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School of Law Undergraduate Brochure


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School of Law Undergraduate Brochure

  1. 1. Judge for yourself.Undergraduate opportunities
  2. 2. Welcome from the Head of SchoolSouthampton Law School has built a reputation as one ofthe leading law schools in the UK. Its teaching was declared Contents“excellent” by the Government’s Quality Assurance Agency Welcome from Head of School 2in 2003, and it was one of only eleven law schools to have Key facts & figures 595% or more of its research output regarded as being of“international standard or above” in the recent 2008 Why Southampton Law School? 6Research Assessment Exercise. Skills ensuring employability 8Our 35 members of full-time staff are involved in the development Our academic programmesof law both nationally and internationally. They bring the highest LLB (Law) 3 years 10levels of dedication and enthusiasm to their work, and years of LLB (Maritime Law) 3 years 10practical experience as lawyers and teachers. Some have wonnational prizes for their work. One former lecturer of the School LLB (accelerated programme) 2 years 12was one of the first judges to be appointed to the Constitutional LLB (European Legal Studies) 4 years 15Court of South Africa, and played a significant role in the struggle LLB (International Legal Studies) 4 years 15against the apartheid regime. Other staff members are helping to Teaching, learning & assessment 16shape law and society in equally significant ways, consulting withgovernments, agencies and research institutes throughout the Mooting 16world on the complex issues of the day. International students & scholarships 17We are equally proud of our students, who have distinguished Admissions & fees 18themselves in recent years by winning national and international Visit us 19competitions in legal negotiation and advocacy skills. Our alumniinclude judges, politicians and senior practitioners in some of thetop international law firms, both in the UK and abroad.We offer innovative and challenging programmes, with caring,highly professional staff, and are unique in providing a two-week Contact usprogramme dedicated to employability skills. The result is that For full details of our programmes and courses,students are provided with the highest-quality legal education together with video clips of the studentand excellent career prospects on graduation. experience, please visit our website.I welcome you warmly to join this thriving, innovative academic Undergraduate Admissionscommunity, and wish you all the success that your predecessors School of Lawhave enjoyed. University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJProfessor Natalie Lee United KingdomHead of the School of Law Tel: (+44) (0)23 8059 2596 Fax: (+44) (0)23 8059 3024 Email: 3
  3. 3. Key facts & figures Research rating The School has had confirmed in the recent 2008 Research Assessment exercise that 95% of its research output was of international quality, a percentage achieved by just ten other law schools. All full-time staff are engaged in research at the highest national level. The School is currently home to one of the UK’s top generalist law journals, Legal Studies. Teaching rating “Absolute confidence” (2003, Quality Assurance Agency) Staff 35 (full-time) The research expertise of our staff covers subjects as diverse as information technology, e-commerce and intellectual property law; law, ethics and globalisation; european, social, human rights and comparative law; health care and ethics law; family law; corporate law; criminal justice,legal theory and social security law; and maritime law. A full list of staff and their interests can be found on our website at Average tutorial group size Up to 10 students Annual student intake 170 (UK/EU), 60 (international) “I found Southampton’s collegiate approach of open discourse and academic collaboration, helped me to reach my potential. There was always an opportunity to develop and learn through sharing ideas and opinions in a tolerant and open minded environment. Classes were enthused by the knowledge and expertise of world-leading academics at the cutting edge of their fields, meaning you come out of classes inspired and with a unique understanding of the law you could not get from anywhere else”. Thomas Webber LLB4 5
  4. 4. Why Southampton Law School?World-class facilities Mooting Housing ClinicContinued investment of £200million over the last While some universities only offer the chance to a selected As part of the Pro Bono activities the School of Lawfour years ensures that you will benefit by living in one few, all students at Southampton participate in mooting has set up a ‘citizens’ advice-style’ housing clinic,of the best learning environments in the UK. Our (mock court cases) during their first year, working with offering free consultations for any student requiringoutstanding facilities on campus, exceptional teaching, opposing teams, researching and arguing points of law advice on renting property. The housing clinic is run ongood accommodation and excellent social and sporting in front of a judge. Many of our students go on to enter a voluntary basis by a team of second and third year lawamenities make it easy to see why our students rate us (and win) national or international