PwC and AIESEC in Slovakia: Educational Wednesdays initiative


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PwC and AIESEC in Slovakia: Educational Wednesdays initiative

  1. 1. PwC and AIESEC in SlovakiaEducational Wednesdays forAIESEC provided by PwCAboutDate: 8 February 2012 – 18 April 2012Target Audience: University students who are members of AIESECDescription: Educational Wednesdays is an educational program for AIESEC members and it isdelivered on a weekly basis. In total, 10 sessions are delivered to the students by PwC HC Specialists(Recruitment and L&D).Our VisionThe aim of the program is to enhance the skills of learners to be able to perform their tasks in AIESECmore effectively as well as to be more self-confident and more successful in managing their work andprivate relationships, and to be able to plan, communicate and perform more effectively. Furthermore,the program aims to inspire and mobilize the students to think about their vision in life and the waysto achieve it in successful and self-worthy way.The topics of respective sessions were consulted with AIESEC local leaders to reflect the needs ofAIESEC organization. The group of participants who attend the sessions is relatively consistent;around 90 % of participants are scheduled to attend each session. Smaller number will attend selectedsessions. Those participants who attend each session will be awarded with the PwC Certificate ofCompletion at the Closing Ceremony.It was mutually agreed that no more than 20 participants will attend each session.Duration of each session is 2 hours; they are delivered each Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:00 in thepremises of PwC.Each participant is given a file with printed presentations and handouts.Topics: Interviewing Skills Assessment Centres & Observing Skills Effective Interpersonal Communication & Questioning and Listening skills Self Management & Time Management Teamwork and People Management Appraisal Meetings and Effective Feedback Typology Selling Skills and Negotiating Skills Assertive Communication Project ManagementPricewaterhouseCoopers Slovensko, s.r.o., Námestie 1. mája 18, 815 32 Bratislava, Slovak RepublicT: +421 (0) 2 59350 111, F: +421 (0) 2 59350 222, firms ID No. (IČO): 35 739 347Tax Identification No. of PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovensko, s.r.o. (DIČ): 2020270021VAT Reg. No. of PricewaterhouseCoopers Slovensko, s.r.o. (IČ DPH): SK2020270021Spoločnosť je zapísaná v Obchodnom registri Okresného súdu Bratislava I, pod Vložkou č.: 16611/B, Oddiel: SroThe firm is registered in the Commercial Register of Bratislava I District Court, Ref. No.: 16611/B, Section: Sro
  2. 2. Interim Feedback:The program is very well perceived by the students. As per formal feedback collected after eachsession, the rating was above 9 on the scale 1 – 10. Also, informal feedback is very positive; studentsconsider the time spent at the sessions as very effective and meaningful.The sessions are interactive; students are very keen on taking part in discussions and they activelyparticipate in case studies and scenarios. The lectors try to adjust the content of sessions so it reflectsthe experience and expectations of the learners. More photos at:ContactHelena Michalcova Michaela WoltemarovaPwC | HC Senior Specialist AIESEC | Local External Relations ResponsibleBratislava, Slovak Republic Bratislava, Slovak RepublicPwC and AIESEC Partnership Lucia IhnatovaOur Pages: AIESEC | National External Relations Responsible Slovak RepublicOur Groups: Spark“PwC and AIESEC are partners for several seasons. Under continuation of oursuccessful cooperation we are now a general partner of AIESEC Bratislava.In many ways we are tuned to the same wavelength, AIESEC and internationalisationof our company gives a good basis for successful communication between us, not onlyin Slovakia but also in Europe.AIESEC gives students space to develop their leadership skills, improve soft skills,teaches them to build a social network which will be later used in their future andbusiness environment. PwC supports AIESEC in turning the best ideas into reality byinvolving our professionals and their know-how in the development of AIESECmembers.” PwC Slovakia2 of 2