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The Social Web requires the continual reflection of purposeful participation, engagement and                              ...
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Reflection - An Opinion Statement


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The practice of Social media offers great appeal as a complementary business communications strategy. However, without a clear purpose and a genuine desire to build customer relationships, social media may not never materialize into the desired business benefits. To ensure Brands practice social media for maximum mutual benefit between business and customer, reflection is an ongoing needed process.

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Reflection - An Opinion Statement

  1. 1. The Social Web requires the continual reflection of purposeful participation, engagement and intent. Reflection should go well beyond the ‘what’ a Brand may be doing and should also heavilySocial Media Audits reflect on the ‘why’. It is only then that a Brand can truly execute at a level to reap the keyReflection – A needed investment underlying social benefits for cultivating, reinforcing and engaging with the communities it aims to serve. Savvy Brands understand that social media offers much more than a new broadcast and promotion medium for a Brand, products or services. Successful social media Brands view the medium as an opportunity. An opportunity to become fully engaged and immersed with consumers to build an open dialogue for mutual benefit – a dialogue that has never before really been possible via traditional business communications. These social savvy Brands are not afraid to listen and then engage with their customers. And they welcome the opportunity to continuously experiment to define ‘best practices’ for greater community involvement. This seems like a very simple premise, but all too often Brands are quick to overlook the underpinning real value associated with social media. The less astute frequently make the mistake of being overtly self promotional with little regard to building an open, two-way dialogue between Brand and consumer. As a result, Brands who do not sincerely have a desire to cultivate relationships with its customers may never realize flourishing communities. And -- ultimately the Brand loses by not capitalizing on the opportunity to embrace its customers at a deeper, more personal level for greater business benefit. It is with this simple premise that constant reflection becomes a critical component for participating and practicing social media. Reflection offers periodic, self imposed reviews that help to avoid common pitfalls of being overly self indulgent. It ensures there is a mechanism in place to keep Brands on course with viable and sustainable social media roadmaps. At times, it may be simple or complex. It may be an independent, complementary or comprehensive review process. And it may be done as often that it may be justified or required – based on individual Brand needs. But in all cases, reflection needs to be part of the social media mix. Continual reflection is an investment. A critical investment in the overall practice of social media that guarantees a Brand operates from a position of strength in the social media sphere of influence. For more information, contact: Daniel McKean . . (949) 338-4762