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Spain unit 4. Year 3. Primary Education.


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Spain unit 4. Year 3. Primary Education.

  1. 1. •It´s in the south of Europe. •It´s part of the Iberian Peninsula. •Spain has borders with France, Andorra and Portugal. •There are also seas and oceans around Spain: Cantabrian, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.
  2. 2. •There are 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. Each autonomous community has a capital, a flag, a coat of arms and an anthem.
  3. 3. Juego puzzle para colocar las comunidades autónomas. Haz click aquí. ales/geografia/puzleca.html Canción repaso que os encanta. Haz click aquí.
  4. 4. Spain has different mountain ranges and a big plateau in the center called the Meseta. •In the center there 2 mountain ranges; the Sistema Central and the Montes de Toledo.Around the Meseta there are: the Sistema Ibérico, the Sierra Morena and the Cordillera Cantábrica. In the North the Pyrenees form a natural border with France. •In the south are the Sistema Béticos.
  5. 5. The source of a river is the place where it begins. The mouth is the place where it ends and flows into ocean, sea or river. Rivers have tributaries that is a small river that flows into another river.
  6. 6. Juego relieve de España. Haz click aquí. Juego ríos de España. Haz click aquí.