competitions. students, collaboratively with local highly. Team Building Development Programme Making a DifferenceAcademic excellence You will be involved with your fellow students and staff Through the University of Southapton Student UnionThe School holds the highest possible government right from the very beginning of your course: starting you can get involved in a wide range of volunteerratings for both teaching (Quality Assurance Agency, with a one-day development course, where you will projects in the arts, sports, animal welfare, translation,2003) and legal research. Our staff author many of the meet and form the team you will work with throughout children and youth work, general support and advice,leading books and articles which define the law students your first year in tutorials, mooting programmes and music, social welfare plus lots more. Whatever yourare learning today. Their innovations in research allow other activities. interest we can help find a placement, a one-off projectpioneering course options on our LLB programme, with or partnership for you to get involved in.up-to-the-minute insights on the legal questions of the Wanting That Extra Global Edge?day. As experienced teachers, they will both supportand challenge you at the highest level. We can offer a wide variety of ways for you to combine your UK studies with a year abroad if you are interested in adding or enhancing the global element of yourOutstanding reputation career. See our web site for more information.Southampton is ranked in the top 10 universities in theUK for research, and in the top 15 for law. We have a Street Lawworldwide reputation for academic excellence, and youwill be taught by internationally respected staff working An ‘access to law’ pro bono programme offered atat the forefront of their fields. We enjoy an excellent Southampton where you work in teams, and supportedreputation with the professions and with prospective by your tutors, address the legal concerns of localemployers, both nationally and internationally. Our community groups and present your findings in a varietyLLB degree is accredited for practice in a wide variety of interactive ways.of countries worldwide, including Australia, Canada,Malaysia and Singapore. BarLink BarLink is a unique career development scheme for thoseEquality of opportunity who are seriously intending to go to the Bar, where youOur commitment to widening participation and the will attend local Chambers to be twinned with a barristerUniversity’s extensive range of awards, bursaries and specialising in criminal law, employment law, family lawscholarships mean that an education is open to all and housing law.students with the necessary skills and ability,irrespective of age, race, sex, colour, religion,background or financial circumstances.6 7
  5. 5. Skills ensuring employabilitySouthampton Law School graduates are During your legal studies, you will have thehighly valued by prospective employers. opportunity to develop a number of key skills,Our alumni include current partners and which are critical to your employability andsenior partners in some of the top law firms professional effectiveness, whatever careerin the country, including Linklaters, Herbert path you ultimately choose:Smith, Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, – teamworkingMacfarlanes, Simmons & Simmons, Norton – critical analysisRose, and Farrers. Others are successful – communicationbarristers featured in the country’s top law – problem-solvingdirectory, the “Legal 500”, while some havechosen to follow careers in the legal – personal development planningdepartments of international corporations – advocacy (many students compete insuch as Vodafone. Our international graduates internal, national and internationalare also exceptionally well placed in practice competitions)in their home countries. – negotiationOn average, 50 different law firms (both City – client counsellingand provincial) canvas students at our careers – research and writing.fair each year, which also attracts Careers advice and support is availablerepresentation from the Crown Prosecution from the University Careers Service, whichService and local government. Some of our offers face-to-face guidance and has anacademic posts and academic prizes are excellent careers library and online resources.sponsored by these firms, who participate The Law School also provides a dedicatedactively in our legal skills programme, as do careers coordinator, with extensivemany local barristers and judges. experience of the legal profession.In an increasingly competitive global market,employers are looking for more than thetechnical skills and knowledge of a degreediscipline.8 9
