2007 EBU Training VRT public newscasting future


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2007 EBU Training VRT public newscasting future

  1. 1. The future of Public Newscasting How to survive hypercompetition yp p 20071212-EBU Thematic Visit News DEF-CDJ
  2. 2. The past: dramatic impact of competition 1989 Launch 1st commercial TV-channel 1991 Prime-time news at ex acquo > 1991 Commercial news takes the lead 59% 59% 56% 57% 1995 2nd and 3th TV-competitor 32% 29% 30% 30% 30% 29% 23% 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 Evolution marketshare BRTN
  3. 3. Recovery plan: re-connect with the audience Release Restless R tl Discovery Pleasure Personal Social Family Added Value Addicts BRT Controle C t l Source: Motivational research Censydiam 1996
  4. 4. First stage: branding strategy (1997) Release Personal Social Controle C t l
  5. 5. Second stage : news project 2002 TARGETING PROGRAMING Release P S Controle LOOK & FEEL BRANDING & ADVERTISING
  6. 6. Result: the negative trend is stopped and inversed > 2002 Re-established leadership in news 1997 Head-on sheduling of the prime-time news 9 3 59,2 59,3 59 2 57,3 % % 55,9 % % 40% 36% % 38% 34% 31,5 30,1 29,5 28,9 30,7 30,6 31,3 % 28,8 29,8 27,8 % % % % % % % % 25,0 % 22,6 6 % % 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 .00 .01 .02 .03 .04 5 Evolution marketshare VRT
  7. 7. se 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 p/ 97 ja n/ 9 m 8 ei /9 se 8 p/ 98 ja n/ 9 m 9 ei /9 se 9 p/ 99 ja n/ 0 m 0 ei /0 se 0 > 1997: recovery p/ 00 ja n/ 0 m 1 ei /0 se 1 p/ 01 ja n/ 0 m 2 ei /0 se 2 7u Journaal p/ 02 ja n/ 0 m 3 ei /0 se 3 p/ 03 ja n/ 0 m 4 ei /0 > 2002 se 4 Nieuws 19u VTM p/ 04 ja n/ 0 m 5 Prime-time news: evolution marketshare ei /0 regained leadership se 5 p/ 05 Present : well-established leadership ja n/ 0 m 6 ei /0 se 6 p/ 06 ja n/ 0 m 7 ei /0 7 se p/ 07 43 36,6
  8. 8. Future : the changing media-landscape Release Surprising Enjoyment Retreat in the Land of Nod Escape the daily p p y practice Live one’s life to the full Friendly Discovering new ideas Playful CD/iPOD/MP3 cheerful With passion Get carried away by his emotions Pamper yourself MAGAZINES VIDEO/DVD Expanding borders Sociability energetic Bursting with energy Spontaneous Exclusive Practical Superior Have f with others H fun ith th Status Richness INTERNET MEDIA Belonging Leading a unique life Solidarity Homely Be somebody A sense of power Take care Sympathize Perfection GAMINGCapable TELEVISION Reach perfection Familiar RADIO Empathize with the surroundings Excel form time to time Structured Be part of a group Keep in touch with friends To be able to do things others can’t Peaceful Live an efficient life Specialized Maintain the relations with the family Functional NEWSPAPERS MOBILE Gain clarity and certainty Brave Appreciate routine Control
  9. 9. Future trends: the 4C’s Convergence in the market and in the mind – Traditional borders are blurred – New entrants and rise of distribution power – TV & radio become increasingly ‘social media’ – Satisfying individual information needs is challenged by new media Concentration cross-country and cross-media – “If you aren’t strong, you have to be smart” Choice multiplication and fragmentation of audiences – Content is king but it is not the entire realm. – Provide well-differentiated landmarks built upon fundamental motivations well differentiated Control shift from broadcaster to public – From push (supply) to pull (demand) marketing – From Share of Market to Share of Mind,
  10. 10. Positioning strategy Our purpose is unambiguous – Contribute to a diverse and pluralistic democratic society of well-informed citizens is at the core of our public purpose But the motivation of people isn’t single-minded – News and information is not a homogeneous market – The diversity of needs and wants of people with regard to news compares to the wide diversity of motivations towards media p y – There is no single promise that can embrace them all  We need to go wide in casting the general public, yet narrow in profiling and positioning the offer
  11. 11. The duality in news Stand-out from the crowd media Be part of the community Personal tool to blow the mind news Social agent in relationships Implications for newsprofiling The Specialist positioning The Reference The meta-vision/expert view content A guide/template to rely on To the point, up-tempo rhythm Calm, in-contol Bright, edgy, esteemed anchors Storytelling, familiar Contemporary, i C t innovative ti style t l Accessible, convenient A ibl i t
