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From the Experts: Inbound Sales Tips for Closing Leads

The sales and marketing landscape has undergone dramatic changes in the past 10-15 years. As people become increasingly reliant on the Internet to research the products and services that can address their needs, inbound sales has developed into a crucial aspect of a sales team’s success. We spoke to five top industry experts and thought leaders in order to find out what advice they have for improving the success of their inbound sales team.

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From the Experts: Inbound Sales Tips for Closing Leads

  1. 1. Interviews with the Experts Inbound Sales Tips for Closing Leads
  2. 2. Kyle Porter, CEO SalesLoft 1. Connect with the decision maker & understand their objective. 2. Tie your solution to their objective. 3. Create a burning platform of urgency. 3 Inbound Sales Tips
  3. 3. Aaron Ross, CEO Predictable Revenue, Inc. 1. Make sure your inbound leads go to inbound sales specialists. 2. Focus on becoming an expert in your area. 3. Start specializing or start planning to specialize. 3 Inbound Sales Tips
  4. 4. Sean Alpert, Director of Product Marketing 1. Be upfront about your role. 2. Ask the right discovery questions. 3. Always use the prospect’s words. 3 Inbound Sales Tips
  5. 5. Andrea Sittig-Rolf, CEO 1. Anticipate the objection. 2. Handle the objection. 3. Ask for the appointment. 3 Inbound Sales Tips
  6. 6. Matt Heinz, President Heinz Marketing 1. Know the prospect so that you can ask very specific questions. 2. Tailor your questions and discussions to their specific role. 3. Be specific about next steps you’ll take after the conversation. 3 Inbound Sales Tips
  7. 7. Get more inbound marketing tips at