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Rotation january 27 2012


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Rotation january 27 2012

  1. 1. Chapel AnnouncementsSend all chapel announcements Announcements MUST be submitted by 3:00 pm the day before they are to be announced- Announcements MUST be in PowerPoint, 16x10 format
  3. 3. Attention CBC Student Employees! If you worked for CBC during 2011, your W-2’s can be picked up starting Monday, January 23!Stop by Human Resources in Evans Hall to pick yours up (across from the Registrar’s Office)!
  4. 4. Chapel AttendanceEach student is responsible to track his/her chapel attendance. Chapel attendance notebooks areavailable for review in Welch lobby
  5. 5. College Days T-ShirtCompetitionPrize = Amazon Kindle See Enrollment Office for more details Ends: February 3rd
  6. 6. Campus communications To facilitate effective campuscommunication, every student has been givena CBC Spartan Mail email address & campus mailbox.Campus offices use this address & mailbox to contact you with information you need. If you do not know your address, please
  7. 7. YOUR CBC 411 QR 41.26.12
  9. 9. Divisional Chapels Monday January 30 Where Do I Go For Chapel? Biblical Education Majors: Z219 Church Ministries Majors: Chapel Counseling: Z231 Fine Arts/Worship: Hamill Missions: Evans 303 Youth: E 301
  10. 10. CBC Counseling & Wellness Center
  11. 11. Chi Nu PiMeetings on Monday nights during the Spring Semester 8:00 pmLocation – Spartans Conference Room #1 in the basement of Welch Join us for a great time!
  12. 12. Yes! The time is correct. However, this is not an accurateillustration of Brian. The real Brian is not green!
  13. 13. YOUR CBC 411 QR 41.26.12
  14. 14. Did you know? You can view each week’schapel announcements video on the CBC Facebook page