Optimizing Content Through Social Media


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Optimizing your web content for product and industry targets, how to build quality content, as well as dispersing content through your social sites to gain a following and increase brand awareness.

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  • Does your title pose an intriguing questionMotivate readers to read further than the first lineStrong first sentenceUse an active voiceUse FAQ to find relevant topicsMake it visualUse bullet points to make it cleanBold font when youre trying to make a point stick outDon’t over use any of these tactics
  • Install social buttons to make it easy for readers to share or follow your contentQuestions, Polls, Fill in The Blanks, Trivia, Contests- anything you can use to engage your audienceWhen sharing content on social sites, include it with an image- attracts the human eye more than text.
  • Increasing Content Outreach
  • SMM & SEO are a tag team
  • Optimizing Content Through Social Media

    1. 1. Optimizing Content Through Social Media Commercial Capital Marketing Group
    2. 2. Optimizing Content Through Social Media Why Content Marketing & SMM Are Important Content Marketing Structure PR Various Content Formatting Dispersing Content Through Social Channels Increasing Outreach & Following With Content SMM vs. SEO ROI & What You Receive From SEO
    3. 3. Content & Social Media Content: Individuality, Resource, Substance, Authority. Social Media: Outreach, Awareness, Following. Brand Awareness tied with a Powerful & Resourceful Authoritative Reputation.
    4. 4. Why Is This Important? Google’s Panda & Penguin have emphasized importance on quality content & backlinks
    5. 5. Creating Optimized Content Extensive Keyword Research Know Your Audience Write about Industry/Product Specific Topics & Create Compelling Titles Make it Sharable. Out with the Old, In With the New (corporate vs. resourceful) Engage Users & Encourage Return Visits “Browsers  Believers & Believers  Buyers” – Bryon White of Writer Access
    6. 6. So Where Do You Start? SEO Brand & Image Sales SMM PR Messaging Content Email Marketing Mission & Goals
    7. 7. Why PR Is A Vital Player: What Does PR Do For Your Business? Generates Stories For LinkedIN & Chamber Sites Helps you stand out from competition 3rd Party Endorsements Why Is PR Important? Helps Your Business Stay in Front of Lenders & Business Prospects Helps Build SMM Authorship How To Develop Good PR: Professional Team Develop a 30 Sec. Sales Pitch Branded Tagline SEO Optimized Content
    8. 8. Content Formatting Ideas Blog Posts Newsletters Articles Infographics Videos FAQ Showcasing Testimonials
    9. 9. What Your Content Needs: Link Worthy & Shareable Content ‘Sexy’ Headline. Easy To Read Layout, Quickly Digestable Call To Action, Motivate Your Reader Know Your Audience What do they need? What are they searching for? How much do they already know
    10. 10. Content: The Social Butterfly Install Social Share Buttons Make Your Content Interactive Social Sharing Helps Make You Boring Text A Fun Visual
    11. 11. Sharing Content Tie an Author To Your Work Copy Article page Link, Write a Intriguing Title/Caption, Share on your Socials!
    12. 12. Social Targets & Outreach Building Connections & Business Prospects Sharing content with like minded individuals Increasing Brand Awareness
    13. 13. CCMG Example
    14. 14. SMM vs SEO Peer Recommendations increase product conversions. More People Look For Businesses Via Search Allow companies to post real time updates, news, or promotions to reach target at optimal timing. SEO promotes organic link earning- Help drive traffic & increase rankings. Keyword Analysis helps target what search terms your audience is looking for.
    15. 15. SEOs can use the same keyword strategy for their website, on their social sites as well to help with brand authority and rankings. SEO designates properly optimized keywords, meta tags, and page titles to each piece of content  increase viewing exposure. Google Authorship helps draw backlinks Social is simply not enough when it is driving traffic to an unoptimized website. Social provides reputation management for a company website & brand.
    16. 16. ROI For SEO Rankings ✔ Traffic ✔ Analytics ✔ Social ✔
    17. 17. One Month
    18. 18. nd 2 Month
    19. 19. rd 3 Month
    20. 20. What Our SEO Efforts Include: Full Site Optimization- Headers, Titles, Meta Tags, & Keyword Implementation. Keyword Research For Target Market Dedicated PR Team To Help Create & Market Your Brand Name Eliminate Duplicate Content Found On Site Weekly/Monthly Tracking of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools. Unique Content Development Social Blast of All Content To Target Market Monitored Social Media Engagements & Updates
    21. 21. Follow Us Commercial Capital Marketing Group @commcapmark Commercial Capital Marketing Group Commercial Capital Marketing Group
    22. 22. Questions? Email: marketing@commercialcapitalmarketing.com Brittney: brittney@commercialcapitalmarketing.com Phone: 1-518-694-3047