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Linked In Portfolio

  1. 1. the cleantrustRename, Branding, Print CollateralThe Institute of Inspection, Cleaning andRestoration Certification (IICRC) had built asterling reputation within the industry theyserved. Their name however was creatinga challenge. Although inclusive, business-like and function-descriptive, it was hard toremember, even as an acronym. And asthe IICRC grew from a national to aninternational organization, with plans to gobeyond standards and certification in theB2B world, their “all-inclusive” name wasbecoming a liability.Working with the board and executivecommittee, Ruth reached into the promisethat the organization brings to the industry;through their registrants and the endconsumers they serve. And as a resultIICRC became the CleanTrust ‒ a broader,yet inclusive name, that was both benefit-focused and a lot easier to remember.Further we positioned the organization withthe tagline ”where professionals findtraining and consumers find peace of mind”.
  2. 2. the cleantrustGraphic Standards Manual
  3. 3. WasteManagement, GreenopolisLogo DesignWaste is perceived as a problem, not a solution.Increasing numbers of high profile companies andindividuals are committing to being “zero waste,”whereas others claim that no byproducts of theiroperations reach landfills. Waste Managementhas demonstrated its growing commitment todigital communications by investing time andenergy to build valuable relationships with theonline community. Edelman was tasked withbranding a campaign concept to encourageand measure recycling, giving the consumerspendable points through recycling centersthat keep track of recycling products.The final solution was to design the functionof the UPC barcode into the program logo.Being green is symbolized by grass, and theblades become an actual readable bar code Outtakesto track products and record points. To depictthe product’s life cycle, we enclosed the logowith a frame that uses arrows to represent acontinuous cycle. The type with the circularletters echo the full circle concept. Edelmanwas granted a Design USA award for the logodevelopment, but more importantly theGreenopolis program has recycled morethan 5 million tons of waste and awardedmore that 9 million Think Green points thatreward a new generation of recyclers.
  4. 4. The Panama CanalBranding, Tagline Ruth and Edelman’s international PR team joined forces to deliver a brand platform and visual identity to the Panama Canal that fully expressed the Canal’s dynamic economic, cultural and environmental ecosystem as it prepares for an historic expansion. The galvanizing idea that the Canal is Panama’s “Gateway to Tomorrow” anchored brand messages and creative delivery of logo and visual identity designs for merchandise packaging, apparel, signage and business materials. Outtakes
  5. 5. The Panama CanalIntegrated Marketing
  6. 6. Population ServicesInternational (PSI)Identity Population Services International (PSI) engaged Edelman to help retool the organization’s logo and brand. PSI knows something about branding, as they use the power of persuasion to lead social marketing programs around the globe, tackling huge issues such as AIDS, malaria, water quality and childhood survival. The company’s research showed that its image suffered largely because key audiences were beginning to see them as market-driven, corporate, competitive and uncaring. We softened the look of the logo by using lower-case letters, allowing PSI to appear more personable. The green and orange brackets Outtakes communicate precision, problem solving and compassion in the same gesture. Since the brackets never close, they allow the eye to move through them without creating a feeling of being hemmed in. This allows the mark to seem friendly, inviting and open. It also makes PSI appear easy to work with and approachable. The new Logo is emblazed on more than 30 social franchise clinic networks worldwide. Together these programs represent a 500 million dollar investment to improve global health.
  7. 7. Circana Health SolutionsBrandingCircana is a membership-basedorganization created for those who liveabroad and seek access to high qualityhealth and wellness services in theUnited States. Initially targeted to Latinand South American clients, Circanatagged Ruth to help refocus their brandon a wider international market.Moving away from Circana’s originalpassport look (which focused more ontravel and less on healthcare) wecreated a cleaner, more sophisticatedlook, anchored by a circular mark thatuses several shades of Circana’scorporate colors -- communicatingCircana’s global presence as well as Outtakestheir ability to incorporate the manyelements of care (patients, providers,insurers, employers and travel).
