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Mock trial closing

Published in: Law
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  1. 1. Membersof the jury,prosecution,goodevening.Membersof the juryeverytime we make a choice we knowthat there are some assumedrisksandconsequencesfromthe choicesthatwe make. The choice to have sex has consequencesthatcouldbe deadly. Sandra Williamsthe plaintiff assumed the risksthat come withhaving unprotectedsexualintercourse withmyclientGreggMasonon May 15, 1990. The reasonwe are here in court todayisbecause insteadof Ms. Williamstakingresponsibilityfor the consequences of havingunprotectedsexual intercoursewithGreggMason,she istryingto blame himfor the whole thing.That,membersof the jury,isnotright.She was notforcedintohavingsex with Mr. Mason.She wasa consentingadultwhoknew whatshe wasdoing. Let usgo back to the eveningof May15, 1990. SandraWilliamshadplannedaromanticcandlelit dinnerforGreg Mason. My clienthad gone to Ms. Williams’ place withthe intentionof havingdinner witha womanhe reallycaredabout.However,SandraWilliamshadotherplansinmind. Whendinner had ended,theystarted messingaround.However,it wentmuchfurtherthanthis.Sandrabecame very aggressive andtoldGreggthat she wantedtohave sex withhim.Greggsaid NO.He didnothave any condoms.Mr. Mason knewthe risksassociatedwithhavingunprotectedsex. Ms.Williamsdidnotseem to care that Mr. Mason didnothave a condom; she keptpressuringhim.Ms.Williamsconvincedmy clientthatthe Nonoxynol-9wouldprotecther,anditwas at that momentthatmy clientagreedtohave sex withMs. Williams. The plaintiffhadsomanyoptionsversushavingunprotected sex, andshe didnot choose to use anyof the optionsthatshe had. Instead, the plaintiff justwantedtohave sex withmy client. Ms. Williams isnowplayingthe blame game insteadof takingresponsibilityforheractions. As youhave heardfromthe testimonyfromthe witnessesinthiscase,itisclearthat Mr. Mason isnot negligentin transmittingthe HIV virustothe plaintiff. I. Thistrial shouldhave neverhappened. A. The NewColumbiaCode of Civil Procedures 3-201TwoYear Limitationfor Tort Claims“anyaction fordamagesbaseduponany tort claimsshall be filedwithintwoyearsfromthe date it accrues.” B. Under oaththe plaintiff SandraWilliamssaidthatshe begantosufferfrom emotional distressonce she receivedthe phonecall frommyclienttelling herthat he wasHIV positive. A. Greg Mason calledMs. WilliamsonJune 27, 1990, to tell herhe was HIV positive. B. Ms. Williamsdidnotfile the lawsuituntil July2, 1992. C. The timeline of eventsshowsthe seriesof eventsastheyoccurred accordingto the factsof the case.Mr. Masson. D. If Ms. Williamshadfiledthe lawsuitwithinthe time limit,itshouldbe noted that negligenttransmissionof HIV isnotrecognized inNew Columbia. II. My ClientGreggMasonwouldhave neverputanyone,letalone Ms.Williamsawoman he cared about, inany danger. A. Mr. Mason testifiedunderoaththatif he thoughtthat he has HIV,he would have neverhadunprotected sex withanyone. B. Gregg’sfriendMr. RandyEdwards testifiedthat Mr. Mason wasrespectful to all females,andwouldnotputanyone indanger. C. Under oathMs. WilliamsstatedthatGreggMason wasa special personwho treatedhervery well.
  2. 2. III. Mr. Mason had noclue that he had the HIV virusat the time of intercourse withMs. Williams,andhe wasnotin the highriskgroup forcontactingHIV. Therefore,he hadno reasonto suspectthathe wasHIV positive. Dr.PottertestifiedthatGregg’ssymptoms would nothave leadanyone toassume that Greggwas HIV positive. A. Mr. Mason didnot have male-to-malesex,nordidhe use intravenous drugs. B. The symptomsthat Gregghas were that of a common cold. C. Mr. Mason didnot show symptomsof a personwhoisHIV positive 1. Mr. Mason didnot have a historyof anal warts, genital ulcersor genital herpes.Those whodohave astatistically higherchance of beingHIV positive. 2. Gregg has the commoncoldand there wasno probabilityto indicate the needforGreggto getan immediate HIV test afterhisfirstvisitwithhisdoctor. D. Dr. Pottertestifiedunderoaththatbasedonthe studiesthathave been conductedonthe HIV to AIDS the rapid accelerationof Ms.Williams virusto full blownAIDS,indicatesthatthere isa possibilitythatshe did not contract the HIV virusfromMr. Mason. IV. Gregg Mason wasnot negligentinMs.WilliamscontractingHIV. A. Negligence isthe failure toexercisethe care towardotherswhicha reasonable orprudentpersonwoulddointhe circumstances,ortaking actionwhichsuch a reasonable personwouldnot. B. Gregg Mason dideverythingthatapersonwitha coldwouldhave done. V. Both Greggand Sandra mustsufferthe consequencesof theirdecisiontohave unprotectedsex. A. Both Greggand Sandra have the HIV virus.Ms.Williamswill have to sufferthe same painandsufferingthat Mr. Mason will endure. B. Mr. Mason will eventuallydevelopthe AIDSvirus. C. There isa bigdifference betweenMr.Mason and Ms. Williams.Mr. Mason is takingresponsibilityforthe consequencesthathe will suffer throughby havingunprotectedsex,andMs. Williamsisnottake responsibility.Ms.Williamsisplayingthe blame game forthe consequencesof heractions. The plaintiff couldhave askedMr.Mason to go purchase condomspriorto theirsexual intercourse andshe did not. The plaintiff neveraskedMr.Mason if he had beentestedorhad inthe pastany STDS, nor didshe askhim aboutany of hispast sexual relationships.