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Free Small Business Web Builder

  1. 1. webmonsterWeb Monster has implemented our newest program called "Small Business Web Builder". It was developed toaccomplish the most important issue in todays business market, “Business Branding.” This program enables asmall business owner to develop a professional internet presence and brand . One of the most important thingsa small business can do in today’s business market is to project a professional brand to it’s customers. A websiteis an extension of your business and brand, it must be professional as well as graphically appealing to attractnew and existing customers. Our Small Business Web Builder Program will enable small business owners to workexclusively with the our Web Monster Design Team to establish that professional, custom built web presenceand become relevant in todays internet society.Web Monster will be offering small business owners the opportunity to develop a custom built website for theirbusiness quickly and professionally. For a limited time, Web Monster will be offering this service to a limitednumber of local small businesses FREE. Thats right FREE!. Just purchase a hosting and a maintenance packageand Web Monster will build and develop a complete custom website designed to attract new and existingcustomers to your site over and over again. This is not a cookie cutter site that is thrown on to the internet andleft abandoned, this is a full fledge custom website built and maintained buy our local Web Monster Staff.Below is everything that is included in this incredible short time offer!Total value of this program is over $4,500.00! 25 HTML pages with CSS, Java Script, unlimited graphics and photos. 3 Re-Designs Website consultation and marketing strategy. Logo design (If applicable) Customer Website Log-In ( Log on to your own website and make Changes) 10 Email accounts and email set-up. Unlimited form pages."Feedback forms, Contact forms," 24 hour customer support. Search engine submission to top 40 engines. "Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, ect. Social Media consultation, branding, and integration ( Twitter, Facebook, You Tube) 60 day site maintenance program. "Free changes, and uploads for 60 days." Google Analytics consultation and set up. Constant Contact or Mail Chimp consultation and set up (Email Marketing) Google and Yahoo area business listing set up and mapping. Blog Development and Training Blog About Your New products and services. 100% Money Back Guarantee.Web Monster will be offering small business owners this opportunity for only a limited time. This Program will endon June 1, 2012. Be sure to read our Reuters Business press release included in this paperwork. It will explainwhy this program was developed, and why it is so important for your business to have a professional businessbrand and web presence.
  2. 2. Free Small Business Web Builder ProgramCustom built website with 25 HTML pages with CSS, Java Script, unlimited graphics and photos. ($2,500 Value) Wecustom build a website to your needs. We use CCS & CMS management to offer user friendly customer options.The customer can have complete control of their website.Website consultation and marketing strategy. ($200 Value)We consult with the customer to develop a website that will work for their business. We will discuss marketing anddesign options that can be added now or taken advantage of in the future to get the most out of the website.Logo design (If applicable) ($300 Value)We will design a custom logo and brand for your business. Harvard Business School studied what the biggest or mostsubstantial marketing tool a small business can do in todays market, the results were that establishing a professionalbusiness brand is the most important thing a small business can do to establish stability and trust with customers.We will create 3 custom logos that you can choose from to establish that brand.10 Email accounts and email set-up. ($100 Value)We will set up 10 Emails and supply Microsoft Outlook instruction for easy user set-up.Unlimited form pages. "Feedback forms, information request forms, contact forms, etc." ($300 Value)We will develop custom website forms including contact forms, and any additional forms you may need for yourwebsite. They are great for collecting customer information and emails for your marketing campaigns. The form datacan easily be emailed to you or your smart device, or be put into a database on your website.24 hour customer support on hosting and design.Web Monster offers 24/7 customer support.Search engine submission to top 40 engines. "Google, Yahoo, AOL, Bing, ect". ($50.00)We will submit your website to the top 40 search engines on the internet including Yahoo, Google and Bing.