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How to Achieve E-commerce Excellence


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E-commerce Excellence is being achieved by understanding the interrelationship between the three dimensions shown:
1. A company cannot achieve optimal results if the website and channels are optimized but the brand and products are not competitive, not differentiated well enough and so on (think of back-office data, CRM, product data such as margins, velocity rates etc). This is the hardest one, but also the core of any company. Your value proposition needs to be great otherwise any ecommerce execution will be less than optimal.
2. A company cannot achieve optimal results if the website and brand/products are optimized but the channels that deliver traffic to the website is underperforming.
3. A company cannot achieve optimal results if the brand/products and channels are optimized but the website that offers these products is underperforming.
Take into account these three dimensions when optmizing your e-commerce performance, this will help you in effective targeted optimizations within the right dimension, without -or with minimal- negative impact on the others. Analytics will tell you where to focus on, where to optimize and where to enhance performance up to a decent level.
I've been in e-commerce for 14 years now and from 1998 when we started very basic, these three dimensions were always in place, the context was of course different, but the channels, platform and what is being sold on the platform never changed.

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How to Achieve E-commerce Excellence

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