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Microsoft Azure News - May 2020


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Monthly Azure news roundup as delivered to the Brisbane Azure User Group by Damien Berry

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Microsoft Azure News - May 2020

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  2. 2. Online Meeting Etiquette • Please stay muted unless invited to speak • Use chat for questions • Preface with a “Q: “ • If chat does not work, we will open floor at end of presentation • Or Tweet question with #BrisbaneAzureUG hashtag • Session is being recorded • Will include your profile images/video & possibly names • Ultimately will be posted on the BAUG YouTube Channel
  3. 3. Microsoft Azure News May 2020
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  5. 5. Upcoming Presentations Month Presenter(s) Topic January 2019 Gayatri Guru Sneak Peek into Azure Billing API February 2019 Alex Apergis / Josh Hurn Life in CloudOps March 2019 Valeriia Savenko Azure IoT 101 April 2019 COVID19 Isolation May 2019 Jernej Kavka From Paper to Power using Azure Form Recognition June 2019 July 2019 August 2019 September 2019 October 2019 November 2019 December 2019 Various UNCONVENTION NIGHT! Got Topic? Send message on Meetup or email
  6. 6. Blob Index for Azure Storage (Preview) Blob Index provides native object management and filtering capabilities, which allows you to categorize and find data based on attribute tags set. Blob Index not only helps you categorize, manage, and find your blob data but also provides integrations with other Blob service features, such as Lifecycle management.
  7. 7. Container Registry: customer-managed keys (Preview) With the introduction of customer-managed keys you can supplement default encryption with an additional encryption layer using keys that you create and manage in Azure Key Vault.
  8. 8. server-side encryption with customer-managed keys for Azure Managed Disks (GA) Azure customers already benefit from SSE with platform-managed keys for Managed Disks enabled by default. SSE with CMK improves on platform-managed keys by giving you control of the encryption keys to meet your compliance need. SSE with CMK is integrated with Azure Key Vault, which provides highly available and scalable secure storage for your keys backed by Hardware Security Modules. You can either bring your own keys (BYOK) to your Key Vault or generate new keys in the Key Vault.
  9. 9. Incremental snapshots of Managed Disks (GA) Incremental snapshots are a cost-effective, point-in-time backup of managed disks. Unlike current snapshots, which are billed for the full size, incremental snapshots are billed for the delta changes to disks since the last snapshot and are always stored on the most cost-effective storage
  10. 10. Azure disk sizes and bursting (GA) even the smallest Premium SSD disks (4 GiB) can now achieve up to 3,500 input/output operations per second (IOPS) and 170 MiB/second. Disk bursting will be enabled by default for all new deployments of burst eligible disks with no user action required. Burst capable disks Disk size Provisioned IOPS per disk Provisioned bandwidth per disk Max burst IOPS per disk Max burst bandwidth per disk Max burst duration at peak burst rate P1—New 4 GiB 120 25 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes P2—New 8 GiB 120 25 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes P3—New 16 GiB 120 25 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes P4 32 GiB 120 25 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes P6 64 GiB 240 50 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes P10 128 GiB 500 100 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes P15 256 GiB 1,100 125 MiB/second 3,500 170/MiB/second 30 minutes P20 512 GiB 2,300 150 MiB/second 3,500 170 MiB/second 30 minutes
  11. 11. Enhanced features in Azure Archive Storage (GA) Priority retrieval from Azure Archive Your archive retrieval request is placed in front of other requests and your offline data is expected to be returned online in less than one hour, compared to 15. Upload blob direct to access tier of choice (hot, cool, or archive) Copy Blob enhanced capabilities In certain scenarios, you may want to keep your original data untouched but work on a temporary copy of the data. The Copy Blob API is now able to support the archive access tier; allowing you to copy data into and out of the archive access tier within the same storage account.
  12. 12. DCsv2-series VM from Azure confidential computing (GA) Uses hardware-based trusted execution environments (TEEs). Even cloud administrators and datacentre operators with physical access to the servers cannot access TEE-protected data. Intel SGX hardware protects your data and keeps it encrypted while the CPU is processing it, even the operating system and hypervisor cannot access it, nor can anyone with physical access to the server. New scenarios are possible now in Azure, like confidential multi-party computation where different organizations combine their datasets for compute-intensive analysis without being able to access each other’s data.
  13. 13. Files share snapshot management by Azure Backup (GA)
  14. 14. Azure Monitor for virtual machines (GA) Troubleshoot guest-level performance issues. Determine whether back-end VM dependencies are connected properly Discover VM hotspots at scale based on - resource utilization, - connection metrics, - performance trends
  15. 15. Azure Form Recognizer (GA) Extracting text and structure information from documents is a core enabling technology for RPA The service now supports training with and without labels More tonight
  16. 16. Filesystem SDKs for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 (GA) GA of Python, .NET, Java, and JS filesystem SDKs for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 This includes support for CRUD operations for filesystem, directories, files, and permissions with filesystem semantics for ADLS Gen2. This streamlines the ability to ingest, manage, and analyze data for ADLS Gen2 and help them gain insights at cloud scale faster than ever before.
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  22. 22. On Demand Training - Updates •Azure Fundamentals •Introduction to Azure •Create Serverless Logic with Azure Functions •Designing a Hybrid Cloud in Azure •Docker for Web Developers •Azure AD for Developers •Azure For AWS Experts •Deploying Hybrid Identitity Solutions Using Azure AD •Monitoring Apps with Application Insights
  23. 23. From Paper to Power using Azure Form Recognition Speaker: Jernej Kavka Join Jernej Kavka on the journey from waiting weeks to get feedback from the user group talks to have the results in less than an hour for each event. You’ll see how you can use Form Recognizer to parse the data straight from the page, what you can and can’t do right now, as well as how you can leverage other Cognitive Services to get more details from the user feedback forms!
  24. 24. @BrisbaneAzureUG Thank you for joining!!