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Prezentare compartiment securitatea 05 03 2013 p sincariuc


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Prezentare compartiment securitatea 05 03 2013 p sincariuc

  1. 1. A secure and protected environment
  2. 2. Moldova in international rankings ICT Development Index - IDILegend:IDI - ICT Development Index (position 62 of 155)NRI - Network Readiness Index (position 78 of 142)E-GRI - e-Government Readiness Index (position 69 of 193)KEI - Knowledge Economy Index (position 77 of 145)
  3. 3. Moldova: IDI disaggregated by sub-indices Abonamente la telefonia fixa 120 Rata popula ei cu studii superioare Abonamente la telefonia mobila 100 80 60 La mea benzii Internet la canalele Rata popula ei cu studii medii interna onale 40 20 0 Rata de alfabe zare Gospodarii cu computere Abonamente la Internet in banda larga mobil Gospodarii cu acces la Internet Abonamente la Internet in banda larga Nivelul de penetrare a Internetului puncte fixe 2010 2012 Highlighted problems that diminish the value of the Index: Broadband underdeveloped (low development speed) Relatively low penetration of fixed telephony (unbalanced rates?) Low rate of population with higher education
  4. 4. IDI and GNI per capita: Moldova-constrained economyMoldova after the IDI is positioned at a higher level than countries with the samelevel of gross national income per capita, which shows:a) existence of some risks in the flexibility of ICT absorption capacityb) great potential of ICT development
  5. 5. VISIONMoldova is a country with an advanced information societyin which:- use of ICT facilities (ICT),- expanded access to modern infrastructure for electroniccommunications,- rich digital content and advanced information services;- Protected environmentlead to economic competitiveness, welfare and goodgovernment of the country.
  6. 6. General ObjectiveGeneral objective:Creating favorable conditions for the development and widespreaduse of the ICT potential by public institutions, businesses and citizensto achieve their economic, social and cultural goals for all benefit.Basic pillars:i) expanding access and connectivity by promoting competition innetwork and broadband access services,ii) building capacity for use of the benefits offered by ICT,iii) stimulating the development of digital content and e-services,iv) secure and protected environment .
  7. 7. Constraints• Un-optimized infrastructure and uneven access• Low "digital literacy" and insufficient use• Underdeveloped local digital content and low availability of electronic services• There is no public authority directly responsible and empowered with the powers, functions and duties, and a program on the country cyber security
  8. 8. A secure and protected environment The cybersecurity means normality resulting from the application of a set of proactive and reactive measures that ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and nonrepudiation of electronic information, public or private resources and services in cyberspace.
  9. 9. A secure and protected environment - threats Cyber ​threats materialize throw exploiting vulnerabilities of human factor, technical and procedural - most often in: • cyber ​attacks against the infrastructure to support public functions or services of the information society the disruption / damage could be a threat to national security; • unauthorized access cyber infrastructure; • modifying, deleting or damaging of data or restricting unauthorized illegal access to data; • cyber espionage; • causing a loss of property, harassment and blackmail individuals for the legal entities (public and private).
  10. 10. A secure and protected environment - Objectives and programs Specific objectives : Improve the national critical infrastructure cyber security level (public authorities / institutions, electronic communications networks, aqueducts,General objective power grid, transportation networks, and so on). •Increasing competence in cyber securityCreating conditions •Increasing awareness of the risks in digital spacefor increasing and needs of measures to ensure cyber security;security and trust in •Promotion and development of internationalthe digital space cooperation in cyber security field. Program: ”The program of providing a cyber security”
  11. 11. A secure and protected environment Increasing competence in cyber security: • Adequate training of persons working in cyber security and promoting widespread professional certifications in the field; • Inclusion of cyber security related training program and professional development of managers in public and private sector; • Information and training for employees of public institutions in cyber security issues and reduce cyber risks; • Developing Users Guide for minimum insurance requirements of cyber security.
  12. 12. Areas of intervention Legal and regulatory framework; Instituţional framework; Norms and Standards; Organisational framework; Tehnologic framework.