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Wedding sayings


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Confused with wedding decision? Don't know the direction of your married life? Here is a collection of wisdom of proverbs passed though generations!

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Wedding sayings

  1. 1. Wedding Quotes ProverbsAbout Marriage Image Credit: © Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
  2. 2. “Love is a ring and a ring has no e(Russian Proverb)
  3. 3. “Happy the marriage where the husban is the head and the wife the heart.” (Estonian Proverb)
  4. 4. “If you live with a lion, wear the skin of a crocodile.”(African-Hausa Proverb)
  5. 5. “If a wife is cold, it is her husbands fault.” (Russian Proverb)
  6. 6. “When there is peace in the house, a bite suffices.“ (Yiddish Proverb)
  7. 7. “Do not choose your wife at a dancebut on the field among the harvesters.” (Czech Proverb)
  8. 8. “Who is tired of happy dalet him take a wife.”(Dutch Proverb)
  9. 9. “Before you are married, keep your eyes op after you are married, shut one.” (Jamaican Proverb)
  10. 10. “A little charm and you are not ord(Yiddish Proverb)
  11. 11. “Your first wife is sent to youthe second by man andthe third by the devil. “(Russian Proverb)
  12. 12. “Marriage and cooking calls for forethought.”(Greek Proverb)
  13. 13. “Look not at the shape,look at the character.”(Turkish Proverb)
  14. 14. “For a good dinner and a gentle wife,you can afford to wait.”(Danish Proverb)
  15. 15. “The beauty of a man is in his intelligence andthe intelligence of a woman is in her beauty.”(Moroccan Proverb)
  16. 16.   (Italian Proverb)
  17. 17. “The first quarrel is the best quarrel (Yiddish Proverb)
  18. 18. “The road to the head lies through the(American Proverb)
  19. 19. “A wise womAn will mArry therAther thAn the one she love(Slovenian Proverb)
  20. 20. men And linen should be chosen by d (Basque Proverb)
  21. 21. “Lovers seek willingly new roads; the married seek the old.”(Russian Proverb)
  22. 22. Find more interesting proverbs here: Proverbs on Human Nature Proverbs on Loneliness Proverbs on Lifestyle Proverbs on Fishes Image Credit: © Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images