Nodes Portal Toolkit Primer


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An introduction to a community-based process for the development of web portals by the Nodes of the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

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Nodes Portal Toolkit Primer

  1. 1. Community Development ofPortals within the GBIF Network A primer
  2. 2. Joint collaboration demonstrates strength of GBIF network• Nodes require national/regional portals to engage their local communities• Collaboration is cost-efficient• Common platform supports re-use of components
  3. 3. The NPT is• A website construction platform• Extensible to accommodate custom needs – New features added by Nodes community – Shared with other Nodes• Flexible in regard to hosting – May be installed and run at the Node – May be hosted by another Node
  4. 4. NPT Platform
  5. 5. A website construction platform• NPT is a website building tool• Provides a foundation for extending features and capabilities = NPT
  6. 6. NPT is built on an open source platform• A “content management system” called Drupal• Drupal is the basis of millions of websites worldwide• Actively maintained by over 12,000 developers
  7. 7. Drupal is widely used in biodiversity informatics
  8. 8. The basic NPT platform provides everything needed to start a web site Non-technical staff can just start adding content!
  9. 9. The NPT provides hosting options so that Nodes who can’t host a web site can still have one
  10. 10. NPT StartupDescribed as NPT 1 at the 11th Global Nodes Meeting and in some documents
  11. 11. NPT can be extended by creating and installing Modules
  12. 12. One module might display a calendar on your site
  13. 13. We will kick-start the NPT process bydeveloping two modules that access data from the GBIF portal These modules are directed towards Nodes with little web development capacity
  14. 14. One module will display a species checklistbased on occurrence data in the GBIF portal
  15. 15. A second module will display a GBIF data map for each taxon in the species list
  16. 16. NPT Startup SummaryThis configuration is a starting point for furtherdevelopment• Provides a customizable website / portal• Provides foundation for further modules to be added• Displays GBIF portal data as data maps for your country or region
  17. 17. NPT AdvancedTo drive the development of your own portal
  18. 18. Next: Kick-start the community- development process• GBIF funds support development of core NPT component modules• These modules are – identified & prioritized by Nodes community – developed by Nodes community
  19. 19. Nodes Investment in new functionality• Nodes extend the platform with new modules A module we all need A module I need
  20. 20. Promote the community-driven development of NPT• GBIF promotes training and use of NPT
  21. 21. Different nodes may implement different sets of modules to meet their specific needs
  22. 22. Nodes Portal Toolkit More information at: