Dog sledding


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Dog sledding

  1. 1. Unprepared equals unsafe:By: Allison Norder
  2. 2. Having the right sled parts, the right food, and medical protection is critical for dog sledding. Sled Parts Clothes Medical Food Survival Equipment
  3. 3. Sled Parts: Keys  Lightweight for beginners  Heavyweight for more advanced  Size  Number of dog per sled
  4. 4. Sled Parts: Materials Aluminum Lightweight Good for novices Very expensive Wood Medium weight Least expensive Less durable Plastic Good for kids Least expensive
  5. 5. Sled Parts: Size Six-Eight ft. Good for kids Five to six dogs need for sled One lead dog Nine- Eleven ft. Adult size Six to Eight dogs needed One or two lead dogs
  6. 6. Clothing: Keys  What to wear  Favorite Brands  Dog protective clothing
  7. 7. What to wear Heavyweight On outer layers Lightweight Thermal Inner layers Gloves Leather Polyester Wool Thermal Shirt
  8. 8. Favored Brands Extreme Element Originated out of Canada Arctic Thermal Most popular Prairie Snowstorm Specialize in dog sledding
  9. 9. Dog protective equipment Booties Variety of colors Flannel inside Vest (optional) Specially fitted Very expensive
  10. 10. Medical and Survival equipment:  Medical  Food  Survival
  11. 11. Medical First Aid kit Ointment, bandages, etc. Digestion water Special medication Very expensive Medicine Depends on dogs needs
  12. 12. Food and Survival Food Meat and vegetable Nine Pounds Survival Equipment Jacknife Extra booties Lighter Food cookers
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