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Gambling superstitions


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Some people will do anything if they believe it could improve their winning chances. Here are some of the more unusual gambling superstitions.

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Gambling superstitions

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  2. 2. Superstitions have always been a part of humanculture as early as the 1st-century BC Thesewere usually beliefs that had connections withluck and spiritual beings. But even today, withthe great advances man has made in scienceand technology, there are still surprisingly a lotof people who believe in these superstitions.
  3. 3. Gambling abounds with a lot of superstitions,probably because winning was dependent onluck, and a lot of gamblers would do anythingjust to improve their luck and their chances ofwinning. There are gamblers who have theirlucky tables, their lucky machine, or even theirlucky dealer. Some of these gamblingsuperstitions are quite believable while othersseem downright absurd.
  4. 4. One example is the routines that gamblersusually follow before throwing dice like blowingon them, kissing them, or rubbing thembetween their hands. The explanations for thesekinds of behavior are varied. Some say thatblowing on the dice leads magic fairies to makethe outcome favorable to the thrower.
  5. 5. Kissing the dice is said to bring positivevibrations, and rubbing the dice between thehands is said to warm the dice enough to resultin a “hot” winning streak. Whatever theexplanations, they all, of course, presumablyresult in the thrower becoming a winner. Thereare some players, however, who lookunfavorably on these actions since they have atendency of slowing or delaying the game.
  6. 6. There are also numerous charms that playersbelieve to bring them good luck. The four-leafclover is said to provide luck because the leafalone is a rare find. The rabbit’s foot, specificallythe left hind foot, not only produced good luck,but also served as protection. To trigger thesefavorable effects, one has to rub the rabbit’sfoot before the start of the game. The horseshoeamulet had its origins in Europe as it was linkedto their pagan Moon goddesses, and the bearerof a horseshoe is said to invoke good luck fromthose goddesses.
  7. 7. There are also numerous spells that gamblers areencouraged to do as early as the night before thegame to give them an unending winning streakduring the games. These spells usually involvegathering several objects like “magic” oils,candles, incense, and tarot cards. Others areinstructed to rub magic oil on the money they planon using for betting, while others are instructed todo some visualizations and incantations whilelaying the hands over the objects.
  8. 8. There are some who adhere to certain ritualsbelieving it is these rituals that cause to givethem good fortune. Some brew a specialhandwash using several herbs like alfalfa,berries, cinnamon chips, Irish moss, chamomile,coreopsis, and calendula. They wash their handswith this special hand wash before going off togamble. Some bathe in a special formula of saltwater, blue stone, sugar, and Rose oil, mixedwith their own urine! Ugh!
  9. 9. Last, but not the least, there are those who consultdream books. These books are said to interpretcertain dreams into numbers, as well as tell signs inthe dreams for lucky days for gambling and winning.Ultimately, if whatever you do works for you, then gofor it. Don’t let the skeptics get in your way!