Announcements 1- 23-11


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Announcements 1- 23-11

  1. 1. 9:30 am 1st Block Traditional Worship10 am 2nd Block Community Worship11am 3rd Block Modern Worship
  2. 2. Please complete the “My Response Card”found in your bulletin today and place it in the offering plate. Thank you. My Response Card New address or phone no.Name ____________________________ Phone ____________ 9 a.m. 10:30 a.m. Member 1st Time Visitor Visitor I desire a callAddress _____________________________________________City__________________________________ Zip ___________I desire more information about : (Please check all that apply) Membership Small Groups Children’sMinistries Youth Ministries Adult MinistriesSenior Adult MinistryI desire to: Attend the Women’s Fellowship meeting on Aug. 4 #______ Attend the Back-to-School Breakfast #______ Volunteer to help in the ministry(ies) of ____________________________________
  3. 3. Go to CCCC’s For announcements and ministry information
  4. 4. When Bad Weather StrikesCancellations are announced on localradio stations and Channel 8 WISH TV.CCCC Policy for canceling churchactivities: * Western Wayne Schools closes * Wayne County declares level 2 or 3 snow emergency
  5. 5. Your Church office is open Monday - Friday 8 am to 12 pm (If calling after hours, please leave a message. You will be answered in a timely manner. )
  6. 6. Parents of Nursery to Elementary Children: Our Children’s Ministry reminds parents that only thosewho are 16 years and older may pick up children from classes. Children’s bulletins are available during Worship Service located on the shelf in the foyer.
  7. 7. Request a copy of today’sservice at the Sound Desk,located on the west side of the Sanctuary
  8. 8. There is an updated phone system in place now for the office. The current options are given when calling CCCC.For details, pick up a flier located at the Information Center
  9. 9. Your Church staff,Elders & prayer partners pray weekly for your prayer requests written on the response card located in your bulletin.
  10. 10. * Tuesday mornings at 9 a.m. In room 208* Thursday mornings at 6:30 am In the sanctuary * Each weekday at 11 am In the sanctuary
  11. 11. Need to be in the church office by 5 pm each Thursday. Call: 478-5123 or
  12. 12. To be included in the “Phone Tree”calling system, you must fill out the information form (found in at theInformation Center)
  13. 13. When you need communion brought to your home, nursing home, or hospital, Please call Danny at 765-541-0523 to make arrangementsIN YOUR HOME
  14. 14. Available 3 ways!1. Through your e-mail2. On the website: cccc@cambridgecitychristianchurch.org3. Pick up a copy at the Information Center
  15. 15. Important NoticeTo receive a year end statement of your donations,you must use an offering envelope. (as stated by the IRS ruling)If you need the 2011 envelopes, contact the office
  16. 16. Go to the Information Center forbookmarks and other ideas on how to pray for our Pastors all year. P R A Y Pray Regularly ALL Year
  17. 17. Church Wide Community Pitch-in DinnerThe 3rd Sundays of each month First dinner is today Following worship serviceDrinks & table service provided Be sure to stay, there will be plenty of food for everyone!
  18. 18. Malachi 3: 10 10-1-90 Challenge Today is the Day of Commitment As I give, I do so with a cheerful heart, knowing that God can accomplish much through what I give!!
  19. 19. Financial SeriesAn opportunity to answer your financial questions January 30 Time: TBA
  20. 20. Preaching & Teaching God’s Word Those interested in learning theintricacies of preaching, sign up for this group on your “My Response Card.” Middle School age and older
  21. 21. Being Christ’s Church Youth Ministries “Keeping our eyes on Christ and being His Church” Hebrews 3:6
  22. 22. Youth Group Annual Ice Skating Saturday, February 12 At Oxford, OH
  23. 23. Grades 9th – 12th Winter Camp Service Camp February 25-27 Mahoning Valley ChristianRegistration forms available at the Information Center or at www. Mahoneyvalley. org $10 discount for registering at least two weeks before retreat!! Save anadditional $5by registering online!!!
  24. 24. Preteen 4 th-6th Winter Camp March 4-5 Mahoning Valley Christian Service CampRegistration forms available at the Information Center or at www. Mahoneyvalley. org $10 discount for registering at least two weeks before retreat!! Save anadditional $5by registering online!!!
  25. 25. Jr. High 7th-8th Winter Camp March 11-13 Mahoning Valley Christian Service CampRegistration forms available at the Information Center or at www. Mahoneyvalley. org $10 discount for registering at least two weeks before retreat!! Save anadditional $5by registering online!!!
  26. 26. 9 am Boys meet in the Youth Center back room No Girls cell group today Youth Group Tonight6 pm in the Youth Center
  27. 27. Wednesdays 7 pm At CCCC
  28. 28. Sunday,February 20 Sign up on the “MyClasses: ResponseFeb. 6 & 13 Card
  29. 29. Attention Parents of Elementary StudentsThe teachers remind parents to havetheir students bring their Bibles for theLiving Inside Out class.If you do not have one, let the teacher know and a Bible will be provided
  30. 30. Children’s Ministry:1. Snack donations2. Toy, books, CDs, etc. donations,3. Event Planners,4. Bulletin Board Designers5. Send encouragement cards6. Craft supplies, play-do7. Coordinator for Nursery & Toddlers8. New Family “Welcome” Program coordinator
  31. 31. We need your help! Organizing special children’s events  Organizing snacks  Bulletin boards  Behind the scene activities Our Children Need You!
  32. 32. The camp has changed their registration procedures again! Please be aware of upcoming information in your bulletin and at the Information Desk.Deadlines for registrationwith CCCC scholarships:May 29, June 26, July 24
  33. 33. Our Elementary students are collecting money to send to CY Kim (C.R.A.M. missions) to buy gloves and socks for the children at the special school in China. To help them with this project, please use the envelope in the pew marked “gloves & socks”
  34. 34. Pray about God’s invitation for you to join the team in 2012The team is looking for those who are being called for this mission trip to help C.R.A.M.
  35. 35. April 29-30 Columbus, OHSign up at the table in the foyer
  36. 36. The CCCC office needs your college student’s current address We periodically send prayer cards, and other encouragements or information.
  37. 37. It’s not too late to join this ministry. If you are interested or for more information, call the church office at 478-5123
  38. 38. Saturday, Feb. 5 Pam Bane Ruth Webb