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Omnichannel retailing for the digital marketer


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Digital marketers have an important role to play in helping organisations get to grips with Omnichannel retailing. Understand what the challenges and opportunities are for retailers in this brief presentation.
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Omnichannel retailing for the digital marketer

  1. 1. a guide for digital marketers
  2. 2. OMNICHANNELRETAILINGExperientialHow the customer feels about thetransaction and what they remember OMNIafterwards. Should make the customeran advocate.Transactional MULTIWays in which the customer can pay andtake delivery of the product or servicepurchased. Should be simple,transparent and fast.InformationalHow does the customer learn about yourbrand, product and service. Should help SINGLEthe user discover or find the productthey’re looking for.
  3. 3. OMNICHANNEL Right message, rightRETAILING action, right channel research transact experience  Potentially unlimited product  Immediate transaction selection  Experience product, service or  Ability to research products brand  Ability to search based on  One to one engagement with staff constructed preferences  Instant fulfilment of order  Tracking of visitor behaviour  Access to “expert” instore advice  Ability to instantly test marketing strategies
  4. 4. OMNICHANNELRETAILINGCentralised andintegrated  CRMinformation systems  Warehouse Managementdrive the customer   Order management Finance managementexperience  Payment service  ERP Facebook/Twitter Communities SOCIAL CHANNEL Channel Interfaces Core services
  5. 5. OMNICHANNEL 1 Vision, goals and ideasRETAILINGTHE SIX CHALLENGES 2 Technology 3 Customer journey 4 Recruitment 5 Pace and timing of change 6 Physical operations
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