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Event sourcing - from wtf to why to wow


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An introduction to "Event Sourcing" and discussion on where it fits in CQRS, Microservices and DDD

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Event sourcing - from wtf to why to wow

  1. 1. Event Sourcing From WTF to WHY to WOW? Duncan Jones 💬 @Merrion Now with added CQRS and DDD
  2. 2. Agenda What Why How
  3. 3. Notes
  4. 4. Definition of event sourcing
  5. 5. Modelling using events
  6. 6. Comparison to RDBMS Performance ? Scalability? Scale UP Scale ACROSS ! Eventual Consistency
  7. 7. Comparison to RDBMS Business Fit ? Ledger / transaction based Document based, Less structured WRITE heavy READ heavy
  8. 8. Comparison to RDBMS Tooling ? Ease of use ?Developer Experience ?
  9. 9. Use with CQRS Query Command Projection Event Streams Cache Definition Implementation Identity Group Definition Implementation Identity Group Collate
  10. 10. Use with DDD and/or microservices Event Store Projection Identity Group Cache Bounded context (Domain) Command Query
  11. 11. Funky follow ups Query Command Cache Passive “Observer” Active Query
  12. 12. Next steps Experiment CQRS Designer (.NET) Azure Event Grid