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Shopping in Swansea


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My ESW project is on best places to shop in Swansea.

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Shopping in Swansea

  1. 1. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 11 Paige Ashburner Shopping inShopping in SwanseaSwansea
  2. 2. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 22 SwanseaSwansea Wonderful place to shop. Well known shopping centre in South West Wales. Visit the Quadrant, where you can shop till you drop under a glass roof. Swansea market boasts to be the largest indoor market in Wales.
  3. 3. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 33 Oxford StreetOxford Street Very popular and attracts around 50,000 visitors a week. Safe place as it’s away from main roads. Find top big name brands such as Next, H&M, Marks and Spencer’s, British home stores and Miss Selfridge on Oxford Street. This is also connected to the Swansea market which boasts to be the largest indoor market in Wales. There are also some coffee places you can stop and relax.
  4. 4. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 44 Swansea MarketSwansea Market The heart of Swansea, and is home to over 100 stalls all under one roof. Loads of different varieties of shops and you can find just about anything, which include: clothes body piercings fresh ingredients hair extensions gifts cards flowers and more
  5. 5. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 55 The QuadrantThe Quadrant Quite a few clothes shops, shoe shops, a watch designer shop which sells Rolex’s. Boots and Debenhams are good places to go if you’re looking to buy makeup, hair dye, perfume or facial care, they are more like beauty stores. Republic which is situated opposite WHS has lots of designer brands which include Soul Cal, Bench, GStar and more.
  6. 6. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 66 ReviewsReviews I looked at some reviews for the shops in Swansea and it turns out that Primark has got the best bargains for clothes. River Island:River Island: “This is a pretty 'snazzy’ (couldn’t think of a more appropriate word, sorry) fashion store. It has always seemed to me that the clothes here are very fashionable, modern and unfortunately expensive. I’d probably shop here if I could consistently afford it. I can’t but I do like to go in here for a browse every now and then because one good thing about this store is that its selection is constantly changing so if you don’t like something one month then there’ll probably be something completely different the next. The range is generally very impressive and the variety is excellent. Prices, obviously, are a different topic all together”. New Look:New Look: “I think this store has a really good selection of clothing compared to the size of the store. I do find NewLook loads more expensive as it used to be. But even so lovely clothes and still good quality”. Primark:Primark: “I disagree with some of the previous reviews, yes it might not be as tidy as some trendier clothes shops, but the prices are far cheaper and the sheer amount of stock is also much larger. There are always plenty of checkouts open when I’ve been there and if you have to queue, then it’s only because the store is so popular. Some things are not great quality, but many things I have bought there are as good as many other places that charge 5 times as much. I wouldn’t expect the same shopping experience in Burger King as I would a fancy restaurant and that is how I see Primark. I just see it as a good store to get a bargain”.
  7. 7. 25/11/201025/11/2010 Paige AshburnerPaige Ashburner 77 Comparing £0.00 £10.00 £20.00 £30.00 £40.00 £50.00 £60.00 £70.00 £80.00 Fold Down Lace Boot £29.99 £74.99 £34.99 £80 New Look River Island H&M Top Shop
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