(New) Social Media consultation, set up and Branding (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace) ($450 Value)We will set up your business Twitter and Facebook accounts and integrate them right into your website, plus design andupload new a Custom Twitter Background and Custom Facebook Like Page that matches your brand and website.Start getting new customers immediately by getting your business information to the public through social media.60 day site maintenance program. "Free changes, and uploads for 60 days." ($300 Value)We will maintain your website FREE for 60 days. We will make unlimited changes as well as add graphics and photos toyour site at anytime.Google Analytics consultation and set up ($200 Value)We will set your website up with Google Analytics. You will receive a password and user name and be able to see whois logging onto your website, what pages they are going to and how long they are staying 24 hours a day. It is by far aone of the best tools offered to business owners to analyze traffic on their websites.Constant Contact or Mail Chimp set up (Email Marketing) Includes 3 Email Campaigns ($200 Value)We will set up your Email marking campaign. You will be able to stay in contact with all your current customers byoffering specials or new company information through email newsletters.Google and Yahoo area business listing set up and mapping. ($200 Value)We will list your business with Google and Yahoo Business Directory. Customers will be able to find you through Googleand Yahoo search. They can see where you are located as well as click directly to your website at any time.Free Business Web Builder also includes:1 year of hosting and backup.Server and Administration set up.Added Favicon logo for browser and tabs.Rotating Graphic Slider.Photo Slider and viewer-linked to Flickr for easy photo uploads.1 Year Site Maintenance (Silver Maintenance Package) make Changes & Updates FREE for 1 year.V
  3. 3. Services and Fee’s* Required for FREE Web Builder ProgramSite Maintenance ProgramsStandard Hourly rate is $50.00 per hour.Platinum Program (Unlimited site maintenance for 1 year) $2,500.00Gold Program (50 Hours of site maintenance @ $20.00 per hour) $1000.00*Silver Program (20 Hours of site maintenance @ $30.00 per hour) $600.00Site HostingEconomy Hosting Plan (10GB of Space/Unlimited Bandwidth/ 100 Emails) $7.99 per month annually $95.88*Deluxe Hosting Plan (150GB of Space/Unlimited Bandwidth/500 Emails) $14.95 per month annually $179.88Premium Hosting Plan (Unlimited Space/Unlimited Bandwidth/5000 Emails) $21.95 per month annually $263.40*Server Set-up and Site Uploading $25.00*Domain Name Reservation & DNS Admin Set-up $25.00SSL Subscription $100.00 yr.SEO Marketing (All Service below are billed at a $50.00 per hour rate)Name Submission to top 40 Search Engines.Meta Tag and Headline DevelopmentKeyword Content CreationWebsite Content OptimizationGoogle & Yahoo PPC (Pay Per Click) Set up and development.Local Business Listing Creation (Google & Yahoo)Press Release Creation, Development and Set-up with MarketwireConstant Contact and Mail Chimp Email Marketing and IntegrationCompany Branding (All Service below are billed at a $50.00 per hour rate)Brand Strategy DevelopmentBrand ManagementCustom Logo CreationBusiness Card and Brochure CreationWeb Design (All Service below are billed at a $50.00 per hour rate)Website Design and DevelopmentMarket Research & User AnalysisUsability TestingCross Browser Compatibility TestingWebsite Design ConsultationFlash Studio Design (Flash Development is billed at a $100.00 per hour rate)Website Development (All Service below are billed at a $75.00 per hour rate)CMS (Content Management Systems) Development. (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)E-Commerce & SSL Magneto Content DevelopmentBlog ManagementWebsite Analytics Development and IntegrationSocial Media (All Service below are billed at a $50.00 per hour rate)Social Media Development and IntegrationTwitter and Facebook background Development and Design.Social Media Marketing ConsultationSocial Media customization and app development (Including custom Facebook Like Pages, and Twitter Backgrounds)Social Media Analytics and MonitoringC
