Leisa will die and will not learn... So she's the boring of fame and still thinks the other is to pick on her. See this my picture below. Dogs lie on the floor and not in bed or on the... Cats are different, also some dogs are bred indoors with VIP treatment, but they are small dogs or who has no contact with the land, urban dogs. We, more rustic dogs and bred in farm we can not go up on beds and sofas, staining furniture and seating. But I also have my vices, by the way, I and Leisa. The site has some sofas that are in the area outside the house, but Valdemir did not want us we slept on the couches. So we had a trick: During the day and up to a certain time of night, we sleep on covered the floor of the area, until we realize that there is more noise in the house and there we were after sleep more comfortably and each went to a sofa bed . [ 70 ]
  70. 70. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Only we were already caught dozens of times because Valdemir wake up at dawn to go to the bathroom and took the opportunity to go out and contemplate the sky and when we realize he is already upon us giving an earful. I confess that this is an addiction ours. To correct in the Father puts chairs lying on the sofa... 19 - EDSON, STREET RESIDENT My dear Valdemir owner, I am grateful to God for the missions I have done in this world. I had you as the most important person in this world, only under God. It did not matter to me his faults, his physical appearance, the brand [ 71 ]
  71. 71. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir of your car, your smell of sweat, his cheap clothes, and how much you had money in his pocket. What is money really? But besides you I had a divine mission to love all human beings who crossed my path. One was the Edson, shame or his picture, you have... Edson was a homeless, God knows what caused him to fall in life, had family in the greater São Paulo, his daughters wanted him to come house, but I preferred to live on the street, by the way, after he met you he never lived on the street because you gave shelter to him for over ten years. Edson lived in the area of the house from the Rangel Pestana Street. His mother lived inside the house, and Edson under a marquee inside the property, it is logical that it was useful, as a person who somehow kept the house, even so, you have shown trust in God and gave a vote of confidence allowing him to live there without knowing the past of the man. You and Ms. Lourdes gave shelter to a human being, and this will be taken into account. When I moved to Rangel Pestana Street, Edson has lived in front of the area, but until my arrival, twice the house was stolen, and the bandits threatened the life of Edson that was rendered. In one of the robberies the police acted and the thief was arrested. But with my arrival thieves and addicts never set foot inside the building, because I and Leisa, we [ 72 ]
  72. 72. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir were there to protect Lourdes and Edson. I know a lot of people made fun of Edson, saying I was his wife, because Edson slept with the dogs... that's how many people think of the suffering of others, scornfully. Things human... Edson was a person who loved to read every morning he bought a newspaper called "People's Express" here Santos, and not left to fill in the crossword. Despite his social status, he was educated and always had interesting conversations with Valdemir, however Edson was a very sick person, had chronic bronchitis, and many people wondered how someone who slept under a marquee, subjected to the cool of the morning and still lived? He had more than 50 years old when I met him. Edson could some money by selling popsicles with ice cream stand's Valdemir, that's how the two met in 2000. I entered the story in 2005, and only met Edson later. Edson was still spout at a bar nearby during the night, making a lookout work, while the bar was open and helped the bar owner in guards the tables and fix things and in return won a few bucks and eat what was left , made one pot for Edson. Incidentally, for Edson, for me and Leisa because when food was left in the bar, the Edson brought to us two. That our friend never forgot us, we ate the good and the best with it. In return we gave to Edson affection that no human being could give her. [ 73 ]
  73. 73. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Unfortunately in 2013 he had a strong attack of bronchitis and was hospitalized at the Santa Casa for some time, where he died and never saw our "Lazarus". Us, dogs, love children, sick, elderly, homeless, beggars. We love anyone who has time to relate with us etc. When you no longer have any friends, you will see that there is a kind of million copies waiting for you with a smile to hold you. I loved you very Edson, never forget you... 20 - LOST IN THE FOREST, THE ROAD ITARIRI Our owner tried to put us to live on the site when he moved to the house of the Avenue of Americas and finally, me and Leisa we live in Lourdes house. But I'll tell you why failed our first contract in live on the site. Valdemir proceeded to go every weekend for the site and thought Itariri I and Leisa could live there. His intention was to make a chicken coop in our house, a kennel. It turns out that the coop was made of nylon or plastic, rather resistant material for dogs. On Sunday he decided to leave in the site, locked in that makeshift kennel and left. So Valdemir started the car and drove off, me and Leisa despair us to go with our owner, and began to force the screen that was easily torn with our teeth and we ran behind the car. Our owner did not notice, but I and Leisa followed him for two kilometers, following the car's engine noise amid the forest where it was the refuge of the site. [ 74 ]