  12. 12. Research: segmentation of needs Stand-out via rebellion Driven by the need to express oneself Outward oriented Focus on the external world at large What is there to discover What is there to experience ? thatt is novel and extraordinary ? PERSONAL TOOL SOCIAL AGENT TO BLOW THE MIND IN RELATIONSHIPS Stand-out through competence Inward oriented Driven by the search for recognition Focus on the smaller, surrounding world What is going on in … What is going on in my region? … Politics Economy Culture Sports
  13. 13. Research: our brand-portfolio is almost perfect KETNET “ kids news” STUDIO BRUSSEL DONNA “the rebellious news” “the macroscopic news” CANVAS EEN “ high brow news” “the news standard” RADIO 1 “the current affairs” VRTNIEUWS RADIO 2 ? SPORZA “the sport news “the microscopic news” KLARA “ the cultural news news”
  14. 14. Research : vrtnieuws The spontaneous awareness is low (16%) – Much lower than the other brands in our portfolio – Despite the link with VRT that is known by all For those who know the brand, the meaning is limited brand – Perceived as the online news-department of VRT – Not associated with news and information programs on TV – Valued for its reliability: objective, factual, well-documented – Not compatible with the “subjectivity” of opinion-programs. – Opinion should issue from the media brands according to the media-brands, particular and differentiated profile of each one. – Definitely a seal of guarantee …but not a brand
  15. 15. Re-building the news brand We need a real news brand in our portfolio, that integrates both performance and emotion in the relation Primary positioned as a 100% dedicated news brand With a relevant and differentiated offer – Complete & update news – Available anytime (24/7), anywhere (at home and out-of-home) – Made by passionate news people with great expertise and ethics In a direct relation with the public
  16. 16. What’s in a name ? VRT is an institution that is valued by the public for its great know-how in the development of media-products but it is not media-products, a lovemark in the heart of the people A VRT-linked name restricts the potential of a specialized p p news brand due to transfer of “technical” associations that inhibit emotionalism in a direct relationship with the public The fi t t k Re-brand t i Th first task: R b d vrtnieuws.net .The new name should t Th h ld - be evocative for news and the experts that make it - be media-neutral to allow cross-media development
  17. 17. What about news & info on the various brands ? The psychology of the relation between individual media-brands and people should at all times be respected – Both in the programming and profiling of news productions In this context we need a brand that reminds the public that behind all news-related programs lies another force – That never will compromise on ethics ( “a super-ego”) – That is a guarantee of reliability and a source of confidence The second task: grow vrtnieuws to become a source brand – That endorses all the news productions of the various brands* – That facilitates migration within our brand portfolio (1+1=3) * The endorsement should be unobtrusive in order to not interfere with the individual identity of the brands
  18. 18. Two distinct brands, two distinct roles Newname = the specialist brand – The missing piece in our brand portfolio – Strongly differentiated and in direct relation with the audience Vrtnieuws = the source brand – A transversal mark of expertise & ethics backing all news products – Aimed at the public and the stakeholders
  19. 19. The total effort KETNET “ kids news” STUDIO BRUSSEL DONNA “the rebellious news” “the macroscopic news” CANVAS EEN “ high brow news” “the news standard” RADIO 1 “the current affairs” NEWNAME RADIO 2 “ the dedicated newsbrand” newsbrand SPORZA “the microscopic news” the news “the sport news KLARA “ the cultural news” With one common point of intersection: the source brand
  20. 20. What’s next ?
  21. 21. Strategy is a dynamic process What is successful at a given moment, can become contra-productive as times are changing Anticipate evolutions and dare-to-change when everything ( )g (still) goes well is the challenge g