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WP-CLI - A Good Friend of Developer


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WP-CLI is a great companion for developers who can leverage many of its features/functionality in their day-to-day development. In this session, I’ll give an introduction to WP-CLI, the basics command it provides and how we can use it. I will also discuss the other benefits, common useful commands in WP-CLI, installing external commands and a quick introduction to creating a custom command.

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WP-CLI - A Good Friend of Developer

  1. 1. WP-CLI - A Good Friend of Developer @chandrappatel
  2. 2. What is WP-CLI?
  3. 3. Why WP-CLI? ● Performing any action takes fewer steps ● Migration ● Background jobs
  4. 4. Install WP-CLI lling/
  5. 5. Built-in commands
  6. 6. wp core Downloads, installs, updates, and manages a WordPress installation. $ wp core download
  7. 7. wp scaffold Generates code for post types, taxonomies, plugins, child themes, etc. $ wp scaffold _s sample-theme
  8. 8. wp db Performs basic database operations using credentials stored in wp-config.php. $ wp db query
  9. 9. wp search-replace Searches/replaces strings in the database. $ wp search-replace 'foo' 'bar'
  10. 10. wp i18n Provides internationalization tools for WordPress projects. $ wp i18n make-pot
  11. 11. wp package Lists, installs, and removes WP-CLI packages. $ wp package install
  12. 12. Global parameters
  13. 13. --skip-plugins Skip loading all plugins, or a comma-separated list of plugins. $ wp plugin deactivate plugin-name --skip-plugins
  14. 14. --skip-themes Skip loading all themes, or a comma-separated list of themes. $ wp theme activate twentynineteen --skip-themes
  15. 15. --prompt Prompt the user to enter values for all command arguments. $ wp user create --prompt
  16. 16. --url Pretend request came from given URL. $ wp post list
  17. 17. Useful Packages
  18. 18. wp-cli/profile-c ommand Quickly identify what's slow with WordPress. $ wp profile stage
  19. 19. wp-cli/doctor- command Diagnose problems within WordPress by running a series of checks for symptoms. $ wp doctor check
  20. 20. Custom command mands-cookbook/
  21. 21. rtCamp/report -command Generates a report for themes and plugins in a Multisite environment. $ wp report --all
  22. 22. Giving back
  23. 23. References ● ● ● ommand
  24. 24. Questions?
  25. 25. We are hiring! 🤗
  26. 26. Thank you! 😊 _