  74. 74. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir However, after we run enough, I began to feel short of breath because I was heavy and had short legs. When we give up running, we found ourselves lost on the road and we did not know how to get back home to the site, it was getting dark and we decided to spend the night right there on the road. Overnight we saw several frogs and snails, for surely these are nocturnal animals that are closer to us without showing any fear. The day dawned and I and Leisa decided to stay right there, when a car came, we entered the side forest the road to avoid being hit, because the road was too narrow. As the days went by, then our instincts were awakening to survive; the point we were faced hear the noise of the river and there we descended to drink water. In nature we met vegetation and fruit that led to eat, as Itariri city is a banana plantation region, everywhere had banana trees, and always some ripened bunches in the woods and bananas falling and I and Leisa ate. Days and nights went by, but we never we were far from the road, always at a distance that our ears could detect the sound of the Kadett, because our hearing can detect the exact car engine noise of our owner. Our owner left on Sunday night and only return on Saturday, but we do not know how to count the days, the most reliable was there to stay attentive all day. Finally Saturday arrived and in the morning we heard the noise of [ 75 ]
  75. 75. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir the Kadett. My God, Valdemir is coming to save us!!! We ran at full speed toward the road, because we were in the stream that ran down the road, and when we reach the road, the Valdemir car was just a few meters away, coming toward us. Barked euphoric and Valdemir braked the car surprised us to be there, so far from home. We were so glad to see him and did not want to risk losing it again, so I jumped out the window in Valdemir neck, and Leisa jumped the passenger side window. We were all celebrating the meeting there on the road, was a screaming alone in the car stopped on the road. After moving meeting, we went to the site. When we got there, Valdemir realized why we were there, he saw that the makeshift kennel screen was torn by our teeth and the entire ration was there, already moldy. Valdemir then realized that we had escaped the same day the kennel and we were to be there at that point of the road because it was as far as we can follow it. 21 – DUCKS The site has had many ducks, but this photo, the duck was a super mom, I liked to see her strolling in the tanks with their young. God has made each creature with your instincts programmed to do what God has determined in its DNA. But this duck was very angry, she already put me to run several times, I could not even be [ 76 ]
  76. 76. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir looking for her ducklings she was already taking satisfaction. I had to look away. Valdemir came to threaten catch a duck just to see her angry and progressed in his hand, pinching with the beak that came to cut the skin, but Valdemir amused. I wonder how God is wonderful, placing a maternal instinct so strong in mothers that they often were not afraid even of much larger creatures than they are. 22 – ZENILDA Zenilda thank for letting me come into your life. I can not forget his care for me, always worried if I had ever eaten, if there was fresh water for me and I was well sheltered from the cold or heat. Always addressed me with [ 77 ]
  77. 77. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir affection and tenderness, I never treated me like any dog. Zenilda is part of a select group of people who treat dogs with dignity, may God reward you know. Since my childhood until my last day, she gave me dignity. When I no longer fed me and waiting for death, I was a few days in their care. But I know Zenilda does not like to remember my last days already weak, I like to remember my days of full force when I ran like an athlete, even having short legs and plump, heavy body. Once Valdemir and Zenilda were doing exercise, and often ran the Casqueiro neighborhood to Caraguatá Island, and one of these days, I ran with them. As good! Valdemir ran over the front and fifty meters behind came Zenilda, I was so excited and happy that I ran to follow Valdemir then looked back and saw Zenilda, so I turned to accompany Zenilda then I've wanted to run alongside Valdemir, and I sped up to accompany him. It was an end of wonderful afternoon. Those things are free, pure and simple happiness, that can not be bought with cash or credit card. Happiness that has no economic value. When Zenilda went to the ranch site, I liked being on the verge of lying pool, and I was keeping him company. I’m looking a shadow, and was watching her, guarding her, waiting to give and receive affection. My owner was always more [ 78 ]
