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IV Kongres eHandlu, Piotr Karwatka (Divante); "Architektura e-Commerce Omnichannel"


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Podoba Ci się ta prezentacja? Już niedługo więcej prezentacji podczas X Targów eHandlu (06.04.2016)

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IV Kongres eHandlu, Piotr Karwatka (Divante); "Architektura e-Commerce Omnichannel"

  1. 1. BUSINESS SERVICES D IVA N T E eBusinessAgency
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. About Divante • eBusiness Software House • Operating since 2008 • Over 150 people at our office in Wrocław, Poland
 • Office in Rotterdam, Netherlands • Clients from Europe and the US • Within your reach: 1.5h flight from London, Berlin, Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris • SCRUM methodology ensuring high quality and flexible approach to the business requirements • Case studies:

  4. 4. Omnichannel
  5. 5. Big picture
  6. 6. Omnichannel Gap in e-Commerce Customer - 71% expect on-line stock information - 50% expect Click&Collect feature - 13% won’t visit offline store without checking product availability - 59% shipping costs affect the decision to abandon the purchase Retailer - only 32% stores offer basic c&c and stock information - only 6% don’t have integration problems between channels 
 - shipping and returns can be solved using offline stores Customer Desires Vs. Retailer Capabilities: Minding The OmniChannel Commerce Gap, Forrester
  7. 7. Omnichannel Gap in e-Commerce Customer - 69% expect full catalog information in offline - Save the Sale – 45% consumers are OK with ordering online when a product is not available in the shop (and if the shipment is free) - 1s of page load time lowers CR by 7% Retailer - only 32% retailers have such possibilities - only 32% retailers can save the sale - only 15% organizations can guarantee the expected performance Customer Desires Vs. Retailer Capabilities: Minding The OmniChannel Commerce Gap, Forrester
  8. 8. Our know how 100 000 000 EUR in sales CC, E-SHOP, C&C, RWD, MOBILE Loyalty program growth E-SHOP, MOBILE, LOYALTY +46% conversion growth C&C, E-SHOP, MOBILE, CATALOGS TOP3 in Germany, SMYK Group C&C, E-SHOP, LOYALTY TOP3 in Holland C&C, E-SHOP, POS >2mln UU / mc C&C, E-SHOP, MOBILE
  9. 9. Success factors - 70% successful e-Commerce clients have created an e-Commerce strategy at first, - You’ll need a dedicated Omnichannel manager - Board engagement is key to success because you need: - coherent pricing, returns, shipment strategy for all channels, - all offline stores have to be engaged and support Omnichannel, - a lot of trainings and coaching for all divisions. - Omnichannel transforms the whole company – it cannot be implemented only in new channels, - Be prepared that executing Omnichannel strategy properly may take time. Good news: some quick wins are available. 9 Projektowanie Portalu Wiedzy oraz eCommerce Uruchomienie Portalu Wiedzy eCommerc e: Przypadki użycia Projekty funkcjonal ne i graficzne Promocja: Portal WIedzy Stworzenie i uruchomienie sklepu w wersji 0.8 Uruchomienie sklepu w wersji 1.0 SLA (Grupa Uderzeniowa) oraz rozwój aplikacji Sklepu SLA (Grupa Uderzeniowa) oraz rozwój aplikacji Portalu Wiedzy Strategia marketingowa Wstępna promocja Portalu Wiedzy Tworzenie contentu dla Sklepu i Portalu Wiedzy Wdrożenie systemu CRM SLA (Grupa Uderzeniowa) SLA (Grupa Uderzeniowa) oraz rozwój aplikacji CRM Zapewnienie integracji Klie nt SEO Promocja: Sklep internetowy Projektowanie PIM i CRM Wdrożenie systemu PIM HOSTING Marzec 2015 Kwieci eń 2015 Maj 2015 Czerwi ec 2015 Lipiec 2015 Sierpie ń 2015 Wrzesi eń 2015 Paździe rnik 2015 Listopa d 2015 Grudzi eń 2015 Stycze ń 2016 Luty 2016 Marzec 2016
  10. 10. Fast track to Omnichannel
  11. 11. Where to start? Quick wins in Omnichannel: - Click & Collect / Reserve & Collect / Click & Collect from store stock - Omnichannel consistency – marketing /product information & offer; stocks - Cross-channel customer database – ROPO support; call center support
  12. 12. First step – central database Way to Omnichannel almost never starts from no-channels. Integration of existing and new channels is key to success. There should be one central customer database – CRM. Order Management System – CRM or eCommerce, POS integration CRM Tools Operational Data sourcesAnalytical – Big Data CRM SMS/E-mail CALL CENTRE POS WWW Reports Prediction models Reco engine Operator deck Customer account CRM management Operational CRM E-commerce Other integrations…
  13. 13. Second step – consistent offer All channels must have synchronized and channel-optimized information about products and stocks. ERP features rarely satisfied marketing and customer needs. PIM is a must ERP PIM E-Shop Mobile Catalogs New SKUs Vendor 1 Vendor 2 Raw Product Data Edit ReviewPublish
  14. 14. Third step – integration Most successful retailers we have cooperated with use high-throughput ESB to maintain real-time communication. Adoption of legacy software (POS, ERP …) can be difficult. Online store B2B platform ERP / WMS PIM CRM Online store B2B platform ERP / WMS PIM CRM Mobile appMobile app ? ?
  15. 15. QUICK WINS!
  16. 16. Open architecture
  17. 17. ORO CRM / ORO Commerce - CRM designed for Commerce (by creators of Magento) - MVP deployment – 1-3m - Operational & analytical capabilities - 360deg customer view - Great customization capabilities - B2B online sales features
  18. 18. PIMCore - MVP deployment – 1-3m - Product Information Management, - Multichannel support (even Web2Print), - Multi-language support, - Full Magento integration, - Workflow based process, advanced ETL tools (filtering, content enrichment, multimedia embedding)
  19. 19. Thank You!