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Animal Sayings


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Here is a collection of meaningful sayings on Animals from

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Animal Sayings

  1. 1. Image Credit: © Werg | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images Animal Sayings Proverbs about Animals
  2. 2. When you see a monkey on a tree, it has already seen you. (African-Fulani Proverb)
  3. 3. You ride as you like on your own horse. (Russian Proverb)
  4. 4. He who chases after a deer will take no notice of hares. (Korean Proverb)
  5. 5. To beat a tiger, one must have a brother’s help. (Chinese proverb)
  6. 6. A good sheep bleats but little and gives much wool. (English Proverb)
  7. 7. Where the horse is ties, there it feeds. (Philippine Proverb)
  8. 8. A snake is not killed by its own poison. (Lebanese Proverb)
  9. 9. When you are among the swans, You become a swan. (Thai Proverb)
  10. 10. He who denies the cat, skimmed milk must give the mouse, cream. (Russian proverb)
  11. 11. Even an elephant may slip. (Indian-Tamil proverb)
  12. 12. Even a monkey may sometimes fall from the tree. (Korean Proverb)
  13. 13. The ox is not aware of its strength. (Yiddish proverbs)
  14. 14. A lion is not a safe companion for all persons. (Irish proverb)
  15. 15. Hares are caught with hounds, fools with praise and women with gold. (German proverb)
  16. 16. Be on the watch when an old dog barks. (Serb-Croatian Proverb)
  17. 17. Don’t sell the bear skin before the bear is dead. (Dutch proverb)
  18. 18. Lend not horse, nor wife, nor sword. (English Proverb)
  19. 19. An old cat sports not with her prey. (English proverb)
  20. 20. In a fight between whales, the backs of shrimps are burst. (Korean proverb)
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