  4. 4. Web Monster’s FREE Business Web Builder Program VS Orlando Web Development Companies Web Monster Web Company 1 Web Company 2Services25 pages of HTML, Including Java, CCS. Included $1,750.00 $2,250.00Website Consultation Included $250.00 $200.00Logo Design/Brand Integration Included $450.00 $375.00Feedback Forms, Form Development Included $225.00 $150.00Search Engine Submission to top 40 Included $75.00 IncludedSEO Marketing Consultation Included $100.00 $100.0024 Hour Customer Service Included None Included60 Day FREE Maintenance Program Included $450.00 $400.00Analytics Set Up and Integration Included $100.00 $175.00Email Marketing Consultation and Set-Up Included $250.00 $200.00Google/Yahoo Business Listing Set-up Included $100.00 $110.00Blog Development and Consultation Included $200.00 $255.00Social Media Consult, and Set Up $250.00 $250.00 $340.00Silver Site Maintenance ( Based on 20hrs) $600.00 $1,000.00 $600.00Deluxe Hosting $179.80yr $185.00yr $165.00yrDNS Set-Up Admin $25.00 $100.00 $75.00Server Upload-Set Up $25.00 $100.00 $75.00Private Registration $25.00 $25.00 $35.00Totals $1104.80 $5,610.00 $5,340.00 The rates above are based on actual quotes received by other Web Development companies in the Orlando Florida area. As we are not allowed to reveal the company names, we have saved all paper and email quotes and correspondence from these companies for our records. All quotes are factual and have not been altered in anyway. These comparisons are based on our FREE Business Web Builder Program that is available for a limited time. Rates are subject to change at anytime.vv
  5. 5. Press Release on December 10, 2011By: Web Monster, Inc.Released by Marketwire/Reuters BusinessLocation: Atlanta, Ga.Web Monster extends the FREE Business Web Builder ProgramAs of Friday, May 4th, Web Monster announced that the "Free Small Business Web Builder Program" willextend until June 1, 2011. In doing this, Web Monster will be able to offer the "FREE Website Program" to smallbusiness owners needing web development. Dave Ripley, President and CCO, states, "The program has been sosuccessful we just couldnt let it end right now. The program is designed for small business owners to obtain a FREEprofessional custom built website, and be relevant in todays internet society. For years small business owners havebeen getting the shaft when it comes to designing and maintaining a website by developers." Over pricing and pricegouging is what he called it. "When so many web development companies are charging in the range of $3000 to$5000 for generic websites, giving small business owners a break right now is the only thing to do in these economictimes. Most small business owners just cant afford that kind of money right now. Web Monsters philosophy is give adeep discounted price now to help small business owners survive, and in doing this they will be customers for life. Itdoes us no good to charge $4000 for a website and have to take it down in six months because the owner has gone outof business."Monster says, "Most small business owners we talk to dont really understand how important a web presence is. Afterwe meet with them, owners start to realize they have been missing such a large opportunity to establish a considerableamount of new customers. With social media and other website marketing, its not uncommon for small businesses tostart seeing an increase in business right away."The Small Business Web Builder Program also includes site re-designs. Ripley says he personally talks to a largenumber of small business owners that develop and maintain their own websites to save some money. Granted, he sayshe has seen some decent sites developed by owners, but for the most part they really need a lot of help. Ripley says,"A bad looking website could actually cause more harm than no website at all. Its like driving down the road lookingfor a new car, if you see a great car on a lot you like, but the car lot selling it looks really unprofessional, they have nologo on the sign and the grass hasnt been cut for 3 months, you are most likely going to drive on by without stopping.People want to trust business owners, if an owner cant keep his place looking nice or even cut his grass, most custom-ers will have a trust issue right off the bat. Same thing for websites, when customers log onto a site and it looks like a5th grader developed it, a trust issue triggers the customers finger to click off and go to the next business offering thesame products or services. I know it sounds silly, but its the truth!"Again, image is everything!"Again and again we encounter hesitation and frustration by small business owners who know they need to tap thepower of the internet. Invariably they either end up with a website that does nothing for their business or no website atall." Steve Ballmer-CEO Microsoft Corp.You can read more about the Small Business Builder Program at