  78. 78. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir relaxed, but Zenilda not as, soon as we got to the site, the first thing she provided was fresh water for me that always came to the site, or in the trunk of the GM/Kadett, or in the back of the truck. [ 79 ]
  79. 79. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Photo 2008, I always am around people I love. Love is feeling happy to be alongside you love, even if it has nothing to do. 23 – ELLEN Wonderful days I lived next to the Ellen Valkyria, daughter of Valdemir. They were girls, Esther was six and Ellen was five. Valdemir always teased called me and Leisa sisters of Esther and Ellen, he often said: Doctor, go get your sisters! Ellen was that expensive as saying: "I'm not no dog!" But we dogs were not hurt easily. All took as a joke and party. When Ellen and Esther went to the site, they used to stay in the house, cleaning it, making the food, the reading room, or playing in the pool. It was common, the girls feel desire to see the father and Ellen moved toward me saying: "Doctor, leads me to where Daddy's" It seems incredible, but I understood what she wanted, she threatened to take a path on site and I soon he drew what she and Esther wanted, and I pointed with my nose, felt the smell molecules my owner and made the path he traveled only being guided by the odor. Often Valdemir realized that I and the girls were going after him, then he hid to test if my nose was able to locate it; and I was never disoriented, always took the girls to Valdemir. Everything was a joke, a happiness. Even Ellen who has no affection for dogs, like me, because I [ 80 ]
  80. 80. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir always seemed to be smiling and cheerful and with his tongue hanging out. This was my mark on the world. Thank God, thank you for happy days aside to Ellen. How often do we got back together in the car, because the pick-up was simple cabin, and Valdemir put a seat at the back, where Ellen and Esther were sitting, and I and Leisa going on means the boxes of fruit, products garden and roots that Valdemir carrying to give to friends and relatives. "We were four sisters." One day there was an accident at the site that left me worried. Valdemir was on vacation, and when that happened, our stay at the site came to last a week. At that time they were in place, Valdemir, the two girls, owner [ 81 ]
  81. 81. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Lourdes, me and Leisa. In late afternoon, Ellen distracted when he ran up and ran toward the barbed wire, suffering a big cut in the neck and chin. She cried and put blood out. Valdemir was very nervous, because I had warned that they should not take the place because there was a risk of being injured. Ms. Lourdes said you could not be trying it at home, and Valdemir took the car and we all went to the city of Itariri where Ellen had to get stitches on his chin and neck. If the cut was on the opposite side of the neck, the accident could be fatal. But the angel of God has always been with us, and in the decisive moments changed the facts. Making a new history, not allowing things worse. Ellen just did not like when Leisa jumped to the front legs leaning on it. In fact, no one liked it, only Leisa ever learned... [ 82 ]
  82. 82. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 24 – ESTHER As God was good to me, allowing me to live in this family! Esther has always been more oriented to animals. Valdemir always asked for girls when they went to the site, change the water of the animals. On the site there was a fenced with tortoises and other guinea pigs. I often put my front paws on the short wall surrounded and kept looking through the screen, that herd of pigs multicolored. I found them beautiful, and knew he could not hunt them. I've always been smart enough to understand that he should not attack the animals Valdemir created. But I liked to take a few scares in Pamela, I liked it! Esther loved us, and often joked with us. The few times the nephew of Valdemir, Rodrigo, went to the site, all we played hide and seek, but I and Leisa did not understand the rule of the game and so we had just a few times where I was denouncing the hidden children. When we ran together, occasionally, we crossed the front of one of them and provoked his stumble and fall, it was all very funny, and nobody got hurt. [ 83 ]
  83. 83. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir [ 84 ]
  84. 84. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 25 – Ms. LOURDES I lived a few years in the house of Ms. Lourdes, Valdemir mother. She was a wonderful lady. At first I did not want to stay with us because she never created dogs, and thought he would have many difficulties in creating me and Leisa. But when she came to live with us and see our protection services and custody, she no longer wanted to go out me and Leisa or on weekends to go to the site. Thanks for everything "mama". Ms. Lourdes sought gives us food like rice with meat or rice and chicken. I and Leisa liked very the foods that humans eat, and Ms. Lourdes not only realized this, as it [ 85 ]
