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  1. 1. ICT 4 SOCIETY: Mpay & MCloudSESSION IIIMPay & MCloudApril 17th , 2013
  2. 2. 1. Iurie Turcanu, e-Government Center MPay -Government e-Payment Gateway2. Veaceslav Puscasu, e-Government Center Valeriu Plamadeala, e-Government Center Cloud Adoption by Government of Moldova3. Sirbu Ion, DAAC System Integrator Cloud platform & E-reporting solution4. Yury Levdansky, Cisco Cisco: Connected Government5. Byun Dae Hwan, HIMC Corporation Effective Build and Management for IDC and Best Practice of Cloud System
  3. 3. ICT 4 SOCIETY: MPay & MCloudMPayGovernement Electronic PaymentGatewayIurie Turcanu, Chief Technology Officer, E-Government Center, Government of the Republic of MoldovaApril 17th , 2013
  4. 4. By 2020 all public services will be digitized and accessible for citizens and businesses from Public Services Portal.
  5. 5. • Serviciul Guvernamental de Plăți Electronice face posibilă achitarea serviciilor publice cu orice instrument financiar disponibil pe piață, inclusiv: – cardurile bancare Visa și MasterCard; – sistemele internet • In circulatie sunt cca. 1mln carduri banking; bancare; – sistemele mobile • In 2012 volumul tranzactiilor cu cardul a constituit cca. 16.5 mlrd MDL; banking; • Doar 5% din tranzactii sunt fara – etc. numerar. BNM
  6. 6. Providing services Act as a paymentpayable in many ways operator
  7. 7. 1. Guvernment of the Republic of Moldova 1. State Chancellery 2. Ministry of Finances 3. State Treasury 4. E-Government Center 5. Center for Special Telecommunications 6. Public Service Providers2. National Bank of Moldova3. Banks Association of Moldova4. MoldovaAgroIndBank5. Victoriabank6. Posta Moldovei
  8. 8. Thank you for your attention!Contact information: E-mail: Skype: cd_iturcanu