Social Media Marketing 101 Webinar


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Social Media Marketing 101 Webinar

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Social Media Marketing 101 Webinar

  1. 1. What We’re Covering… • Facebook Setup & Use • Using Twitter & Hash Tags • Optimizing Your LinkedIN Pages • Intro To Google Plus These Slides Will Be Available On
  2. 2. • • • • • • Personal Profile Setup Connect Company Page Add ‘About Us’ Info Get ‘Likes’ Promote Ads Sharing On Facebook
  3. 3. Personal Facebook Account Prove Your Real. Create a Persona.
  4. 4. Finding Your Page
  5. 5. Company Page Access Top Of Admin Panel  Edit Page  Manage Admin Roles In Order To Be An Admin The User Must ‘Like’ The Page
  6. 6. About Us Section Top Of Admin Panel Edit Page Update Page Info Key Sections To Add: • Mission • Location • Contact Email & Phone # • Anything That Makes You Stand Out
  7. 7. Get More ‘Likes’ Write Something Engaging When Sharing Your Page, Along With A Call To Action!
  8. 8. Facebook Ads Ads as Cheap as $5/Day for 22 Likes
  9. 9. Sharing Is Caring… And Helps You Rank On Google! Create Helpful & Valuable Content People WANT to SHARE
  10. 10. • • • • @CommCapMark Follow Prospects & Industry Leaders Get More Followers Using #HashTags Engaging With Tweeters
  11. 11. Who To Follow? Search Users Based On: • Industry • Product Type • Job Title/Position • Location • Business @CommCapMark
  12. 12. Followers Frequently Check Who’s Following You- Follow Them Back If They Are Good Business Prospects Beware Of Users Like This @CommCapMark
  13. 13. #HashTags • Add # Before a Topic You Want To Stick Your Tweet too • NO Spaces • Hashtags Tie Like Minded Users Together and Create Connections, A.K.A. Business Opportunities • Hashtags Categorize Posts & Send Users Back To Your Website @CommCapMark
  14. 14. Engaging Tweeters Reply: Comment or Ask a Question on the post. Favorite: Saying you ‘Liked’ the post. Retweet: Re-Sharing the post on your profile. @CommCapMark
  15. 15. Success User Have Had From Twitter: In 1st Month With Our SMM Package: Attendee’s Blog was featured in a business section of an online newsletter with 850 subscribers, found via Twitter. In the 2nd Month with our SMM Package: Another Attendee had an 80% increase in their following and increased outreach to over 2,000, 4 referrals back to site & 3 mentions in business newsletters.
  16. 16. If You Haven’t Yet, Connect With Me So I Can Make You A Page Admin: • Brittney Holcomb • Updating Profile & Company Page • Promoting Company Page • Finding Connections • Joining Groups & Engaging
  17. 17. Updating Personal Profile What To Include: • **HeadshotProfessional Or Not • Industry • Current Position/Title • Background/Experience • Skills • Awards
  18. 18. Update Company Page
  19. 19. Promoting Company Page • Paid Ads • Sharing With Your Connections Step 1: Highlight & Copy Company Page URL
  20. 20. Step 2: Click Profile Button At Top Of Page Step 3: Paste The URL in Status Box & Add Engaging Title. Final Step: Click Share Button To Post Update To Your Page
  21. 21. Finding Connections Industry, Position, or Topic Specific Search Terms. Find Connections Area or Industry Specific. Find Groups Centered Around That Topic.
  22. 22. Engaging In Groups • Do NOT Advertise • Post Valuable Updates/Blog Post • Comment on Other Posts • Ask Questions
  23. 23. Google+ Why Is Google Plus Important?
  24. 24. Authorship & Author Rank Becoming An Authority In Your Niche:
  25. 25. Google+ Communities Best Finance & Business Communities To Join:
  26. 26. Post Blog Posts, Share News, Ask Questions *cough cough* *hint hint* Comment On Other Posts Pay Attention To Rules
  27. 27. • Manage & Setup Social Media Accounts: Including Google+ • Original Content Development For Blog • Distribution of Content To Social Outlets • Engagement in Communities • Increase Follower Base & Outreach • Weekly/Monthly Analytics on Social Accounts • Designated Account Manager • Monthly Calls & Review of Campaign Status Email: Email:
  28. 28. Your Feedback Is Important! Please Email Me With Answers To Any Of The Following: • Was This Webinar Helpful? • What Area Was Covered The Best? • What Area Needed More Coverage? • Any Questions I Left Unanswered? • Your Gauge On Social Media From NoviceExpert • Would You Consider Letting The CCMG Team Handle Your Social Media Marketing? Thank You!!!
  29. 29. Commercial Capital Marketing Group @commcapmark Commercial Capital Marketing Group Commercial Capital Marketing Group