  6. 6. Our academic programmes LLB (3 years) (M100) Programme structure Year One Core Units Year Two Core Units Year Three Core Module Constitutional and Law of the European Union Legal research and writing Administrative Law Law of Torts (leading to production of a legal dissertation)LLB (Law) LLB (Maritime Law) Law of Contracts Land Law3 years (M100) 3 years (subject to validation) Criminal law Equity and Trusts Legal System and ReasoningProgramme overview Programme overviewThe LLB programme teaches you the key principles of Our LLB (Maritime Law) is a new and unique Optional Full Modules (choose four):English law across a variety of fields, and introduces you programme providing an excellent foundation for a Admiralty Lawto a wide range of more specialised areas of legal study. career in international maritime law, commerce and Carriage of Goods by SeaOn the course you will also develop key skills, such as related industries. It is a fully qualifying law degree, Commercial Conflicts of Law and Internationalcritical analysis, legal problem-solving and logical recognised by the Law Society and the Bar Council of Litigationreasoning, and will have the opportunity to sharpen England and Wales, and carrying full exemption from Commercial Salesadvocacy (via our mooting programme), teamworking the academic stage of legal education for the purposes of professional qualification. The University of Company Lawand negotiation skills. Throughout the course you will Southampton Law School has for many years Crime and Justice: Law and Policybe encouraged to think critically and creatively about specialised in the field of Maritime Law with its Employment Lawthe adequacy of existing laws in meeting the needs ofmodern societies. internationally renowned Institute of Maritime Law, Evidence and Procedure and is the research base of many of the leading maritime Family LawIn years one and two, you will study the seven compulsory lawyers in the world. Southampton is a medieval citysubjects required to obtain your professional Health Care Law with a longstanding maritime heritage. It also has close Information Technology Lawexemptions: train access to London’s Baltic Exchange, and the UK Intellectual Property Law– Constitutional and Administrative Law Supreme Court. International Protection of Human Rights– Law of Contract In years one and two, you will study the seven Jurisprudence– Criminal Law compulsory subjects required to obtain your Law, Government and Administration– European Union Law professional exemptions as in the LLB (Law). In year three you will take specialised maritime modules; Law of Unjust Enrichment– Law of Torts selecting three optional modules from the following: Public International Law– Land Law Tax Law Admiralty Law, Carriage of Goods by Sea, Commercial– Trusts and Equity Conflicts of Law and International Litigation, Law and the Human BodyIn year one you also take part in an introductory team- Commercial Sales and Public International Law. Youbuilding course and a course on Legal reasoning and will have a free choice from the full range of final year Or three full options, plus two half-systems. LLB options for your fourth final year module. options from:In year three you can spread your wings and tailor your You will also complete a supervised legal dissertation, Renting Homes: Law and Policydegree to your individual interests, by selecting four a distinctive feature of all Southampton LLB programmes, Youth Justicemodules from our wide range of options (see the table on as part of our final year Legal Research and Writing EC Competition Lawpage 11 for details). You will also complete a supervised module. This will be in the area of an approved maritime Penal Policylegal dissertation as part of our Legal research and writing subject. Visit our website for more details. Child Supportcourse. This can focus on any legal topic you choose andis a distinctive feature of the Southampton LLB. LLB (2 years) (M101) Final Year Modules for LLB (Hons) 2 Year Programme Only – from 2010/11 onwards Legal Research and Writing Equity and Trusts European Union Law Land Law Law of Torts Please note that options offered may differ from year to year. For full details of all our courses, please visit our website at www. 11
  7. 7. Our academic programmesLLB (accelerated programme) Unique to Southampton LLB courses:2 years (M101) Legal research and writing: the final-yearThis programme offers a fast, qualifying route through dissertationthe academic stage of legal training if you are already This is an outstanding feature of the final year of oura graduate in another field. It allows you to complete LLB programme. It is popular with students andthe LLB degree in two years rather than the standard highly valued by employers, as an indicator of abilitythree years. to work independently and creatively on a substantialYou will complete the seven core units as outlined on legal 11 to satisfy the professional requirements of the You will be able to choose your dissertation topic withBar Council and Law Society, and our Legal research the help of your personal tutor and dissertationand writing dissertation module. This route is supervisor. You will learn how to research a subject inparticularly suitable for those who require grounding depth and how to present the results of your researchin the core legal subjects and research skills, but are in a coherent, analytical way. Some of the workkeen to progress to legal practice as swiftly as possible. produced by our students is of publishable quality.This fast track route doesn’t offer much scope for Examples of topics studied in recent years are:specialisation, so if you wish longer term to specialisein a specific area, you are advised to consider our – Legal regulation of the Internetthree-year LLB programme. – Press freedom and the protection of privacyIf you are an international graduate you should check – Crimes against humanity: the Pinochet casethe accreditation status of this programme with your – Football transfer fees and the lawlocal Bar Association, as local rules may differ. – Domestic violence and the criminal law – Constitutional reform of the House of Lords – Prenuptial agreements – The modern role of the UN Security Council – Marine salvage – Film censorship – E-commerce – Voluntary euthanasia – Genetic experimentation – Environmental protest – Trans-racial adoption.12 13
