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Driving government efficiency and innovation through cloud computing kanevskiy


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Driving government efficiency and innovation through cloud computing kanevskiy

  1. 1. Driving Government Efficiency andInnovation through Cloud Computing Mobile G-cloud Success story from Zelenograd district of Moscow Max Kanevskiy, CEO m-government competence center +7 921 771 89 79
  2. 2. The timeline of m-gov services in Zelenograd > 0,5 mln. SMS traffic, ~30 services Whats next?2010 Mobile2009 commerce & NFC SMS-inform IVR/SMS WAP portal2008 about traffic mobile (mobile jams guide content) SMS- news2007
  3. 3. The private m-cloud of District govenmentFew words about deployment. The infrastructure for providing typical services by variousgovernment organizations that work for those who live in aselected district.Service model.Software as a service. Any government institution from that very District are allowedto chose a required type of service & start providing servicesright from administrative panel or with the easy integration onthe base of API of the platform. How does it work?
  4. 4. The private m-cloud of District govenmentList of services & featuresInformationSMS-news. subscription to varion information topics for groups.SMS-reminder Individual & mass alert & notifications of civil seiviceemployees.CommunicationSMS-questions & polls Questions sent to to the short number ;MMS to e-mailSMS-conference.Transactions SMS-notification Intergration with data bases of municipal authorities. Bulk sms service initiated by moderator or automaticallyaccording to the schedule, CSV export of contact data & etc. Whats the interface?
  5. 5. The private m-cloud of Districtgovenment Order of a 1st stage serviceA potential user chooses the appropriatelink (for judicial bodies). 2nd stageFills the questionairThe user sends the request from theform to the e-mail of Administrator 3rd stage
  6. 6. The private m-cloud of municipalityBack office. AdministratorsAdministrator — full access to the management of the whole platformPartner — full access to to the management of related service(s)Operator - full access to statistics of the service(s)
  7. 7. The private m-cloud of municipalityBack office. Application example The application comes to Administration panel with the status Candidate. Thisstatus can be changed by administrator & the service is automaticallypublished on the site for users.
  8. 8. The private m-cloud of municipalityBack office. Statistics. The period since the 1st of September to the 20thof November 2011. More than 600 000 messages were sent for the whole period.
  9. 9. Thank you!Questions? +7 921 771 89 79