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Deusto Law School


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Presentation of Deusto Law School, from University of Deusto

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Deusto Law School

  1. 1. Deusto Law School Universidad de DeustoUniversidad de Deusto University of Deusto
  2. 2. About us Deusto Law School is a medium-sized faculty which forms part of the University of Deusto. Deusto trains leaders in its well known Jesuit educational system with a solid background through its undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education programs. Our motto: Tradition and Innovation Over time we have achieved excellence in teaching and research. Starting with a traditional method we currently offer the most innovative programs based on vanguard talent and sights set on a global horizon: Tradition & Innovation. Gema Tomás - Dean Excellent Teaching Quality Deusto is an officially accredited institution and a dynamic organization recognized by official Quality Agencies for excellence in teaching (UNIBASQ, ANECA) and a rigorous internal quality control system (AUDIT). This distinction has been earned through our own teaching model where tutors play a key role to help students correctly develop the academic and professional competences envisaged for each degree. This is most highly valued by Deusto Law School students. «We want our Faculty to be the place where students discover Law and acquire a solid grounding in values such as justice, equality and solidarity. For this purpose, we have a large team formed by lecturers and practising professionals from the field of law, judiciary or business consultancy, who contribute to creating an atmosphere of study and collaborative work both through theoretical and practical classes.»
  3. 3. 1 More than 130 years of Legal Education ❚❚❚ Experience in training future lawyers Deusto Law School, founded in 1886, has gained a solid reputation for the high quality of its studies, academic staff and student body. Every year, our School provides 2,000 students with a comprehensive background, professional and personal development and high quality teaching, both at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. Many generations of top legal practitioners from Deusto Law School demonstrate this excellence. Our aim is to train qualified legal professionals, capable of working towards change and improvement in society, trying to build a fair and a more human, political, economic and social context. Hence, our efforts to encourage students to become responsible and critical individuals, with an attitude of service and solidarity, respectful to others, educated for peace and committed to dignity and to human rights. The best undergraduate and postgraduate education Our curricula are based on a professional profile, that is, on the definition of what a professional should be. This description has been agreed upon by the social actors in the field of law, business and labour relations: lawyers, judges, notaries, politicians, social workers, representatives from the business world in general, among others. This profile a set of knowledge and skills that must be acquired or developed throughout academic programs. 2000 law students 70 full-time faculty 60 visiting lecturers 250 visiting legal practitioners7.10:1 Student to Faculty ratio
  4. 4. 2 Seven reasons to study at Deusto Law School ❚❚❚ High quality Faculty-staff Students feel that Deusto Law lecturers make a difference with their competence, attentive teaching, institutional engagement and performance coherence. ❚❚❚ Close to real experience The blended learning provided by full-time lecturers, practitioners and international visiting scholars is highly valued by students as an approach to real world experience. ❚❚❚ Tutor-assisted learning Tutors are on hand to guide and encourage students in their development as they build confidence and autonomy. ❚❚❚ Partnerships imply outstanding internships A close connection between Deusto Law School and the most representative institutions such as the Bar Association and outstanding companies implies diversity and quality in our internships. Our students give us their opinion. Extracted from the 2017 Deusto Quality Department Survey
  5. 5. 3 ❚❚❚ Education based on ethical values and social justice Deusto places special emphasis on humanist education intended to make students not only excellent professionals but also people to serve a society committed to human rights. ❚❚❚ Modern campus & renewed resources Deusto’s Campus provides recently renovated areas with cutting edge technology, renewed social spaces, a new sports centre and a library, all of which are highly valued by students. ❚❚❚ A school to prepare for broad international careers Deusto Law School offers a wide range of advantages, creating opportunities for an international environment. Deusto boosts exchange programs for students, faculty and administration staff.
