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Hybrid Cloud: The Complete Solution


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Hybrid Cloud: The Complete Solution

  1. 1. Hybrid Cloud The Complete Solution #HybridCloud
  2. 2. #HybridCloud Thoughts from Rahul Tripathi Senior Director of Product Management Hybrid Cloud Services, Cisco
  3. 3. Private • Control • Data sovereignty • Security #HybridCloud Technology executives see value in Public and Private cloud offerings… Public • Speed • Economics • Scale
  4. 4. “Businesses need both, which means they need hybrid clouds” #HybridCloud
  5. 5. …consistent security and networking allows public and private environments to move freely from cloud to cloud. #HybridCloud In a hybrid cloud…
  6. 6. #HybridCloud “Managing compliance and security across different cloud environments is difficult.”
  7. 7. A cloud with multiple providers will maximize choice, ensuring consistency across outsourced providers and within the private cloud environment. #HybridCloud Focus on flexibility
  8. 8. A unified operational model will run private, public or hybrid environments. #HybridCloud Control workloads
  9. 9. Double-check that security and network policies carry over as workloads and applications move among environments. #HybridCloud Determine compliance
  10. 10. “We are building a whole ecosystem of partners: regional partners, large providers and small providers — all with different value positions.” #HybridCloud
  11. 11. More about Hybrid Cloud Register here for our Hybrid Cloud Simplified webinar on March 24, 2015 Read Rahul Tripathi’s Blog Click below icon to share this SlideShare #HybridCloud