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Loneliness proverbs


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Here is a collection of proverbs on loneliness. We all suffer from this dreaded state. Universally, you will find examples in folklores and sayings about loneliness.

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Loneliness proverbs

  1. 1. Loneliness Quotes Proverbs onLoneliness Image Credit: © Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images
  2. 2. “Laugh and the world will laugh withweep and you will weep alone.”American Proverb
  3. 3. “The ailment of heart is known to one only.”African Proverb
  4. 4. “A cold day or two or a little icedoes not make winter.”American Proverb
  5. 5. “None knows the weight of anothersburden.” English Proverb
  6. 6. “What was hard to bear is sweePortuguese Proverb
  7. 7. “in the garden of time grows the flo Russian Proverb
  8. 8. “The worst ache is preLebanese Proverb
  9. 9. “The motherless child is in the way when the stepmother bakes.”Finnish Proverb
  10. 10. “There is blessedness is adversity.”Japanese Proverb
  11. 11. “The poi nt of t he t hor n i ssm l albut who has felt it does notforget it.”Italian Proverb
  12. 12. “Dance alone and you can jump all you wish Greek Proverb
  13. 13. “It is good to have companions in misery.” English Proverb
  14. 14. “In hardship you know your friends.” Japanese Proverb
  15. 15. “A fatherless child is ha motherless child is a Estonian Proverb
  16. 16. “It is better to be embarrassed than heart Y
  17. 17. “Accusing the times is but accusing ourselvesEnglish Proverb
  18. 18. “The chick loved by God will grow up, though motherless.”African Proverb
  19. 19. “A hard beginning has a goodending.” English Proverb
  20. 20. “Only he who treads on the fire feels it.” Li byan Pr over b
  21. 21. “It is folly to fear what one cannot avoid.” Danish Proverb
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