  6. 6. 4 Rankings Deusto is building a solid reputation for excellence in teaching which is reflected in rankings. Our institutional goal of transparency is being publicly recognised and Deusto Law School is ranked 3rd in the Spanish list of Universities. Business Law is cited as one of our most outstanding quality areas. in educational achievement in conjunction with other universities U-Ranking 2017 by BBVA Foundation and Institute of Economic Research 1st position in Law (Spanish universities) Everis Foundation University-Business Ranking 2017 3rd position among the 10 most influential universities U-Ranking 2017 by BBVA Foundation and Institute of Economic Research 5th position Master’s degree in Business Law listed as the third best program 2017 El Mundo Ranking 3rd position in Global Classification in conjunction with other six universities The 10 most influential universities on the networks.El Mundo 2017 5th position UNIVERSITY OF DEUSTO DEUSTO LAW SCHOOL
  7. 7. 5 Deusto Law School has a proud history of recognition in the European Union. Deusto founded the Institute of European Studies in 1979 even before Spain became a member of the European Union. Being a pioneer in this field has permitted Deusto Law School to receive distinction from the European Commission with several Jean Monnet Actions designed to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of European Union studies worldwide. These Jean Monnet Actions foster dialogue between the academic world and policy-makers, in particular with the aim of enhancing governance of EU policies. A Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Three Jean Monnet Chairs • Chair in Interdisciplinary Studies on European Integration • Chair in European Union on Transnational Trade Law • Chair in EU Economic and Legal Integration for People Two Jean Monnet Modules • Module of Economic Constitution • Module of Students’ Awareness of Public Integrity and Accountability in the European Union Recognition in the European Union
  8. 8. 6 Student-focused education Deusto’s student-centred approach to education aims to ensure students receive a solid academic background. The Faculty of Law bases its tradition of teaching excellence on an unconditional commitment to humanist education. The Literature & Law Program to promote reading and gain insight into legal culture Review for Journals to enhance writing abilities For this reason, students can choose from a large range of opportunities to practice critical legal thinking and to explore perspectives of real problems. Moot Court Competition to experience actual law practice Legal Debate League to foster public speaking skills
  9. 9. 7 Legal Clinic and Social Justice Opened in 2015, our Legal Clinic is the place to acquire solid training with an ethical perspective focused on social justice. The Legal Clinic provides support for local social entities and some NGOs within a Learning-Service environment. We try to be close to the most disadvantaged. Students enrolled in Clinic projects get hands-on learning experience with the invaluable help of pro-bono lawyers. Legal Clinic Projects Immigration and Refugees Development Projects for Women Human Trafficking Housing Law Assistance in Prison Projects Ombudsman Assistance Assistance to the Elderly
  10. 10. 8 Bachelor’s Degrees 240-288 ECTS Grado en Derecho Grado en Relaciones Laborales Grado en Derecho + Especialidad/Minor Económica Grado en Derecho + Especialidad/Minor TIC Joint Bachelor’s Degrees 360 ECTS Doble Grado en Derecho + Comunicación Doble Grado en Derecho + Relaciones Internacionales Doble Grado en Derecho + Relaciones Laborales Doble Grado en Derecho + Administración y Dirección de Empresas Master’s Degrees 60 ECTS Máster en Asesoría Fiscal Máster en Derecho de la Empresa Máster en Acceso a la Abogacía Máster en Gestión de Empresas Marítimo-Portuarias y Derecho Marítimo Joint Master’s Degrees 90-120 ECTS Doble Máster en Acceso a la Abogacía + Derecho de la Empresa Doble Máster en Acceso a la Abogacía + Asesoría Fiscal Máster Conjunto en Acción Internacional Humanitaria (NOHA) Diplomas 15-30 ECTS Derecho Digital Compliance Sociolaboral Derecho Concursal Contratos Públicos Courses Programa Formativo en Derechos Humanos para Líderes Indígenas de América Latina, with The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights ForUndergraduateStudentsForPostgraduateStudents Our Programs -Spanish
  11. 11. International Law is the most significant area in our globalised world and these programs are designed to provide students with skills, practice and concepts for this complex field. Minor: «Skills for international lawyers» 24 ECTS ForPostgraduateStudents Master of Laws 60-120 ECTS In International Legal Studies In Transnational Law & Trade In Public International Law Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA)- Human Rights Policy and Practice (HRPP). Erasmus Mundus Short Certified Advanced Programs 30 ECTS Courses International Law European Law Labour Law 9 ForUndergraduateStudents Our Programs -English
  12. 12. Research In line with the Jesuit vocation for research, Deusto Law School promotes research in connection with academic programs and social problems. More than 60 full-time staff have officially accredited research. For more information: Research activities show outstanding achievements every year through constant participation in international, European (FP7, H2020, ERASMUS+), and regional projects. Keeping pace with the trend, our Faculty is formed by researchers with excellent curricula (Ramón y Cajal Project, European COFUND). Deusto lecturers lead research groups in cutting-edge fields such as Transnational & Competition Law, European and Social Integration, Cooperative Law and Refugee & Human Rights Law. Publications in prestigious Journals —JCR/ISI, Scopus, SPI/CSIC.— Institute of Cooperative Studies was founded in 1984 and it organizes courses and seminars throughout the academic year. Centre Pedro Arrupe Institute of Human Rights was founded in 1997 with the main purpose of working for a human rights culture. 10 Centre Researches Groups Publications Projects
