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The Railsak Peesentation offers a unique solution to handle Bulk shipping in Railcars. Allows for warehouse stacking and easy transfer between truck and railroads. Bulk Bag Shipping made easy with RailSak.

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Railsak Presentation Irg

  1. 1. A Bulk Shipping Bag Designed for the Railroad Industry
  2. 2. Built on TELLAP’s Patented Pallet-less design and Manufactured and Distributed by Sun Coast Packaging, Inc.
  3. 3. www. RailSak .com A Bulk Shipping Bag Designed for the Railroad Industry The Railsak Advantage over Current Bulk Bags: •Save on shipping costs by eliminating dunnage and pallets. • Increase your overall payload per shipment by better utilizing the maximum capacity of the car. • Tellap’s integrated pallet design also eliminates the weight of a wooden pallet - save up to 40 lbs. per bag per shipment! • Save on labor costs - one man and a forklift can do the job in less time than the traditional FIBC. • Handles and tine sleeves offer 2 ways of handling - from the top or base.Tine guards on sleeves protect bag from damage. • Baffled and standard designs can hold up to 38 cu. ft. of material. • RailSaks are rack compliant and can be stacked on top of one another. • The competitive cost and sturdy design of RailSak allows shipments to be delivered right to the end user - saving the time and expense of repackaging.
  4. 4. Converting to the RailSak system is easy  Virtually all current FIBC’s can be converted to a RailSak  Increased profitability by eliminating costs associated with pallets, pallet repairs, heat treating or fumigation, dunnage, and product contamination  Improved loading and unloading – 30% faster than “normal procedure”.  Increased payload – RailSak weigh 6 lbs. vs. 45 lbs for wooden pallets.  Better usage of valuable warehouse space. One truck load of TELLAP sleeves takes the place of FOUR truck loads of wooden pallets.
  5. 5. Quality Standards Like No others  American Institute of Baking (AIB) has rated Sun Coast Packaging’s primary factory SUPERIOR. The only FIBC plant in China to receive this honor.  ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.  HACCP and GMP are followed to the highest standards in the industry.
  6. 6. A World Wide Supply Chain Solution  TELLAP’s Pallet-Less Bag Worldwide Network  Offices located in Australia, South Africa and United States.  FIBC manufacturing facilities located in China (4), South Africa (2), and recently in Mexico.  Sleeve insert manufacturing facilities located in China, South Africa, and Mexico.  Distributors located in China (2), South Africa (3), Europe (3) and the Americas.
  7. 7. Making the Workplace a Safer Place  OHSA Advantages ○ Increased workplace safety  Less risk of accidents  Less manual lifting  Reduced injury and fire hazards ○ Increased load transportation safety  Enhanced vision when moved by forklifts  Eliminates possibilities for strap/lifting loop failure  Enhanced stability ○ Increased loading, unloading and storage safety  No need to climb to get to lifting loops  Unique design allows for stable double or triple stacking  Insurance Reductions via Reduced Fire Risks
  8. 8. When Saving the Environment Matters  Environmentally responsible package.  FIBC and sleeves are 100% polypropylene.  Liners, if needed, are 100% polyethylene.  Complete package is 100% recyclable.  Reduce gas emissions by removing freight from trucks and putting into rail cars.  Three to One and Four to One Truck to Railcar conversion
  9. 9. Cost Savings Advantage of RailSak EX: Bulk Shipment from Jacksonville, FL to Newark, NJ
  10. 10. Views of RailSak Stackable for reduced Warehouse space Integrated Pallet Design Designed to Fit YOUR Custom Needs ISPM 15 Compliant for international shipments
  11. 11. RAILSAK Door to Door Transportation Solutions As a world-class provider of customer-driven logistics solutions, Integrated Rail Group strives to pioneer new and inventive approaches, define industry standards and deliver optimum service. All while maintaining conscientious consideration for our environment, community and workforce. Our Mission is to serve the customer by designing, building and operating innovative logistics solutions that measurably improve process quality, reduce cost and provide exceptional customer service; all being made possible through the integration of knowledge, access to capacity and information capabilities. RailSak is not just a Bulk Bag, it’s a transportation Supply Chain Solution. Integrated Rail Group can work with you to provide complete door to door pricing w/single billing to handle your bulk commodity needs. Whether it’s Cement, Beans, Tomato Paste, Plastics, Aggregates, Peanuts, or whatever you may have: Integrated Rail Group can Handle it!
  12. 12. Contact Integrated Rail Group to learn how RAILSAK can work for you. 860.627.8924