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M401 imcplanppt

  1. 1. Rick Nystrand *Megan Brenneman * Jon Yasko *Caitlin Sullivan
  2. 2. Qatar Youth Qatar Parents Girls 6-17 years old Parents of girls 6-17 years old Problems and Opportunities Problems • Lack of knowledge about girls football • Lack of support to play sports • Lack of girls football programs • Lack of information and interest in women’s football • Gender Bias • Religious beliefs • Strong focus towards solely academic success Opportunities • Creating programs within schools • Promoting activity through school camps • Changing the image of football to include women • Showing the correlation between being active and a better education for their children • Breaking gender barriers
  3. 3. Qatar Youth Qatar Parents Girls 6-17 years old Parents of girls 6-17 years old Advertising Goals • Create Awareness • Increase Participation • Support football as an option for their daughters • Encourage their daughters to participate in sports • Show parents the benefits of being active in relation to education Response • Girls will want to play football • Parents will encourage their daughters to be active • Parents will support their daughters desire to play football
  4. 4. Qatar Youth Qatar Parents Girls 6-17 years old Parents of girls 6-17 years old How to Achieve Desired Response • Training programs • After-school camps/clubs • Using Women’s National Football Team • Traditional Media • Support football as an option for their daughters • Encourage their daughters to participate in sports • Show parents the benefits of being active in relation to education Positioning • Fun • Desirable • All-inclusive • Increases academic success
  5. 5. Qatar Youth Qatar Parents Girls 6-17 years old Parents of girls 6-17 years old Message • Girls Kick It In Qatar • Active Body, Active Mind Execution • Traditional Media • Opportunities to play with Women’s National Football Team • Creating acceptance through exposure to women’s football • Creating desire to play football through speeches from other women football players • Traditional Media • Promotional prices for their children’s camps • Proof of activity increases academic success in advertisements • Creating acceptance through exposure and benefits of playing football
  6. 6. • • • • • Target market Objective Positioning Message Tone & Execution
  7. 7.  Youth girls ages 6-17  125,623 girls ages 0-14 in Qatar  74,881 girls ages 15-24 in Qatar  Attend school from ages 3-18  Active in social media websites
  8. 8.  Parents of girls ages 6-17  Youth Dependency ratio is 16%  Patriarchal family systems  Strong focus on children’s academics  Hold gender biases towards females and what is acceptable for them  Decision makers for children
  9. 9. • Target parents (deciders) and girls (users) separately – more focus will be on the decision makers (parents) • Increase awareness of women’s football in Qatar • Increase participation in football
  10. 10. • Football CAN also include females in Qatar • Football is the desired sport for youth women in Qatar • Football will increase academic success
  11. 11. • Girls Kick It In Qatar – Girls can play football – Football is fun • Active Body, Active Mind – Activity stimulates academic success – Case Study: “The Relationship between Physical Activity, Weight, and Academic Achievement” Krombholz, 2013
  12. 12. Youth Girls Parents • Traditonal Media – Use television, radio, and transit to gain exposure and to change their attitudes towards women’s football • Non-traditional Media – Use social media to call consumers to action • Promotions for camps – Use the promotional prices for camps alongside the opportunity to play with the Women’s National Football Team • Traditional Media – Use television, radio, transit, and billboards to create awareness and persuade parents to accept football • Non-traditional Media – Use internet to expose parents to women’s football and sign their children up for camps • Brochures – To inform parents about the benefits of football to their child’s academics
  13. 13. • Street Advertising – Close to schools and malls • Stadium Advertising • TV commercials & Radio Announcements – Sports channels & music videos • Brochures & Fliers (Print Advertising) – Schools, malls, public restrooms • Social Media- Facebook & Twitter
  14. 14. • Billboards & Street Advertising – High traffic areas • Stadium Advertising • Brochures & Fliers (Print Advertising) – Markets, malls, businesses • Internet – News and sports websites • TV commercials & Radio Announcements • Newspapers
  15. 15. • Billboard/Street Advertising example: – A girl back to back holding a soccer ball on one side and her books on the other along with the slogan “Active Body. Active Mind.”
  16. 16. -For more information visit www.ActiveBodyActiveMInd. org -Overweight children showed lower performance on gross motor skills, manual dexterity, and intelligence compared to healthy Improving your child’s academic success: The relationship between being active and improved academic    -Encourage athletic participation -Sign students up for after school camps -Attend local football games and discuss the benefits with your children -Set designated times for your children to participate in athletic activity -Positive association between academic performance and physical activity (Trudeau, et al., 2008). -The rate of academic learning per unit of class time is enhanced in physically active students (Shephard, 1997).
  17. 17.  Street Advertising will grab girls attention while walking to school or riding in the car with their parents  Girls in Qatar use social media such as Facebook and Twitter which could be used to inform and reach girls 6-17 Qatar Girls Advertising 10% Street Advertising 20% Social Media Pages  Brochures at school for after school programs or also summer camps for football could help build interest for girls  Advertising in the malls, restrooms, or local business could help girls see the advertisements during their everyday activities 30% Brochures at School 40% Community/Business Advertising
  18. 18.  Billboards/Street advertising will reach parents on their way to work Qatar Parents Advertising  TV/Newspaper advertising will attract parents and can be a cheap but effective way to get the message out 20%  Internet advertising can be advertised all over different websites such as news sites, sports sites, and social media sites  Brochures/fliers can be distributed at work to parents or going door to door Billboards/Street Advertising 10% 40% TV/Newspaper Advertising Internet Advertising 30% Brochures/Fliers