  8. 8. Austrian Parliament, Vienna Our academic programmes LLB (European Legal Studies) LLB (International Legal Studies) 4 years (M125) 4 years (M130) This popular course allows you to spend a full academic We can you the exciting opportunity to study law in a year at a university in another European country, jurisdiction outside the European Union, as part of your studying law and developing your language skills under LLB degree, experiencing a completely different culture the Erasmus exchange programme. A specific in the process. requirement of the course is that you should have a high You will spend a full academic year at your choice of one level of proficiency in the language of the country you of our designated university studying aspects of the plan to visit (normally at least to A level standard). legal system and substantive law of that country. However this requirement will not apply if you attend Currently students may study in Canada, Chile, Hong a European University where the language of Kong and Singapore. There is no language requirement instruction is English. Please see our website for further as you will attend universities in which English is the guidance. If you apply for this programme you will be language of instruction. expected to demonstrate that you are self-motivated, literate and articulate. This attractive opportunity for LLB students reflects not only the School of Law’s own international standing Please see our website for details: www.southampton. but also the diversity of jurisdictions in which graduates of English law may pursue their legal careers. You will You will spend your year abroad at the end of your return to the UK after the completion of the academic second year, following a selection process in year one. year to complete your fourth and final year, after which Funding is arranged in the normal way through your you will be awarded the degree of LLB (International LEA and student loans, with some funding from the EU. Legal Studies) to highlight your international skills. You will then return to Southampton for your final year. Our current partnership arrangements are with: Current exchange destinations for our students are: – Hong Kong University – Athens – National University of Singapore – Bergen – University of Ottawa,Ontario – Bologna – Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile – Dresden – Singapore Management University. – Fribourg – Hannover – Leuven – Lyon – Madrid – Malta – Nantes – Oslo – Paris – Rouen – Vienna.14 15
  9. 9. Teaching, learning & assessment International students & scholarshipsTeaching and learning You will also enjoy the benefits of the latest information Welcoming international students International scholarships and supportUnder the most recent assessment of the government’s technology and online learning resources via the The University of Southampton is experienced at The University offers a pleasant, secure, cosmopolitanQuality Assurance Agency, our teaching received the University’s network of more than 1,700 campus-based dealing with the needs of our international students and environment. We offer a comprehensive range ofhighest possible rating. We are particularly proud of our workstations, 25 of which are situated in the law provide a wide range of support on campus. support services for international students, includingworking relationship with our students and were building itself, together with many Internet cafes, International office staff travel overseas regularly to an International Office, a Student Advice andpraised for this and the way that feedback is used to across our campuses and halls of residence. Most course meet students and we also have official representatives Information Centre, International Student Advisors,improve the student learning experience. We use a materials are now available online. based in many countries to help you with your and a Centre for Language Study.blend of teaching techniques, including: application arrangements prior to coming to the UK. We guarantee University accommodation to all new– lectures (to introduce new ideas and key concepts) Assessment and feedback With a global reputation for excellence in research and international students without dependants for the full– seminars (intermediate-sized discussion groups to Most courses are assessed in June, though some teaching, the University attracts thousands of EU and duration of your studies (as long as you apply by the explore ideas in greater depth) assessment exercises are spread through the academic international students from over 130 countries. We deadline of 1 August in the year in which your studies– tutorials (smaller groups of up to about 10 students, year. We use a variety of methods of assessment, encourage applications from international students, begin). The University also provides a free Meet and led by your tutor and you playing a key role in the depending on the course. These include: and welcome some 25–30 candidates each year, from Greet service from London Heathrow Airport, designed discussion and debate) – traditional, closed-book, written examinations more than 25 different countries, including Canada, the to transfer international students directly to the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Greece, Cyprus, Australia, University at the start of the academic year.