  8. 8. Circana Health SolutionsBranding
  9. 9. American NursesCredentialing CenterBrandingThe American Nurses CredentialingCenter (ANCC) provides individuals andorganizations throughout the nursingprofession with the resources to achievepractice excellence. After twenty yearsand substantial growth, ANCC came toRuth for a complete brand refresh.Our visual and verbal makeover beganwith an updated and versatile adaptationof ANCCs signature laurel leaf andribbon design. A distinctive color palettewas created to both unify anddifferentiate ANCC’s new family ofunique, sub-branded programs. Photostandards were also updated to include Outtakesmore action and emotion. And a powerfulthree word theme line (Innovate. Involve.Inspire.) punctuated the design, reflectingthe purpose of both the organization andthe nurses it supports.
  10. 10. American NursesCredentialing CenterBranding
  11. 11. World Pneumonia DayChildhood Pneumonia InfographicThe Johns Hopkins UniversityInternational Vaccine Access Center(IVAC) is the main sponsor of WorldPneumonia Day. It is celebrated each yearon November 12th to raise awarenessabout pneumonia being the worldsleading killer of children, and to advocatefor global action to protect against,effectively treat, and help prevent thisdeadly disease. While the WorldPneumonia Day partners have a wealth ofresearch, these materials are so dataheavy that it is difficult for a supporter toget a quick overview of the problem.In an effort to provide shareable, content forWorld Pneumonia Day supporters, Edelmanand Ruth designed an interactive infographic.The visual depicts basic statistics aboutchildhood pneumonia, piquing supportersinterest to learn more and take action.The infographic was placed on the WorldPneumonia Day website, and lives on itsown tab on the World Pneumonia DayFacebook page. This tab allows viewers tointeract with the infographic, download a PDFversion, share the file through his/her ownFacebook or Twitter presence, and alsoembed the interactive version on his/her own
  12. 12. National Mining AssociationMinerals Make Life InfographicThe content on National Mining Association’sMinerals Make Life website needed to becompelling for visitors, and encourageadvocates to share the information acrossonline platforms.Ruth and Edelman took the client’s existingfact sheets that were basic Worddocuments that had valuable messages butwere not engaging and designed aninteractive infographic to tell the same story,but in a more visually interesting way. Theinteractive elements of the infographicsentice website visitors to engage with thecontent, which increases the length of timethey spend on the website and encouragesthem to share the content with their peers. The Infographic was placed on theMinerals Make Life website, shared onNMA’s social media platforms, highlightedin the monthly email to supporters, andshared with bloggers and traditional media.In the first two weeks that the Infographicwas on the website, it was viewed 466times and visitors spent an average of 2:02minutes on the page.
  13. 13. NHTSAAuto Theft Prevention InfographicFor several years, NHTSA distributed avehicle theft prevention brochure that wasshared with partner organizations. Thisbrochure was not web-friendly and did notoffer online partners and blogs anopportunity to leverage the tips and datafrom the brochure to online platforms.Edelman and Ruth proposed creating aninfographic to display statistics and tipsfrom the vehicle theft brochure, making thedata and numbers easier to understand.This would provide NHTSA theopportunity to share the brochureinformation in a creative and visuallystimulating way that would appeal toautomotive bloggers and their respectiveaudiences.The NHTSA vehicle theft preventionbrochure was shared with influentialautomotive websites and blogs, resulting inplacement on widely-read sites and theirrespective social media platforms, including,KBB,, Autoblog,,, As a result ofthe combined placements, the infographicreached 10,029,900 unique blog readersand 83,380 followers/fans on Twitter andFacebook.
  14. 14. Hilex PolyBag the Ban InfographicsBag the Ban was initiated by our client, HilexPoly, a leading manufacturer of recycledcontent, high density polyethylene (HDPE)bags and films. The program was launchedin response to a proposed country-wide lawregarding taxing or banning plastic bags.Hilex had a robust database of facts but notangible content to share with stakeholders.To educate consumers on the benefits ofplastic bags and the unintendedconsequences of implementing bag bansand taxes, Edelman and Ruth developedthree interactive infographics that sharebasic facts about theeconomic, environmental and healthbenefits of plastic bags.The infographics live on the Bag the Banwebsite, and were shared across Facebookand Twitter. In addition, we used all threeinfographics to support ongoing outreachusing the infographics as needed to furtherbolster the story shared with specific mediaand bloggers. The infographics have beenviewed 3,500 times on the Bag the Banwebsite alone, and have also been repostedacross a number of blogs, garnering morethan 58,000 downloads.