Interview_Business Process Reengineering in e-government


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Interview with Michael Foster regarding Business Process Reengineering application in e-government. Taken September 15th 2011.

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Interview_Business Process Reengineering in e-government

  1. 1. Interview with Samuel Foster, CEO of Fostersoft, Busines Reengineering Processspecialist.E-Government Center: How can the principles of the Enterprise Reengineering be applied to theprocesses and culture of the Moldovan Government modernization effort in the e-governmentcontext?Michael Foster: As you know, there are certain principles with business processes reengineering and theprinciples can be used in terms of methodology, initially you have to have the right methodology,you haveto have structure, you have to have measurements and things were based on costs, on quality and impact. Sowith these principles, but these are just the fundamental principles, they are instrumental to anyimprovement, in any organization. So with these fundamentals you go from the start.ECG: Does the business process reengineering also lead to the mentality change?MF: Yes. Absolutely. This is certainly, one of the main things of business process reengineering is cultureand I think this is what this literature says. About 80 percent based on my study, 80 percent have to do withculture change just a side from the process, because the people are understanding, and if people have thesame frame of mind, then you have success a lot of times just because because one person says “a” and thesecond person thinks “b”.ECG: So, actually, business process reengineering here is not only a company, but also Governmentand also let’s say personal, or career thinking work, it concerns everybody. This is what you want tosay?MF: Yes, Business process reengineering does concern everyone, particularly when it comes to culture,everyone is affected. So yes, you are absolute correct.ECG: Which could be the main risks in implementing e-Transformation process for a country likeRepublic of Moldova?MF: Let me say that the major risk is not having the end result defined, that’s one major risk. To have notthe right resources. You have to make sure you have right resources in the right places. So having the rightresources in the right places then you can achieve optimal results.ECG: Which are the key factors for a successful e-Transformation process?M.F. Just certain things that are key for a successful e-transformation process, I would say at the top of myhead is that the strategy is important, the mission is also important, how you invest the mission, producingthe right outcome, having the methodologies in place so that you can produce the right outcome, having oneculture, addressing those issues and mitigating the risk at some part. So those are some, high level, success,key success factors for a successful e-transformation, and of course, using the correct technology as anenabler is also important. So, those are some things that are important.ECG: And one of the last questions So, such business process reengineering strategies are combined aswe find it at the top level. How can people working employed in the Government working process, Republica Moldova, Chișinau, MD-2033, 1, Piața Marii Adunări Naționale, Oficiul 659 Telefon 250 234
  2. 2. how can they apply business processes reengineering policies, how can they apply them in theireveryday work?MF: Business process reengineering, you are correct, has to start at the top level. If the executivemanagement team is leading the offer correctly, everyone else will get involved. It is important the team andthe team means everyone who forms your party. So when you have that team aboard then it’s a success.ECG: And there is another question, the last one. How can e-government affect enterprises?MF: Sure, do you mean, for instance, at the national level?If this is done correctly, this is such a fine time for the Moldovan government with the e-transformationeffort, if this effort is done correctly, in which I am confident that it will, it will transfer into economic value,for lack of better words, you may see an increased interest, you may see an increase in other outcomes andthe quality of services that you produce.ECG: Thank you. Republica Moldova, Chișinau, MD-2033, 1, Piața Marii Adunări Naționale, Oficiul 659 Telefon 250 234