  85. 85. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir came to cook for us. What a beautiful lady! Valdemir taught him to give us bath. Earlier Ms. Lourdes said she could not alone bathe dogs, because it would have no strength to secure them. But then she saw me and Leisa were disciplined and when she called us to close the tap with bucket or hose, we were approached and we were quiet, waiting for the water bath and be soapy. After bathing, Ms. Lourdes allowed us out the gate and make a run for the court. Like an angel, I often appeared spontaneously at the time that people took pictures. In these two photos with Ms. Lourdes, to see that there was no intention to shoot me. Angels are so they are close and you do not even notice!!! Ms. Lourdes never forget the day I saved your life. I and Teocron. Several days a week will Ms. Lourdes the cult worship God in God's Assembly of the Jabaquara neighborhood in Santos. It will the 19hs and back around 21: 30h or 22h. On one of these nights, a drug addict, homeless, was lurking in the Ms. Lourdes across the street, where is the Arena Santos. [ 86 ]
  86. 86. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir During the day the place is very busy, almost all, a commercial area, but at night, do not see movement of people walking through the street, only cars. The marginal cunning was lurking beneath the awning of the building of the Arena Santos and Ms. Lourdes finding that there was no danger, he told his Selidia friend who always came to worship with her saying that this did not accompany her to the door. When Dona Lourdes arrived at the gate of his house, I saw bandit crossing the street quickly, coming behind a car that was parked outside the house and when Ms. Lourdes touched the gate to open the lock, I barked fiercely against the gangster and Leisa thickened fierce [ 87 ]
  87. 87. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir roar, slamming his paws at the gate. As the villain thought Ms. Lourdes had already opened the padlock he refused and walked away hurriedly. Ms. Lourdes when I look back took fright because the bandit was a few centimeters to master it. I did my part and outside the Teocron angel filled the hearts of the dreaded bandit and he faded away. The world is running serious risk to the spread of drugs, people are going crazy and getting the minds slaves of the devil. Chemical and therapeutic treatments are not being able to set men free from drugs. The drug user loses the limit and sanity, and do absurd things and not rare, criminal. My arrival in Vila Matias, Santos, at the home of Ms. Lourdes was a plan of God to protect it. Eventually junkies jumped the low wall of the house and defecated in the area outside the house until used drugs. With my arrival at the house, addicts were driven away. I and Leisa did the biggest scandals when we saw a drug user. Ms. Lourdes was amazed to thinking that we both had bias against beggars, but not against the poor that we showed courage, but against people possessed by evil spirits. Often we saw these people go with creepy creatures hanging from their necks, and these unclean spirits went teasing us, so I and Leisa barked fiercely against addicts, dirty and stoned passing the street. [ 88 ]
  88. 88. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir The gate of the house of Rangel Pestana Street had a lot of wonderful history, many good people passed by and turned our friends. There was a bricklayer who spent bicycle almost every day, and always came by was a fondness in me and Leisa. I knew he was good people and so we made friends with him. So it was with so many other people. Ze of Solimene, how could I forget this good man. Weekends Ms. Lourdes to go Long Beach and we both were not going to the site, was Ze who took care of us. He was Lookout Solimene workshop and this good man offered to take care of us, he gave us food, fresh water, and even picked our excrement. He did not charge anything for it. Ms. Lourdes as a good mother, gave him treats as possibly made a lunch, or gave the site of products Valdemir brought, she gave him a piece of banana, cassava etc. There were times that Ms. Lourdes traveling and was away for weeks, and Ze looked after us as a holy man. Life is full of trials because you can not fool the other people all the time, they end up showing what is in his heart, the good in difficulty divide your bread, the evil will take the bread of others. Who is the light shines in the darkness, who is darkness, light takes refuge. Sir Ze be blessed for everything that made us. Who gives a pot of cool water for a dog who takes care of the weakest creatures and lower will be shown mercy by the One who sees everything. [ 89 ]
