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Curriculum magazine brings to you the India education story


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the national education news magazine from India that brings India's education story to you

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Curriculum magazine brings to you the India education story

  1. 1. A summary introduction
  2. 2. Summary Introduction  About Curriculum magazine: Curriculum is India's foremost niche education news & views magazine circulated pan India with formidable online presence. It caters to the general interest of all stakeholders in education sector--students, teachers in school, higher and professional institutions, educational administrators, researchers, policy makers, industry partners, service providers, etc. The publication is envisioned to be a prominent national platform for education sector news, views and exchange of ideas and information. The magazine is also committed to support educate and skill India initiatives by way of providing news focus and reporting of skill development activities on regular basis.  It is mailed directly to about 7500 mail boxes every month besides being hosted in flip book mode on website where anybody can read and access it globally. The print run is about 10,000 copies
  3. 3. What do we cover?  The magazine is niche education news and views magazine with national coverage  It covers education updates, features , events from kindergarten to university  Expert columns, articles  Interviews of Industry leaders/eminent educationists/newsmakers  Skill development is another focus area included in every issue. We are the only dedicated magazine on skills development updates
  4. 4. Our track record  We are among India’s top education publications  We have provided publicity and branding several top students fests in reputed institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Kanpur, IIT-Guwahati , IIT- Hyderabad and others  We have been a regular media partner to major education conferences all over the country  Our published material has been refereed by several top companies and insinuations
  5. 5. Focus  We cover latest news, product launches, current events and trends  News features  Career counselling  Study Abroad  School/College /university events  Achievements by students, faculty, insinuations  Education Technology  Institution/people profiles