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7 things to do after you've hit "publish"


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Slides from the talk given at Startup Bootcamp on 06/03/2017 on how to distribute content once it's created!

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7 things to do after you've hit "publish"

  1. 1. to do after you hit @passle 7 things “publish” Claire Trévien
  2. 2. @passle 1. Social media
  3. 3. @passle Don’t just tweet it once – schedule it to share again in the future • Key findings from our legal industry content marketing report [infographic] *link* • Did you know that the average law firm has a Klout score of 42? *link* #legalnews • How does your #lawfirm compare to others in terms of online engagement? *link* • Law firms have increased their content by 77% this year, long live #contentmarketing! [GIF of someone punching the air] *link* • Which UK law firm is outperforming its rivals in terms of #content marketing?
  4. 4. @passle Useful tools for re-sharing • A social media management tool (e.g. Buffer or Hootsuite) • allows you to identify content as ‘evergreen’
  5. 5. @passle Some hashtags in professional services General: #professionalservices / #profserv #SME (small and medium sized business) #smallbiz (small business) #B2B (Business to Business) #B2C (Business to Customer) #B2Bmarketing #B2Cmarketing #businessplans #startup #custserv (customer service) #knowledgesharing #thoughtleaders Finances: #accountant #accountancy #fintech #finance #money #tax #digitalcurrency #virtualcurrency #cryptos / #crypto / #cryptocurrency #exchange #bitcoin #blockchain #litecoin #mobilebanking #mobilemoney #intellectualcapital #socialcapital #transactionbanking #finserv (financial service) #xfinance (exponential finance) #VC #sharktank #microfinance #p2plending (person to person lending) #finnews Insurance #instech #insurtech #insuretech #workerscomp #fraud #homeowners #healthinsurance #healthplan #futureoftheACA #termplan #terminsurance #carinsurancetips #risk #actuary #lifeinsurance #insuringlife #holidayinsurance #travel #traveltips #covermore #smarttraveller I list more over at: professional-services-marketing-hashtags
  6. 6. @passle Attach different media to it • Infographics • Videos • GIFs • Slideshares • An extract from your post • Etc
  7. 7. @passle • Vary the way you present the same piece on social media, whether through media or text • Try out different hashtags for maximum exposure • Don’t be afraid to share the same thing several times on social media In Summary
  8. 8. @passle 2. Cross-post
  9. 9. @passle Original Blog Post LinkedIn Publisher Facebook Notes Passle Medium (+ any other platform that allows for reposts i.e. Digital Doughnut, Business2Community etc)
  10. 10. @passle • When possible, share a brief extract from your blog and link back to the original post with a ‘Read more’ • Don’t write the same title as your original post Best practice
  11. 11. @passle 3. Email marketing
  12. 12. @passle Peaks correspond to when our newsletter comes out
  13. 13. @passle
  14. 14. @passle • Keep your email marketing lists focused – quality rather than quantity • Clean it up every few months – no point sending content to people who aren’t opening it • A/B test your emails to find out what content your audience prefers Advice
  15. 15. @passle 4. Recycle
  16. 16. @passle Original Blog Post Infographic Slideshare Podcast Video Conference Talk Workshop Webinar
  17. 17. @passle We have one for insurance too:
  18. 18. @passle – tool for non-designers
  19. 19. @passle
  20. 20. @passle • Adapt your content to every network you use • 85% adults use multiple screens at the same time* – using different networks (such as video networks, or sound networks) gives you a chance to reach them Summary *Source:
  21. 21. @passle 5. Specialist audiences
  22. 22. @passle Finding your niches Where is your audience hanging out? • Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + groups • Specialist forums and message boards • Comment sections of articles • Quora • Listserv • etc
  23. 23. @passle 6. Influencers
  24. 24. @passle Identify and target influencers Buzzsumo: identify influencers in a field by searching for key terms
  25. 25. @passle Buffer
  26. 26. @passle 7. Re-purpose
  27. 27. @passle • Regularly update your high-performing posts to keep them evergreen • (why not also give a spin to old posts to make them fresh again?)
  28. 28. @passle • Share content more than once • Cross-post it on other platforms • Email it to a focused list of contacts • Share it internally too • Recycle it into other media to maximize its reach • Target people with influence to see it (and share it!) • Update and re-share it later! In conclusion
  29. 29. @passle Hands on Monday 1. Pick a piece of content you’ve created (or intend to create) and draft a distribution strategy for it over the space of a week: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Include at least: 5 social media updates (with different wording) 3 transformations into a different format (i.e video, image, etc) 2 strategy ideas for targeting your niche/influencers
  30. 30. @passle @CTrevien Thank you!