  89. 89. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir When Ms. Lourdes was living in Praia Grande, now in the year 2015, one day Daniel went there and talked to Ms. Lourdes in the door of the house, and at the time of Daniel to leave, he opened the door of your car. When I saw the door open, me and Leisa we got in the car. Ms. Lourdes and Daniel had work to get us out of the car, lay on the carpet, as we always did in Valdemir cars. Hundreds of times Valdemir traveled with us and when he was alone in the car, he let us go in the car mat beside him. On that day, we understand that Daniel opened the door for us to enter as Valdemir did. They had to get us out of the car Daniel force. Then I learned that Daniel is extremely jealous with your car, keeping it very clean and maintained, and that he must not have liked it one bit we spread hair in his vehicle. 26 – ARRESTED IN THE POLICE INCARCERATION Had since the pick-up broke the exchange and Valdemir came dragging the car Itariri to Itanhaém, requiring a tow truck to take the vehicle to São Vicente, on the door of the police station, there Marcos came with his car and took Esther, Ellen and Valdemir friend named Jorge for their house, Valdemir, took his motorcycle that was in the police station and went home, and I and Leisa stayed in the pick up body that had canopy, leaving the [ 90 ]
  90. 90. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir windows open in order to breathe well. It was already dawn. Valdemir just came to get us through the next day. It turns out that the Police officers who worked in the morning to see the inside of the pick-up body, no water and no food, they took us there and took us to the incarceration, since there was no detainees there, and they kindly provided us with food and water. When Valdemir reached police station was surprised and thanked the people who had the attitude of taking care of us. The world is not over yet because there is still love and kindness among men. Jews and Romans could not understand how God could walk among men in the form of a low little man, skinny, ugly, big nose, sloppy beard, wearing worn clothes, smelly, shrilly. After the artists made a beautiful representation of a more visually pleasing Jesus. Who did not know the man Jesus, will be amazed when they see the fragile, feeble and clumsy body that the Son of God used to mask and walk among men. Worldwide millions of angels passed by the people in the form of mutts, and how the Jews and Romans, mistreat you ... The day everyone felt ashamed of himself, ran far behind the gold, and often they rejected most precious creatures than gold and silver. [ 91 ]
  91. 91. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 27 - DETECTING SNAKES IN WOOD Good friend, our friendship is based on love, not in what can be useful to others. But the real friendships they do good and not evil. Have you as a friend brought me security, housing and food, care and attention. I gave him all I could, such as respect, veneration, love, loyalty, companionship and relative protection. Dogs beyond the affection they give to their owners, they can provide security against criminals for those who live in urban areas, but for people living in rural areas, we come to be essential. [ 92 ]
  92. 92. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir From 2006-2015, a period when we live our love story, I know it was very important for your protection in place. Countless times kept snakes away from you, but it was not just you that I protected, it was hard a day that I and Leisa did not have to do the lizards hide in burrows, keeping them away from the chicken coop. With our presence close to the chicks, the hawks were afraid to attack in the vicinity of the house. At night you can not imagine how many animals appeared around the house site. They were prawns, bush dogs, snakes, foxes, small cats, deer, night birds. There the site barking the night, were not always talking to other dogs were barking warnings, away from wildlife. [ 93 ]
  93. 93. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir When you picked up right tools, I knew you were going to the field or the woods, and I skipped and ran with joy because I enjoyed exploring the forest. Do you remember how many times we walked down to the stream, and I insisted on entering the stream? The stream had long sheets of sediment accumulation of decomposing and formed a black mud, and then I came home with half black body. When you took a direction, I soon got the point in you and made sure to go in front of him to protect him, so you do not accidentally stepped on a snake. Remember once I and Leisa were going before him and then our sense of smell to detect a snake on a branch and surround the tree and barking, and you come already imagining what it was, and in fact was a snake. You did not kill the snake, and went to work in a more distant area. But we fulfill our mission to warn him of the danger. [ 94 ]
  94. 94. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir The other day you saw a water snake out of the woods and into a well near the oldest jabuticaba tree site, you tested in passing by, and as I and Leisa were in front of you watched to see if we would detect the snake that had submerged. Sure enough, when we passed the place, we detected the odor of snake and with our sense of smell redid the path snike the well. You marveled us. You always told me to beware of snakes and never approach beyond the safety limit, and I always heard its guidelines. After all, many dogs lose their lives in those parts because they believe that they are smarter than snakes. Thankfully snake does not have legs or wings because they with the body that have are already very agile and fast. I was on the day you killed this snake Jararaca, a very poisonous snake. It is a creature that is everywhere of the [ 95 ]