  13. 13. ❚❚❚ PhD Programs It is possible to pursue PhD Law studies on two different paths: Phd Program in Business Law Shared with Comillas University in Madrid and ESADE University in Barcelona. PhD European Program in Law & Development Shared with another five Universities: Oslo, Tartu, South Africa, Edinburgh and Tilburg. ❚❚❚ Deusto International Research School Deusto International Research School (DIRS) gives support to students who undertake a doctorate program. DIRS concentrates on interdisciplinary, international and intersectoral activities in order to broaden the experience and exposure of young researchers to real social challenges and networking. ❚❚❚ Library (CRAI) Deusto Center of Learning and Research Resources (CRAI) is located in an outstanding 22,275 m2 building designed by architect Rafael Moneo. It has modern reference rooms and nearly a thousand reading stations and carrels available for researchers. With over a million volumes, it is the Basque Country’s largest library. It is located next to the Guggenheim museum and opposite our Univerisity. 11 PhD Programs & Resources
  14. 14. Open to the world The University of Deusto is focused on excellence in education, achieving a significant position of international leadership for decades. Deusto offers mobility exchanges for education, research and specialized courses in leading Universities all over the world. + 300 International mobility agreements  Deusto participates in Erasmus Internship Programs and SICUE, enabling students, lecturers and researchers to develop activities and education stays for learning & research abroad. + 1.400 International incoming students every year Deusto has been recognised with the distinction of Campus of International Excellence (ARISTOS CAMPUS MUNDUS) committed to socially responsible and sustainable innovation: The strategic aggregation of Deusto, Comillas Pontifical University and Universitat Ramon Llull. It is also a member of an advanced strategic aggregation with Georgetown University, Boston College y Fordham University Following this policy Deusto Law School works closely with many law school networks and academic groups worldwide. Faculty members are active academics and researchers leading international networks and projects which have become increasingly relevant in International Law, Human Rights and European Law: European Inter-University Center for Human Rights and Democratization (EIUC), Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI), European Law Faculties Association (ELFA), Association of International Law and International Relations (AEPDIRI), International Centre of Research and Information of the Public, Social & Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC), European Network for Clinical Legal Education (ENCLE), among others.
  15. 15. 13 ❚❚❚ An international legal career International Studies have a long tradition in Deusto Law School, making it the ideal environment for international students to pursue their academic careers. Deusto Students have the opportunity to build a solid education with the knowledge and skills for a complex and globalized world. Legal English skills Deusto Law School offers education in Legal English Language skills and training for English TOLES exam. Bridge Program: international legal experience Outstanding students may follow an international shadowing program for an intensive two week experience abroad. This is flexible in-company learning arranged with the collaboration of international offices of the most prestigious Law Firms. International research projects Research teams at Deusto Law School are open to participation of students who want to enhance their competence in this field. International internships to enhance professional training Deusto students can do internships abroad in companies, legal offices, bodies or institutions working in the International field. Optional programs abroad Deusto Law School offers the possibility of enrolling on an international programat a foreign university in special economic conditions.
  16. 16. The Career Service for Undergraduate Students in the Faculty of Law intends to orientate students to develop their own personal branding. We provide them with specific legal tools and an employment-oriented service from their first year. Final year students may participate in guidance programs and job-oriented programs. Our high employment rate attests to the efficiency of these coaching actions. 300internships every year in companies, consultancy and legal firms provide Law students with the skills and knowledge necessary to get a job. We may also offer internships for international students enrolled in our programs to get legal experience for short periods. 14 Career Service
  17. 17. 15 Every year Deusto Law School organizes direct meetings between employers and alumni who are looking for their first job opportunity or a change of employment to improve in their professional career. Deusto founded the first School of Legal Practice in Spain in 1965, which comprises a very extensive legal network. Deusto Law Alumni Association helps to build solid networks and organizes a range of courses and events to enhance professional careers. Business Law is one of the areas where interaction between practitioners and the Law School is most intense. Continuing professional development & alumni
  18. 18. 16 Campus life University life stretches beyond classrooms and Deusto enables students to share life experiences and join other members of the Deusto community. We offer a wide variety of experiences to grow and enjoy. Students may find theater, drawing, debates, concerts, mountain outings, international volunteering camps, Basque dance, photography, and many other activities. Some activities may be recognised for credit. Solidarity Health Arts Technology Culture Communication
