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Adv420 final courtney dobbs

  1. 1. ©2012 Ltddigital strategy
  2. 2. current market• is a UK largest online fashion and beauty store• Brand Awareness is limited to those who shop often online and are actively engaged in the fashion world• ASOS currently targets males and females in the 16-34 year old age range• brand is more well known in the U.K. and Europe ranks 37th* in USA for average daily visitors but is 3rd* Globally• The United States can only shop ASOS online• Online fashion sales are on the rise *[for a fashion website]
  3. 3. campaign The campaign will run for 9 weeks October 29th- December 31stMarket ASOS Holiday related items from LBD’s to holiday accessories 3 Fashion NEW fashion look books featuring different ways to SPARKLE this Holiday season Spice up your LBD Bejewel Your Holiday POP this NYE
  4. 4. target market• Females aged 18-34• Digitally Connected• Disposable Income• Fashion Forward• Trendy• Located in the U.S.• Primary- Urban & Suburban Areas• Secondary- Rural Areas
  5. 5. KPI Increase US consumer sales Increase traffic to by .62%* during the ASOS website campaign and ASOS digital sites by .62%* Increase U.S. during campaign consumer salesIncrease brandawareness andconsumertraffic to theU.S. ASOSwebsite * [number comes from the percentage of target market that utilize digital media- 3.6%] * [this 3.6% is then altered to fit our 9 week campaign]
  6. 6. social media twitter & instagram giveaway winner postingpost 1 holiday item featured in lookbooks per day post 2 times per week about campaign facebook giveaway winner postingpost about asos sales involving campaign products feature 1 holiday items from lookbooks per day pintrest create Add some SPARKLE to your Season board upload each featured holiday item & link to website to drive sales monitor pins and giveaway winners
  7. 7. asos blog & website blog features campaign POP this NYE with asoscampaign clothing & Bright colors and clean lines accessories some will help anyone POP this prices & links to NYE. These are a few looks purchase from some our our favorite celebs. These red carpet looks can make for perfectget the look- how to NYE outfits. Whether a shorts,get these street looks crop top combo or the from asos perfect mini dress. 
Get it how? Five of the best: ASOS Metallic Super Skinny Metal Keeper Belt, Your favorite celebrities are WAS £6 NOW £4.50
ASOS Skirt in Metallic post blog link on Leather, WAS £75 NOW £56
French ready to POP the NYE, are Connection Shell Top In Metallic Leopard social media you? Visit to find Print, £87
ASOS Mini Skirt in Metallic Leather, £60
ASOS PETITE Exclusive Rose Gold Leather Trousers, £120 these looks or pick one [orfeature each weeks more] of our top 5 products to make this look your own.giveaway winners on By: Courtney Dobbs blog with pictures
  8. 8. googleadwords & keywords sparkle season AD KEYWORDS urban outfitters spice lulus Lbd Topshop holiday Rent the runway pop American apparel COMPETITOR nye KEYWORDS Forever21 accessories H&M
  9. 9. giveaways Instagram & Twitter Giveaways1. Post a picture to your Instagram or Twitter of your must have accessories to complete your ASOS holiday look for a chance to win a $25 gift card 1 winner per week- valid October 29th- December 17th2. Post a picture to your Instagram or Twitter of you in your ASOS holiday attire for a chance to win a $50 gift card to ASOS 5 winners for best look- valid December 17th-24th3. Post a picture to your Instagram or Twitter of your ASOS NYE outfit for a chance to win a $50 gift card to ASOS – 5 winners for best looks 5 winners for best look- runs December 24th-31st Pintrest Giveaway1. Pin your favorite ASOS holiday looks and accessories for a chance to win a $25 gift card 1 winner per week- valid October 29th- December 17th
  10. 10. budget Campaign Budget $6000/$10000@150/250 per hr Giveaway Budget $850 Social Media Budget twitter: 1 hr 30 min/ day facebook: 2 hr/day instagram: 1 hr 15 min/day pintrest: 1 hr /day 54300/$90500 Blog & Website Budget 2 hrs/day $18900/$31500 Google adword budget $10000/$12400 TOTAL BUDGET $90,000/$145,000