  95. 95. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Atlantic. Most of the time you leave these live snakes, respecting the principle that all creatures deserve to live. 28 – PLAYING CATCH-UP I enjoyed walking the site, exploring nature, watching the other animals, many feeling the smells of the forest, smell of animals, smelling flowers, scent of fruits. How good run on earth without burning their paws on the asphalt and the hot concrete of the sidewalks of cities! [ 96 ]
  96. 96. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Dog Arnou neighbor, called "Won". From time to time he appeared there in the early years of the site, and played with me and Leisa. [ 97 ]
  97. 97. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir I and Leisa liked to play to run, especially on sunny days. Hot or raining was nasty play. We ran and rolling the floor, often simulating a fight, we ran till you drop. Despite being short and plump, it was very agile, see in the pictures that I appear blurry, because of the speed of my movements. There were times that Valdemir is jealous of us and also stopped to do his business and for a while ran behind us, and then we [ 98 ]
  98. 98. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir simulated that would tied it, and when he got close to it, desviated us to the left or right. These games were a delight, it is the happiness of the creatures that God likes to see. Because of the power, money and exhibitionism human persons have lost some of the ability to be happy with the free. [ 99 ]
  99. 99. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir 29 - FAINTING I remember when it was still new, one day I felt dizzy and fainted. I was sprawled on the floor, still lived at Maria Graziela Street in Casqueiro/Cubatão. Zenilda took care of me, rescuing me at the time, lying down comfortably. He gave me water and she suspected I had anemia, and so she started to feed me with a liver diet. Just as she did with her daughter Livia when exam results pointed anemia. Zenilda suspected that this evil occurred to me because of ticks. Such as fleas and ticks torment the lives of dogs living in backyards, sites or on the streets. All my life I had to take medicine, use flea shampoos and anti- ticks. 30 - ATTACKED BY PIT BULL ‘DARA’ [ 100 ]
  100. 100. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Pitbulls are dog breeds built through human manipulation, aiming to be a race of fighting dogs and struggle to participate in dog fighting and hunting bears. It turns out that this breed became popular among ordinary people, being introduced in society and living with people without the slightest preparation to create them. Result: The pitbulls are always involved in attacks on people and other dogs. Humans and animals are frequent victims of these problems of violence. Since 2014, the site of Arnou neighbor, went to live DARA bitch, a half-breed of pitbull and mutt, but that still has physical constitution advantaged, typical of pitbulls. Dara had seen me several times, she ran towards me, and I always ran it by avoiding any action that would express challenge. The pit bull will sometimes full of pose came toward me, and I to avoid confrontation put his tail between his legs and lowered as a sign of submission. As the site of my owner borders the site of Arnou, occasionally we passed in front of the house of Arnou, and had a day that will be felt offended and in an attack he bit my neck, holding him strength and shaking it. I screamed in pain and begging her to let me go. Valdemir was near and gave him some kicks that did not solve anything. Arnou gave them some punches and kicks which was also not able to make it give up the assault. [ 101 ]
  101. 101. The Four-legged Angel -Scribe Valdemir Then came the wife of Arnou, Rose, and Allan. Valdemir pulled away and began to pray to God for the angel of the Lord will do to stop the aggression. Allan held the will by the collar, preventing her from playing her head from side to side, typical of pitbulls blow to break the neck of their victims. Dara had failed to grab my neck, perhaps because my skin was thick, and she just held her skin and subcutaneous fat. Suddenly the angel touched the pit bull and she left me. Just stayed with a small hole in the leather. Walks away all scared, and Valdemir came to examine me, and then we left there. From that day on my owner avoided me and Leisa accompany him when he went to work near the home of Arnou to prevent the pit bull attack, because this race is intolerant of other races. 31 - THE PROPHECY OF PAUL In 2015, Marcio acquired a piece of land to build a farm side of the Valdemir site and so went to the site to attend regularly. Marcio used to go to the site at night with Paul Magno, they spent the night talking and praying. They slept at the site and were leaving the next day, usually after lunch. On one of these nights, it was probably the month of May, after pray and come together in the room, Paul Magno rose Prayer with heavy face and told [ 102 ]