  19. 19. 17 ❚❚❚ Sports Deusto boasts a fully-equipped Sports Centre with multi-sports halls for indoor and outdoor activities such as gym stations, tennis and paddle courts, artificial grass pitches for football, studios for group exercise classes or wall climbing. Deusto offers individual coaching for students who are actively involved in top-class and professional sports. Students have the chance to do different sports, participate in more than one hundred activities while meeting colleagues from other schools and nationalities. A famous sporting competition is the «Regata Deusto- Ingenieros» a University rowing competition that has taken place in the Bilbao River since 1981 More information: Sports card: to use sports facilities. Bilbao: San Sebastian:
  20. 20. 18 Accommodation Deusto students benefit from a wide variety of accommodation offerings. On-campus accommodation Deusto Accommodation Service aims to help students through the whole process of finding accommodation in Bilbao and San Sebastian. The Student Residence Hall (Colegio Mayor Deusto) offers top-quality accommodation facilities for students, researchers and lecturers in 300 individual rooms. Off-campus accommodation There are other options available to students such as shared flats, homestays, apartments for teachers and researchers or family accommodation. Our personal advisory service may assist students with more information about private accommodation. For further information about accommodation please send an email to: Bilbao campus: San Sebastian campus: i
  21. 21. 19 ❚❚❚ Mobility The International Relations Office helps students and professors in mobility programs (ERASMUS, ERASMUS Mundus External Cooperation Window). Please check our website ❚❚❚ Language facilities The Language Centre offers special programs to learn English, German, French, Chinese, Basque or Spanish for foreign students (summer courses, small groups). Deusto Law School provides unique tools to train for a successful International legal career (Legal English Skills, TOLES exam preparation). Centro Internacional de Español (CIDE) Centro Internacional de Español (CIDE) offers a wide range of Spanish courses for specific purposes, combined with other subjects and specific training for teachers. +1,500International students every year  ❚❚❚ Financial aid We are committed to ensuring that the lack of economic means is not a deterrent for students to study at this University. Please see more information on our website or contact us in: or 1: 7students with financial aid. Student assistance
  22. 22. 20 Deusto Law School is located on the Bilbao Campus. Some Law programs are also offered at the San Sebastian Campus such as the Joint Degree in Law & Business Administration; and the Joint Degree in Law & Communication. Bilbao is a seaport, financial and economic hub which the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2017 (GTCI) highlights among the world’s best cities for its talent management. Bilbao has been named European City of the Year in the 2018 Urbanism Awards. Bilbao is praised for its transformation into an outstanding university, museum and business city. Enjoying education in outstanding cities Foto: Agustín Sagasti
  23. 23. 21 San Sebastian —European Capital of Culture 2016— has impressive artistic, cultural and gastronomic value with international acknowledgement (Film Festival, Gastronomy Prizes, Jazz Music Summer Festival). San Sebastian is known as the Pearl of the Cantabric Sea, with its beautiful bay, mix of sea and mountains, quality of life and world famous cuisine, all of which has made it a top tourist destination for over two centuries. Our Campus in San Sebastian is also located near the business city centre and near the river where students may do sport and also enjoy University life.
  24. 24. Our campus 22 ❚❚❚ Bilbao campus The Bilbao campus was declared a Site of Historical interest in 2002. It is formed by several architecturally valuable buildings surrounded by green areas to enjoy campus life. It is located opposite the Guggenheim Museum in the heart of city life. Its most distinctive features are its central staircase, the Library (currently the Salón de Grados),the Gothic Chapel and the Main Hall. It is located in the most cosmopolitan area of Bilbao, beside the river and surrounded by avant garde buildings boasting signatures of the world’s most prestigious architects. Students find it easy to fit into life in Bilbao, especially once they realise that it takes only 20 minutes to reach the beach by metro-underground and they can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities in the mountains that surround the city. Contact Tel: +34 944 139 000 Avenida de las Universidades, 24 48007 Bilbao Bizkaia Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 13:00 Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:30 (July and August: 9:00 to 13:00)
  25. 25. 23 ❚❚❚ San Sebastian campus The San Sebastian campus is distinctive for its avantgarde design and singular architecture set within green areas and a unique arboretum. A five-story building for new classrooms and offices (the Father Arrupe Building) built in 1998 was the finishing touch for the original campus project. In 2005, fitting out the Matteo Ricci Technology Building, the new Library and the head office of the Basque Institute for Competitiveness-Orkestra provided the campus with new and modern facilities. The San Sebastian campus is located on the banks of Urumea River, beside the Cristina-Enea Park. The site covers 32,000 m2, forming part of the city centre which many call «the most beautiful in the world». The seaside, surfing and «pintxos» in the Old City are part of the favourite during university years. Contact Tel: +34 943 326 600 Camino de Mundaiz, 50 20012 San Sebastian Guipuzkoa Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 13:00 Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 17:30 (July and August: 9:00 to 13:00)
  26. 26. 24 Contact Deusto Law School Tel.: 94 413 90 55 Email: Follow us on @DerechoDeusto Deusto Law Alumni
  27. 27. 25 The University of Deusto reserves the right to make modifications concerning any of the points indicated in this brochure. Publication date: January, 2018.
  28. 28. Universidad de DeustoUniversidad de Deusto University of Deusto