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Deployment Patterns in the Ruby on Rails World


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Nikhil Mungel and Ajey Gore from ThoughtWorks presented this at DevOpsDays Bangalore 2011.

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Deployment Patterns in the Ruby on Rails World

  1. DEPLOYMENT PATTERNSIN THE RUBY on RAILS WORLD<br />Devopsdays India<br />2011<br />
  2. Nikhil Mungel<br />Ajey Gore<br />@AjeyGore<br />@hyfather<br />
  3. Rails<br />Apache<br />Apache<br />Apache<br />Apache<br />Passenger<br />
  4. * Ruby on Rails<br />/app<br />/config<br />/db<br />/doc<br />/lib<br />/log<br />/public<br />/script<br />/test<br />/tmp<br />/vendor<br /><br />README<br />Rakefile<br />
  5. run updated script<br />App<br />Server<br />App<br />Server<br />Pull<br />Pull<br />Git<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />signal over SSH<br />Local Repository<br />contains all scripts<br />
  6. SCM-aware<br />deployments<br />fast and effortless<br />dev and deployment on ruby<br />transfers only delta<br />devenv mess can overflow<br />admin-hell for IT/Ops<br />compiling native gems<br />
  7. Git<br />Pull<br />CI<br />Runs<br />Tests<br />Tests<br />Code<br />$ deploy 77ef185d7<br />$ deploy 77ef185d7<br />QA<br />Prod.<br />Staging<br />
  8. Git<br />Pull<br />Tests<br />CI<br />Runs<br />Tests<br />Code<br />$ deploy 77ef185d7<br />$ deploy 77ef185d7<br />QA<br />Staging<br />Production<br />
  9. CI<br />Runs<br />Tests<br />
  10. Git<br />Pull<br />Unit<br />Tests<br />CI<br />Perf<br />Tests<br />Functional<br />Tests<br />
  11. Git<br />Pull<br />Unit<br />Tests<br />CI<br />Functional<br />Tests<br />Push a Tag<br />tag: mainline-234<br />Perf<br />Tests<br />
  12. Git<br />Pull<br />Unit<br />Tests<br />CI<br />Functional<br />Tests<br />Perf<br />Tests<br />
  13. Git<br />CI<br />mainline<br />unit<br />tests<br />func<br />tests<br />perf<br />tests<br />
  14. mainline<br />unit<br />tests<br />func<br />tests<br />perf<br />tests<br />1<br />2<br />3<br />tag<br />Git<br />on remote<br />machine<br />on CI<br />machine<br />deploy<br />emit<br />consume<br />package<br />
  15. RPM<br />mainline<br />unit<br />tests<br />func<br />tests<br />perf<br />tests<br />tarball<br />war<br />2<br />1<br />tag<br />Git<br />rubygem<br />deb<br />3<br />on remote<br />machine<br />on CI<br />machine<br />deploy<br />emit<br />package<br />consume<br />
  16. tarball<br />better than a directory<br />extremely simple to setup<br />no metadata<br />
  17. RPM, deb<br />stored in a repository<br />standard locations -- /etc<br />first-class system service<br />effected by chef/puppet<br />toolchain expertise<br />maintain a repository<br />less common<br />
  18. rubygem<br />tarball with metadata<br />effected by chef/puppet<br />stored in a repository<br />maintain a gem repository<br />
  19. mainline<br />unit<br />tests<br />func<br />tests<br />perf<br />tests<br />upload to a repo<br />2<br />expose over<br />CI artifact API<br />1<br />tag<br />Git<br />3<br />on remote<br />machine<br />on CI<br />machine<br />deploy<br />emit<br />package<br />consume<br />
  20. mainline<br />unit<br />tests<br />func<br />tests<br />perf<br />tests<br />2<br />1<br />tag<br />Git<br />3<br />on remote<br />machine<br />on CI<br />machine<br />deploy<br />emit<br />package<br />consume<br />
  21. Config Management<br />gem install<br />yum install<br />apt-get install<br />
  22. /etc<br />my.cnf<br />httpd.conf<br />ssh_config<br />
  23. /etc<br />database.yml<br />.htaccess<br />private keys for external systems<br />
  24. /etc/myapp<br />First Class<br />Linux Application Software<br />
  25. bundle install --deployment<br />install to vendor/bundle<br />bundle install --without test development<br />bundle package<br />.gem files to vendor/cache<br />bundle install --local<br />
  26. Thanks!<br />@hyfather<br />@AjeyGore<br />