– team and individual presentations (depending on the – take-home examinations Norway, Hong Kong and China. Our three-year LLB All our students are supported by an academic tutor courses you choose) – oral presentations programme is accredited for professional purposes in throughout their degree studies. During your first few– group work – team presentations many jurisdictions, including: weeks at Southampton you will also be assigned a second-– e-learning – written assignments – India (Bar Council of India) or third-year international student “buddy” to offer anyAs a law student at Southampton you will have access In addition to a comprehensive handbook to accompany – Malaysia (Malaysia Legal Profession Qualifying Board) help and advice you may need. In addition, we have specialto the largest law library on the south coast of England, your studies, you will receive written feedback on your academic support seminars to help international students – Singapore (Singapore Board of Legal Education)comprising some 55,000 legal volumes in a recently work in all courses. Full details of the assessment methods make the transition to a new education system.refurbished and extended building, just two minutes’ – Cyprus (Cyprus Bar Association) used on each course are available on our website. We offer a limited number of international scholarshipswalk from the Law School. – Hong Kong (Hong Kong Bar Association and Law worth a 50% reduction, and international merit Society o fHong Kong). scholarships worth a £1000 reduction on the You can listen to podcasts, send your comments on International student tuition fees. See Mooting YouTube, take a virtual walking tour of the University plus more through our iSoton interactive portal. Visit: our website for more information. We have an extensive and highly successful mooting programme, in which students argue cases in simulated courtroom surroundings. It has produced excellent advocates. Our students participate in both national and international competitions. Our activities are supported by local judges and barristers, and generously sponsored by several local chambers. Every student participates in a moot as part of the first-year Legal System and Reasoning module. Many go on to our own internal competition, and then to national and international competitions. Right: Richard Sidonio, Raj Bhatt, and Liam Doughty who won the Best Memorial Prize in a Mooting Competition in Mumbai, February 200816 17
  10. 10. Admissions & fees Visit us You are very welcome to visit us at any stage. There are campus tour and/or arrange an individual appointment a number of ways of arranging this, details of which are to see our Admissions Tutor before you apply. For details available at uk/law/ and online booking for open days and campus tours, go ugopportunities/visit_us.html to The University holds open days every year, in June and Once you have applied to study law at Southampton via September, which provide an ideal opportunity to look UCAS, you will automatically be invited to visit the Law around before you fill out your UCAS form. If you are not School to meet staff and students, view the excellent able to visit us on one of these dates, you can take a facilities and look around the city. Application method UCAS Fees Check our website for latest fee information Standard entrance requirements A level: AAA IB: 36 points (18 at higher level) A wide range of international qualifications of equivalent standard are accepted. Please contact us for advice. Subject requirements A-level applicants must offer at least two traditional academic subjects (excluded: General Studies; Photography; Physical Education; Practical Music and Sports Studies). In addition, we prefer applicants to offer a fourth subject at AS level. Interviews Candidates are not usually interviewed. Mature candidates (over 23 years) We do not apply the same entrance requirements to mature candidates as we do for school leavers, but we do look for a current or recent course of study. Most successful candidates offer one or two A levels or an Access course. Professional qualifications and work experience will be taken into account. Candidates are usually interviewed and asked to take a written aptitude test. This brochure is prepared in advance. The University of English language requirements IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 600 (paper)/250 (computer-based) Southampton reserves the right (where applicable) to make any alternations or cancellations to any statement in this publication and accepts Law Taster Day - Once you have an offer you will be invited in to spend the day with us, meet other potential no responsibility for any consequences of such students on your course and also discover first hand what a career in law might be like. You will prepare a civil modification or cancellation. case, and present it before a mock small claims court. ©University of Southampton 200918 19
  11. 11. and EU +44 (0)23 8059 2596International (non EU) enquiries: +44 (0) 23 8059 9699